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Chapter 305 - Nightmare Jellyfish

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

This burning sensation started at the lowest, deepest level of his soles and burned upwards. His skin felt like it was being charred on a grill. This type of burning sensation, only a few could withstand the pain that came with it. Liu Gan had a high pain tolerance, so he was able to put up a poker face as if nothing was wrong. Meanwhile, his inner self was restless…could it be that he got lucky, and woke another ability?

Perhaps his body was special, and these drugs had a higher chance of succeeding with him?

“How is it?” Su Nina asked Liu Gan.

“No particular feeling, seems like this drug really has a low success rate. Do you have any specimens that succeeded with this drug?” Liu Gan asked with a disappointed expression.

“There actually was a successful subject, it was during our first round of experiment trials. After the subject was successful, we extracted the substance back from its body and refined it. That is how we came up with the 5% success rate, it was based on the experimental model from preliminary estimates. It is probably due to the low amount of specimens that skewed this number so low. If we had more samples, the success rate of this drug would increase,” Wei Liang replied quickly.

“Okay, let’s pause there. Tell me about the other project. The drug that can induce a fabricated dream. Start from concept to the execution of manufacturing process. Describe it in detail as much as you can,” Liu Gan nodded as he shifted the topic of interest.

When Su Nina was briefly describing their projects, that one caught Liu Gan’s interest the most. It was one of the main points of this trip to the base underwater. It was Liu Gan’s suspicion that everything that had happened on Serenity was due to the influence of this dream drug and the research project.

“In that project we discovered that the most timid experimental specimens with the weakest willpower, would, when faced with a certain deep sea jellyfish, experience inexplicable hallucinations and mild hypnosis. The larger deep sea jellyfishes could hypnotize even the stronger specimens. Once they were hypnotized, they began a journey to dreamland and it was impossible to wake them up…”

“The hallucinations and dreams were distance dependent, and there were obstacle hindrances, as well. We suspect that the giant jellyfish and the specimens developed a symbiotic relationship with a spiritual connection that lead to a new advancement...”

“That was where we started researching the deep sea jellyfish as a target of interest. After a series of testing and drug injections, we were able to increase its hallucinogenic ability…”

“This laboratory improved deep sea jellyfish, we named it the Nightmare Jellyfish…”


After a lengthy discussion on the project by Su Nina, Liu Gan understood the main points of what happened. He had confirmed that what had attacked them the previous night was an Advanced Mutate, an escaped Nightmare Jellyfish from this underwater base.

“At present, trying to create the dream drug has a very low rate of success… it might succeed one out of every thousand trials or even less. We can’t provide a dream-inducing drug sample. The reason is that creating this drug requires it to be mixed on-site. No matter how we tried to store it, after 5 minutes, the active ingredient in the drug would become inert.”

“To create the drug on-site requires extraction of the active ingredient from the Nightmare Jellyfish. We only have one Nightmare Jellyfish, which is sealed away in the lower level chamber room. Before we get any resupply, that room must stay shut. We are very sorry that we can’t show you the prowess of this Nightmare Jellyfish and have you experience the drug created from it” Su Nina added.

“Do you believe that after you receive supplies, the Nightmare Jellyfish will still be sealed in the chamber below? That it hasn’t escaped from captivity?” Liu Gan asked Su Nina.

“From a technological aspect, the chance of Nightmare Jellyfish escaping isn’t high. The whole chamber cabin is created from specialized materials. The way it is built makes it nearly impossible to escape from the inside. If it ever escaped, our laboratory would suffer a tremendous loss. Nearly half of all our incoming resources were focused on researching it. It is possible that the work we have done on this project is our most praiseworthy work,” Wei Liang intervened and told him.

“Does it show signs of intelligence, that it might have escaped due to hunger? It could’ve used the external pressure in aiding its escape, since this is something you can’t check, right?” Liu Gan was pretty sure that the underwater creature that attacked them last night was this Nightmare Jellyfish.

“That can’t be possible, right? We left it an ample supply of food, so it shouldn’t be hungry. If it did escape, then our efforts for this year were a complete waste. These kind of events definitely can’t have happened,” Wei Liang shook his head in denial.

“Okay, let’s hope that when this laboratory becomes functional again, it behaved itself and stayed within the chamber. That way you can continue your research. Let’s end our conference with this. From what I’ve seen, you have done your best. I will do my best to fight for preserving your place in the laboratory. Also, I will request more specimens and supplies so the project can continue,” Liu Gan finalized his decision.

“I am very grateful that you have agreed to support us! We will try to live up to your expectations. We won’t let down the shareholders and the sponsors. We will strive to get good results from our project!” Wei Liang bowed, representing his staff, as he thanked Liu Gan.

After the conference is over, with Wei Liang and Su Nina’s guidance, Liu Gan was able to visit the other remaining accessible parts of the laboratory. Many of the other chambers are locked down, so only two areas were still accessible, the experimental area and the living quarters.

“This laboratory only has eighteen researchers?” Liu Gan casually asked Wei Liang.

“Yes, we’ve sent in an application for more assistants. We’ve always had a lack of manpower. If it isn’t too much trouble, can you petition on our behalf for more biochemists, electrical engineers, quantum technology experts, and more advanced equipment, so our research efficiency can speed up?” Wei Liang quickly answered Liu Gan.

“I will do my best,” Liu Gan nodded.

“You are the most peaceful representative sent by the general headquarters, that I’ve ever seen,” Wei Liang finally blurted out.

“Is that so? I just got this job. Seems like I have to be more stern from now on,” Liu Gan joked.

“You are very professional and responsible, so if you are responsible for handling inquiries from our laboratory, we will be honored,” Wei Liang complemented Liu Gan.

As they were talking, they walked by a closed cabin door. This cabin door was very different from the others, as it had been spray-painted red.

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