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Chapter 309 - Red Cabin Door

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

“Indeed, you are right. I shouldn't question Elder Liu so casually,” Zhao Meng nodded.

“You have to understand one thing. Everything that Elder Liu does, he has his reasons for it. He doesn't need to explain it in detail for us. He definitely doesn't need our permission. The things he worries about, will always be more well rounded and thought out than what we can accomplish. There are things that you might have just thought of, but he has considered that possibility a long time ago. If you haven't thought about it yet, Elder Liu is already thinking about it,” Han GuangMing continued with his brainwashing. It was the same method that Zhang ShengLi had used on Han GuangMing.

“Ahh. I understand now,” Zhao Meng nodded.

“Elder Liu has his reasons, so if you feel like it is strange or inappropriate, that only means you haven't understood it yet. It doesn't mean that Elder Liu did something wrong. As long as you remember in your heart and hold onto your suspicions, just think about it first. With all other variables, just think about it as if you are Elder Liu. Slowly, you will be able to see the grand scheme of things. Even though you will never reach Elder Liu’s state, it will still be better than you are now. You will improve as you learn,” Han GuangMing confidently reassured Zhao Meng.

“I will, I will!” Zhao Meng was getting heated from embarrassment. At this moment, he knew he messed up; he decided to not speak again without thinking first.

“Let's sleep. It is getting late. What I've said to you, I'm not doing that great at it myself. I also need to work harder.” Han GuangMing yawned, as he flipped over in his bed.

Liu Gan thought he heard chatting taking place in the other room with Han GuangMing and Zhao Meng. When Liu Gan pushed open the door, the cabin was empty.

It seemed that this time and the last time in the dreamland were quite different. The Nightmare Jellyfish pulled only him into the dreamland? Could it be that it found him different from others? So it wanted a one on one?

Or could it be that Han GuangMing and Zhao Meng haven't slept yet?

Both options were a possibility.

Leaving Han GuangMing and Zhao Meng’s room, Liu Gan walked into the bathroom. He turned on the faucet to release cold water and washed his face. Staring deeply into the mirror, he confirmed that there were none of the Black Spots that Treadmill had described.

What could the Nightmare Jellyfish be thinking of doing? Setting up a trap for him to fall into? According to the other members statements, it would try to generate feelings of terror to weaken his spirit enough to consume him.

Good, now let's see the best way to scare it back.

In Liu Gan’s memories, there hadn't been many experiences of fear and terror these last few years. Even with his limbs amputated, at most he felt anger and despair. There was nothing he was afraid of.

If this Nightmare Jellyfish was capable of creating fear, then Liu Gan really wanted to experience it.

Liu Gan walked out of the independent cabin and took a stroll through the building. He wasn't able to find anyone. No matter how hard he looked, the researchers, Han GuangMing, Zhao Meng, and Yin He were missing. They had all disappeared without a trace. It seemed this was his very own dreamland.

Perhaps the Nightmare Jellyfish decided to concentrate its ability all on one person so it could trap him, then swallow up his enormous spirit energy.

This only got Liu Gan more excited as he kept thinking about it. This was an exciting challenge. The whole time he had been trapped in game, he was only fighting against humans and monsters alike with his fists. All issues were resolved through fighting and killing. This time was very different, he got to compete in a mental battle!

Liu Gan truly believed that if he could win this fight, his psychic ability would increase a level.

How would the battle begin? Liu Gan had no idea. But, this would be the precedent that he needed to gain enough experience to know the next time.

Strolling into the last room, he confirmed that there was no one in the vicinity. Unconsciously, Liu Gan walked over to the red colored cabin door. That day, Wei Liang didn't allow Liu Gan to open it. Looking at the door, Liu Gan thought to himself, if he opened up that door in dreamland, would the contents he see inside be considered fantasy? Or would it be similar to reality?

This was a very exciting situation. If you think about it hard enough during the day, you will dream about it at night. To dream about it in dreamland, required the extraction of the location from memory. However, Liu Gan never entered the red colored cabin door, so he had no impression of what could be behind it.

If he entered through the door, and witnessed scenes he had never seen before, then where was the source of these scenes? Was it all created from his own mind? Or was it something that actually existed?

Since there was no one in the laboratory anyway, Liu Gan could do whatever he wanted to do, there was no one to stop him. To find out the answer, he had to open up the red cabin door. If it was as Wei Ling had said, then there should only be sea water behind the door. It would pour out from the door and into the living quarters. Liu Gan could breathe underwater now, so there was no fear of death by drowning.

Liu Gan walked right up to the front of the red cabin door. After a little investigating, opening up the cabin door required authentication. Liu Gan wasn’t able to pass the authentication test. Regardless, he had never thought about breaking through the door via normal means.

Liu Gan took a few steps back before charging forward at the red cabin door with a finishing kick. At level 9, his arms and legs were at a relatively high degree of durability. His limbs has long surpassed the alloy metal properties they started with. In addition to strength and acceleration, the force behind his attack was twelvefold above that of a normal person. Every kick became a deforming dent on the cabin door.

The red cabin door revealed a crack after dozens of kicks. Finally the seal for the door couldn’t withstand the force and broke. The bang! echoed as the door flew open.

Pushing aside the door, Liu Gan walked in to look around. He could confirm that he had never seen or been to this area before. An unfamiliar scene appeared in front of Liu Gan. Yet, the feeling was that it actually belonged there.

Behind the red cabin door was a large experiment testing zone. What Liu Gan saw was out of his expectations, even to the point of it being shocking. It was very clear that this laboratory was hiding away a secret that supervisor Wei Liang hadn’t told him about.

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