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Chapter 304 - Vacuum sealed

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

What mattered more was later on, when Liu Gan had to ride the airship to the main island. If there had been any accidents while riding the airship, then with such a heavy body he was bound to sink…his downfall would be due to drowning within The Trembling World. His chances of surviving would be very low.

With additional abilities, Liu Gan wouldn’t have to worry about the issue of drowning.

“The appearance of the skin doesn’t change too much, at least, it isn’t visible to the naked eye. The mutation occurs at the cellular level. To be honest, we were worried that there wouldn’t be any rescue coming. To increase our survivability, we injected ourselves with this drug. However, all of us have failed to awaken the ability. None of us had our skin mutate, but if one of us had succeeded, we would’ve arranged for them to depart and seek outside help,” Su Nina replied to Liu Gan.

“This is 3000 meters underwater. Even if you could to breathe underwater, you wouldn’t be able to withstand the pressure. Your body would succumb to it, right?” Liu Gan thought for a while and asked.

“We have another drug that is specifically used to strengthen the body’s composition to be pressure-resistant. However presently, this drug is not finished yet. Progress is at a standstill. You are right, the human body isn’t capable of withstanding such high pressure underwater. If we had more specimens, we could make a breakthrough and manufacture it. You must know that the sea it is densely packed with lifeforms. There has to be one or two that could withstand the overwhelming pressure at several thousand meters deep.”

“As long as there is continued funding and resupplies of specimens for us, we can continue the research. There will be a day we can successfully manufacture a drug that helps resist pressure,” Su Nina insisted with Liu Gan.

As Su Nina continued talking, Han GuangMing and Zhao Meng kept staring at her. Han GuangMing was looking at Su Nina’s pretty face. He felt his own face blush red. Zhao Meng’s saliva dripped from his open mouth.

“For the skin evolution drug, you firmly believe that with one injection, there won’t be any adverse effects?” Liu Gan asked Su Nina again. This wasn’t the first time he experienced this type of situation. The first time was when he woke [Psychic Shock] on the island in the middle of the lake.

At that time, the white-coat scientist also said his drug had a low success rate. If two injections were used, the consequences of the side effects would be severe. Aside from Liu Gan, no other volunteers succeeded in activating another ability…it couldn’t be called a completely successful activation.

Even though his ability was a weaker form of the potential ability, it was still a successful activation. When Liu Gan woke the ability, it was weak. But as he leveled up, it became a formidable force. Who knew if this would be a chance to awaken an underwater breathing ability.

“Yes, at present it is still a semi-finished product. If it is only one injection, I can still guarantee that it is within the safety limits. Without any more specimens, we were forced to experiment on ourselves. Of the eighteen participants here, none of us were able to evolve our skin. Even after we injected ourselves, we didn’t observe any changes. That should confirm that one injection is still within the safety limit,” Su Nina nodded.

“How about I test the effects of this drug first?” Han GuangMing suggested to Liu Gan. Han GuangMing had also offered to test for drug products the last time. It was his courage that earned him the right to participate in leveling to 5. Han GuangMing felt as if this favor hadn't been repaid properly.

Finally an opportunity presented itself, and from the sound of it, there weren't any side effects. The benefits of being successful would be a chance to awaken the ability to breathe underwater. The pros far outweighed the cons.

“I also want to try out this drug,” Zhao Meng told Liu Gan.

“Okay, then we should let you two test out this drug. To see if what they have claimed is really true,” Liu Gan agreed with their pleas.

“You want to test it right now?” Su Nina asked Liu Gan.

“Yes, otherwise how do we know if it is true? However, if you are lying and they suffer from side effects, I will severely punish all of you,” Liu Gan sternly warned Su Nina.

Su Nina looked at Wei Liang, waiting for his decision.

“Bring the vacuum dispenser unit over. We will create the drug on site so our precious guests can experience the drug. At present, we can't guarantee that it is still effective on you, but the active ingredients within are definitely harmless,” Wei Liang promised.

Two male researchers walked out carrying a glass cabinet. The glass cabinet was vacuum sealed. From the way Wei Liang talked, the glass cabinet was the vacuum dispenser.

On the side of the vacuum dispenser, two manipulator arm were anchored. The manipulator arms were controlled by a special induction gloves worn by Su Nina. By using the induction gloves, Su Nina was able to indirectly mix the drug components within a vacuum. Following her set procedure, she mixed the ingredients in order. She then waited for the mixture to precipitate out of solution. In the final step, she extracted the finished drug product and separated it into five vials.

With the completion of the drug, Su Nina pulled out the five vials. One of the vials she injected into Han GuangMing’s brachial vein. The second vial, she injected into Zhao Meng’s brachial vein.

“If it is effective, their body, in particular their skin, should feel a burning sensation within the first crucial ten minutes,” Su Nina explained to Liu Gan.

After ten minutes, Han GuangMing and Zhao Meng didn't feel any of the peculiar burning sensation that Su Nina had described. It seemed they weren't able to awaken the ability.

They didn't have any physical abnormalities and in secret, they checked their alloy wristwatches to confirm. Checking their infection and health status, everything was normal. The alloy watch was very sensitive to any changes, so the moment the player's body became influenced by any external factors, it would be reflected on the display of the wrist watch.

This wasn't the first time Liu Gan had experienced a drug injection, and with two members confirming the test procedure, Liu Gan decided to test his own luck. There was no harm in trying, and the first time he injected himself, he was able to awaken his [Psychic Shock] ability. Being able to awaken another ability would be a wonderful addition to his collection.

With only 5% success rate, Liu Gan didn't have high hopes. He prepared himself mentally, since not every lucky opportunity that fell onto his shoulders would be a success.

After injecting the drug, three minutes passed by with no effect. Liu Gan was starting to wonder if he would be able to awaken it. And then, Liu Gan felt a hot burning sensation start up.         

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