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Chapter 308 - To Investigate

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

The team members that suffered injuries or death within the dreamland were those with the weakest spirits. That was how the Nightmare Jellyfish had an opportunity to swallow their spirits. What happened if the roles were reversed? If by chance, it got injured or its spirit got consumed within the dream? Would the Nightmare Jellyfish become physically weak if it died in the dreamscape?

If there was a chance to kill the Nightmare Jellyfish, it being an Advanced Mutate, would Liu Gan’s level increase to 10?

Entering level 5 was a bottleneck for players, their strength rose exponentially once successful. Entering level 10 would be the second tier hurdle. There must be a huge reward for getting through this breakpoint. If Liu Gan fought against Kingler again, he still wouldn't have a chance. Perhaps the key to victory against Kingler began after reaching level 10. Body endurance, strength, and speed would reach new levels. Maybe that would be enough to fight Kingler?

At level 5, Liu Gan awoke an ability, [Mist Armor]. Perhaps at level 10, he would be able to awaken an even better ability?

Before Liu Gan went to sleep, he had ordered Yin He to not wake him up unless there was something happening. Without an outside influence to wake Liu Gan up, Liu Gan decided to wander the dreamscape to learn more about his enemy, especially how the Nightmare Jellyfish attacked. Then, it would be a battle of determination and willpower, to see whose mind was stronger, giving it a taste of its own medicine!

Even if the battle in the dreamland was a failed attempt on the Nightmare Jellyfish’s life, Liu Gan truly believed that through this type of mental combat he could train his own mind. Even if his own [Psychic Shock] didn’t improve, he could train his mind to be immune to mental attacks.

The cabin light was the only source of light in the room, the door out of the cabin was closed. Only Liu Gan remained inside. Liu Gan walked out of his bedroom and into the cabin area. Walking around, he took note of the detailed surroundings and what his senses experienced.

This dreamland was very realistic. It was hard to tell what was real and what was fake. Even now, as Liu Gan walked around barefoot and touched the walls, everything felt solid and indistinguishable from reality.

It was similar to when he entered The Trembling World. He discovered that there was no discernible difference between the new world he was in, and the old world that he left behind. Now that he was within the dreamland, it wasn’t too much of a shock factor. It just felt very real. Moving and looking around, Liu Gan tried to pick out the differences between the dreamland and the real world.

It wasn’t entirely correct, since the core world wasn’t the real world, but The Trembling World’s dreamland. With the current situation, it was hard to differentiate between the two artificial worlds. Liu Gan couldn’t find the difference between the dreamland and being awake, just like how he couldn’t find the difference between his real world and The Trembling World.

(TL Note: Which should hardly be a surprise, since it’s a virtual reality dreamland of a virtual reality world…)


Meanwhile in the other room...

“Why aren’t you asleep yet?” Han GuangMing asked Zhao Meng. In this room, the two beds were placed closely together. Zhao Meng hadn’t slept yet, so he kept turning and tossing around. The metal bed kept grinding against the floor, the sound was loud enough to keep Han GuangMing awake.

“I have something to say, but I’m not sure if I should say it. So I want to discuss with Squad leader Han first. If I say it, please don’t report me to Elder Liu,” Zhao Meng hesitated.

“What is it? Tell me, we are alone right now. Why would I report you to Elder Liu?” Han GuangMing stared strangely at Zhao Meng.

“Ah…I felt that Elder Liu didn’t make the right call. For instance, when we arrived here, why didn’t he arrange for someone to watch over the submarine? Yesterday night, it was a good lesson for us when no one was watching over the vehicles. When everyone boarded Serenity, the unguarded vehicles were pushed overboard. Same thing now, no one was watching over the submarine, and now we lost the submarine. Why haven’t we learned from our mistakes? We are trapped here and we can’t return,” Zhao Meng complained as he let his frustrations out.

“You were thinking about this issue? You wanted someone to keep watch over the submarine? The submarine was docked the damn ocean! Aside from Elder Liu, no one has the fingerprint and passcode authorization to enter. Who are we guarding it from? Did you think that a sea creature would abduct the submarine? Do you think you are smarter than Elder Liu? If we left you behind within the submarine, you would’ve been taken away with the sea creature as a midnight snack,” Han GuangMing replied to Zhao Meng.

“Fine…let’s not talk about the submarine. Then what about yesterday night? Elder Liu should’ve sent someone to watch over the two vehicles, right? If those two vehicles were still there, we wouldn’t have been trapped in the dreamland on Serenity…” Zhao Meng replied.

“Wait, you are talking about yesterday night when there was a torrential downpour? Okay! Next time, Elder Liu will leave you in the vehicle. That way you can die by a lightning strike or let those Black-Spots Variant Zombies that climbed ashore have their way with you. Is that the result you wanted? It was due to Elder LIu’s brilliance that we didn’t lose a single member. Yet, you are here questioning Elder Liu’s decision…sigh…I don’t even know what to say to you…” Han GuangMing ridiculed Zhao Meng.

“I’m only level 4, I can’t watch the car! Elder Liu can let Vice-Leader He and watch the car! With Vice-leader He there, no one would dare to take the vehicles, right?” Zhao Meng tentatively argued back.

“You dare suggest Vice-leader He watch the vehicles? Okay, if Elder Liu didn’t wake up from the dreamland, then by morning, when Vice-leader He walked onto Serenity since no one came out, she would have discovered that the floor was full of corpses…OH Elder Liu, you died a painful death!” Han GuangMing exaggerated dramatically.

“That can’t work either, how about having Elder Liu stay in the car alone or with Vice-leader He…since not having anyone watch over the car or the submarine isn’t a bright idea at all?” Zhao Meng was losing all his honor in this debate.

“So you want us lackeys to peacefully sleep on Serenity, while we let Elder Liu take the risk of getting struck by lightning, just so he can watch the cars for us? Who is the Elder and who is the lackey here? I think your head needs to be used as a ball, with that type of thinking. Okay, so even if you want Elder Liu to watch the car from the outside, when morning came, there would have been corpses all over the floor. Do you think that result is better?” Han GuangMing didn’t know how else to convince Zhao Meng.

“Okay, it is my mistake. Elder Liu is wise. I see that I haven’t thought it through enough. That is why I chose to discuss it with you first. There’s no other meaning behind it. Squad Leader Han, don’t take what we discussed here to Elder Liu as a complaint. If he found out, he would kick me in the ass,” Zhao Meng whimpered.

“Of course, I won’t tell it to Elder Liu. In exchange, from now on, you shouldn’t question Elder Liu’s decisions. What we can do compared to what Elder Liu can do is too large a gap! If Elder Liu is the eagle soaring in the sky, then we are the toads jumping in the bottom of the well. Elder Liu has more life experience than we do!” Han GuangMing educated Zhao Meng.

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