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Chapter 307 - Counter Attack

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

In order to confirm what the ability was, Liu Gan poured himself a cup of water. Then he poured it on his chest after taking off his clothes.

His wet skin was like a sponge, it absorbed most of the water. Then, a refreshing and comfortable feeling flowed through different parts of his body. Even though Liu Gan held his breath for a long time, he didn’t feel any internal pressure build up from his lungs. His brain and body didn’t have the slightest feeling of hypoxia, either.

To further confirm that the ability worked underwater, Liu Gan filled the bathtub with water and crawled into it.

A short moment later, bubbles of large and small sizes started to flow out from the pores all over his body. Liu Gan held himself underwater for another ten minutes. The whole time, he was conscious with a refreshing feeling that felt like breathing. His skin had the ability to break down the water into oxygen and hydrogen as he held his breath in the tub.

After confirming this point, Liu Gan didn’t continue staying in the water. If he stayed there too long, the cabin would leak out a large quantity of hydrogen that just might explode.

Liu Gan was definitely happy that he was able to awaken this new ability. He didn’t think that he would obtain it so easily after reaching the laboratory. With such a generous gift, his luck was brimming to the max. Every time he injected these drugs, they seemed to be a hundred percent effective.

Perhaps there really was a special property about himself? What could this property be, that made it so he had a higher success rate? This was just too strange. The answer wouldn’t be easily found, so Liu Gan didn’t waste too much thought on it for now.


With Liu Gan’s submarine getting abducted by the sea monster, they were forced to stay the night.

Of course, before figuring out the laboratory’s deeper secrets, Liu Gan didn’t want to leave. Another troublesome issue was how to search the laboratory thoroughly, and safely leave the area with any spoils.

As of right now, Liu Gan had no idea what to think, so it was best not to think about it at all. The priority was to figure out the laboratory’s true situation.

The dinner meal had a great deal of weird looking food on the table. According to Wei Liang’s introductions, these dishes were delicacies found only below 3000 meters. There were some lifeforms that didn’t need much processing, while others contained poison. The poisonous life forms had to be treated and tested poison-free before being placed on the table.

When cooked, these undersea creatures released an aroma that made the mouth water. The most common feature was that the composition of their flesh started to compact. If it wasn’t treated, the meat would become tough and durable, hard to chew apart. This was the reason that these lifeforms could survive 3000 meters underwater.

The cooking process required ultra-high pressure appliances in the kitchen. With pressure cooking, the water temperature could rise above 200 C. Through prolonged exposure to high heat and pressure, the meat softened. The part-time chef added spices to enhance the flavor. In fact, it tasted quite fresh, but it still looked odd.

Liu Gan and the others felt that their food was still quite fresh, but Wei Liang and the other researchers had been eating like this for the past month. Without any new supplies, they had no choice to eat the same dishes every day. With their dulled tastebuds, they wanted to vomit it all back up, but they had to force themselves to keep it down to keep their energy up.

After dinner was over, Wei Liang arranged for entertainment like karaoke, games, and table tennis for the guests. The few female researchers performed a dance as someone sang. The wide range of activities within this facility was well-thought out. Without these activities, living in confined quarters for long durations would have driven these trapped researchers  crazy.

To win the favor of the esteemed guests, Wei Liang arranged for three of the female researchers to accompany Liu Gan, Han GuangMing, and Zhao Meng for the night.

The one arranged to accompany Liu Gan, was none other than Su Nina. She dressed up especially pretty for the nightly visit. The moment she sat right by Liu Gan’s side, she didn’t even open her mouth before Liu Gan waved her away. This made her very embarrassed.

Seeing Liu Gan reject the service attendants, Han GuangMing and Zhao Meng also brushed away the other two females. Wei Liang had no choice but to drop the subject.

When Liu Gan and the other two returned to their resting quarters, they were exhausted from a full day’s activities. With nothing else to do, they could only prepare to sleep. Liu Gan had to shower before he slept, and Yin He was standing guard nearby.

Due to the previous night’s dreamland experience, and now being underwater and right in range of the Nightmare Jellyfish’s nest, sleeping felt like a very dangerous thing to do. The only thing they could do was maintain their strong willpower and trust that they could be woken up by Yin He.

From what every member had described earlier, especially Treadmill’s summarized point of view of the dreamland, if you were within the dream and weren’t scared or desperate, then your spirit wouldn’t suffer any harm. You also wouldn’t have any black spots appear on your face. Liu Gan believed in himself, he truly believed that he wouldn’t be scared to that extent. He didn’t have a huge concern about his mind getting hurt in any way.


Unsure of how long he had slept, Liu Gan felt something moving at the foot of his bed. Quickly, he got up and looked around. He discovered that he was alone in the cabin. Yin He was no longer standing guard by his side.

Liu Gan shook his head. The Nightmare Jellyfish must have been angry. It tracked the submarine all the way here, and now it was taking revenge. It was using its ability to exact vengeance. This creature didn’t know when to stop!

Liu Gan was definitely not afraid. The previous day, the moment he entered the dream, he was quickly woken up by Yin He’s call. So he never experienced the dreamland with the other members. Now, he really wanted to investigate this experience to see what type of encounters he would meet within it.

What was the level of this Nightmare Jellyfish, to be able to use this dreamland ability? He was still unsure of how to kill it. It didn’t seem feasible to wrestle with the creature in the sea water. It was disadvantageous to attack the monster up close physically, given the power it had shown. If it was also within the fabricated dream, then perhaps if it got injured here, then it could be killed here, too.

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