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Chapter 306 - Delays

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

Liu Gan pointed out the cabin door and wanted to look inside. Wei Liang’s expression changed.

“This cabin is filled with seawater, so it is temporarily off limits. The moment this door is opened, the water would flood the remaining areas,” Wei Liang explained.

Liu Gan didn't say anything, but he felt that something was being kept secret. Perhaps it was a lie about the flooding, to keep what was locked behind those doors a secret. This underwater base was so large that it was impossible to have only eighteen researchers stationed here. Something must have happened in this laboratory during the time frame of the catastrophic event.

“This is our kitchen and cafeteria. The kitchen runs through several departments that are responsible for catching sea life. After catching the sea life, they are knocked out by electricity and prepped as ingredients. Tonight, we will have a good meal for our guests to enjoy.” Wei Liang announced after reaching the kitchen, while pointing at the weird looking seafood.

“It looks very strange,” Han GuangMing said, as he tested the texture of the seafood.

“Yes, indeed. It looks strange, but tastes fresh like the sea. We have a very special method of cooking it,” Wei Liang replied.

Due to the current condition of the base, only a few chambers were available. The tour of the base quickly ended. As Wei Liang and Su Nina led Liu Gan and the other three guests to the cafeteria, a loud echo came from the direction of the dock. Shortly after, two research members came rushing into the cafeteria with frightened looks.

“Sea monster! There is a sea monster outside attacking our dock!” cried the two research members, as they rushed toward Wei Liang and Liu Gan.

Wei Liang quickly led Liu Gan and the others back toward the dock. They discovered that the small submarine was no longer attached to the dock. The connecting joints were forcefully broken apart.

At the terminal, there was a motion sensor that could monitor what was happening on the outside of the base. Liu Gan witnessed his submarine being seized by a gargantuan soft-bodied sea monster vigorously after breaking the connectors. The soft-bodied sea monster departed with the submarine as quickly as it appeared, vanishing into the deep sea.

“What is going on?” Liu Gan sternly asked Wei Liang. With the submarine taken away, this is going to be troublesome. Now it was impossible for his group to return back to the surface.

“I don’t know! We have never had incidents like this where sea monsters would appear. These buildings, here by the seabed, are made from special materials. It isn’t able to enter into the building. Normally, the submarines that come down here for resupply are the heavy-class types. The connecting joints are created specifically for those class of submarines, so they are exceptionally secure. The laboratory has never received guests on small submarines before, and it was never possible for the heavy-class submarines to be stolen away. That is why we never thought it was possible for your submarine to be taken away…” Wei Liang was shocked.

“With the small submarine taken away by the sea monster, does that mean we are stuck here? We wanted to rescue you, but who knew this sort of thing could happen! Why didn’t you tell us anything about this?” Liu Gan frowned. Judging from the video, the responsibility lay with the laboratory, so it was understandable why he was mad.

“Don’t worry! That Armored Warrior is still here, right? I’ve heard that these Armored Warriors communicate with quantum technology. Regardless of distance, they should be able to contact each other, even if it is on the moon. You should able to understand their language, right? All it has to do is send a rescue signal to the mothership. The mothership would send a rescue team over, right?” Wei Liang carefully choose his words to test Liu Gan.

Indeed, Wei Liang was correct with his statement. Even if Yin He didn’t communicate using the quantum technology, she could remove her shielding bracelet. That would be enough to let the tracking device activate and contact the mothership. Even the deepest sea couldn’t block off the locator. The mothership would be able to zero in on her position.

The big problem was that Yin He’s body was stolen, so there were two things she absolutely couldn’t do. First, she couldn’t remove her shielding bracelet and reveal her position. Second, she definitely couldn’t contact the mothership voluntarily.

“Of course I already know that. But, the current condition with executive officers retaking control over operations of the company is still in disarray. Before we went underwater, we transmitted the rescue signal. So with the current condition of the company, I predict they would need two to three days if they respond quickly, possibly even a week if they respond slow. You know how the officials are, especially their work ethics!” Liu Gan covered up his lie with another lie.

“This isn't a problem, the sea has plenty of good food. At least, we have a nuclear driven power source, which would last at least a month if we don't do any experiments. So waiting a week for rescue wouldn't be a problem, although our experiments will come to a halt,” Wei Liang replied.

Liu Gan couldn't act normally and curse out his frustrations. He could only hold it in and act calm. Where could this sea monster have came from?! Why would it steal the submarine? Is there a particular reason why it wouldn't let them reach the surface? Had it come to the point where he should reveal his new ability and walk on the sea bed back to shore?

A level 9 body was strengthened to the point where it could potentially withstand pressure at depths of 3000 meters. Quickly using the equations Liu Gan learned from his physics teacher, he rounded his answer. Every cubic meter at this depth would result in three thousand tons of pressure. The pressure on his body would be two to three hundred tons or so?

Two to three hundred tons...

Reaching level 9, physical capabilities increased a dozen times over. As for the amount of resistance to pressure, it was still unknown, and he was doubtful that it could withstand this amount of pressure. The Mist Armor would still have some protective function...

Ultimately, if there were no options left, Liu Gan would risk entering the sea alone. If there was even the slightest chance of success, then he would take Yin He along and leave first, leaving Han GuangMing and Zhao Meng behind, at least until he could find a way to rescue them.

Liu Gan faked to Wei Liang about how tired he was. Wei Liang organized an independent cabin, and after some tidying up, it was presented to the esteemed guests. Even though it looked like an independent cabin, there was a wall that separated the room into two smaller rooms.

One room was for Liu Gan. The other room was for the other two, Han GuangMing and Zhao Meng.

Liu Gan told Yin He to inspect the room. After confirming that the cabin didn’t have any monitoring devices or wiretaps, Liu Gan consulted his own wrist watch. On the watch face was a new line reading [Dermal Respiration]!

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