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Chapter 303 - Breathing Underwater

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“Relax, you are all company assets. The company won’t let you waste away,” Liu Gan nodded.

“I am very grateful. What is more important than us, is our project. Our project is top priority. Without enough samples, this project can’t go on. If it is prolonged any longer, then there is a higher chance of project failure. So when you return, you have to guarantee to bring us an ample supply of experimental specimens,” Wei Liang continued.

“The experimental specimens… you are referring to the uninfected human species right?” Liu Gan asked Wei Liang.

“Yes. As of right now, we need at least fifty of them as laboratory specimens. That would prolong the research for half a month. We would need to increase that amount later on,” Wei Liang nodded.

“Okay, you don’t have to continue staying here to accompany us. Go help your fellow peers to gather up all the data and bring it back. I will wait patiently here for your briefing.” Liu Gan waved Wei Liang away.

“Okay, I will head back to rush over with the data,” Wei Liang said as he left the conference room. Wei Liang quickly found his peers and compiled all the data and finds, before returning to the conference room.

Ten minutes later, every research scientist was gathered in the conference room. There were eighteen scientists there, six more researchers than when Liu Gan arrived. This number of scientist was still lower than what Liu Gan had expected.

Of the eighteen research scientists, there were thirteen men and five women.

Standing right next to Wei Liang was a younger woman, a new arrival. The moment she appeared in the conference room, Han GuangMing and Zhao Meng’s pupils dilated. They stared at her beautiful face for a good while before looking elsewhere.

“This is my assistant. Her name is Su Nina. She is a very gifted researcher,” Wei Liang explained, the moment he caught Han GuangMing and Zhao Meng staring.

“Esteemed guests, welcome,” Su Nina greeted Liu Gan and others. Her voice was as sweet as her face, her presence had captivated Han GuangMing and Zhao Meng. Liu Gan was unfazed, not even glancing at her.

After a simple introduction of the researchers present, the meeting started quickly. As the research scientists reported their findings in a professional format, Liu Gan wasn’t able to understand them. It was good thing Yin He was able to understand some of it. After integrating the data into her memory, she was able to analyze it and turn it back into layman’s terms for Liu Gan to understand. In a gentle speaking voice, she communicated the information back to Liu Gan’s earphone. That way if Liu Gan wanted to discuss the relevant information, he could do so like a professional.

Yin He’s external appearance was that of an Armored Warrior. She had the full set of equipment, ranging from helmet to body armor. So when she used her low volume voice, only Liu Gan could hear it. In other people’s eyes, she was sitting still without moving at all, like a metal statue.

After realizing that Liu Gan was a fellow professional, Wei Liang and other scientists tensed up. They took turns to explain their projects at hand carefully.

Through their reported findings and Yin He’s explanations, Liu Gan slowly understood the purpose of this secret laboratory. Without a doubt, their research was complicated, but the common recurring point was that it dealt with oceanic life forms.

Experiments like extracting anti-cancer medicine from the brains of oceanic organisms were too easy for them. The purpose of their research revolved around trying to isolate special properties from the oceanic organisms and reincorporate them back into the human species, such as humans being able to breathe underwater, or so they could withstand the pressure of being thousands of meters underwater. Other abilities would be humans that could release electricity like an electric eel. They had even gone to the extent of mating human DNA with certain fish species to give birth to true mermaids.

Many of these research topics were a huge disappointment to Liu Gan. He started dozing off. Only two of the research topics piqued his interest.

The first topic was how the human species might survive underwater, and breathe underwater like a fish. For the sake of the research, they captured a lot of oceanic organisms. Subjecting these organisms to genetic modifications, they were able to obtain large quantities of a strange substance. Then, when they reinjected these strange substances into uninfected ocean lifeforms, their brains started to produce the extraordinary substance. Finally, the substance was injected into a human specimen’s brain for observation.

Humans had lost gills through many millions of years of evolution. By using the substance as a catalyst, the specimens were able to regain their deteriorated gills. Initially, the specimens were able to use those gills, but this research was cut by headquarters. Headquarters wanted to shift their focus on a new area of research, developing the hidden potential of humans underwater. They wanted to see humans be able to naturally breathe underwater by using electrolysis to extract oxygen out of the water for the body to use.

The idea started from the electric eel study. The skin tissue of those eels could generate electricity, causing water from the skin to be absorbed. After absorption, the water molecules were ionized apart into oxygen and hydrogen atoms. Oxygen was then quickly absorbed into the circulatory system for use in their metabolism. The excess oxygen and hydrogen molecules generated from ionization were expelled out from the surface of the body.

Noticing that Liu Gan had interest in this project, the beautiful assistant Su Nina quickly proceeded to explain the status of this project. The laboratory was able to successfully manufacture several vials of finished medicine. After injection, a certain portion of the subject’s skin would change. If successful, they would develop the ability to breathe underwater, but there was only a 5% success rate.

Additional injections would increase the success rate, but it also carried higher risks. With two injections, even if the subject didn’t die, the chance of going insane was close to 100%.


To increase the success rate, they needed more specimens to further their research. Being able to reach a 50% or above success rate would meet company’s requirements for manufacturing.

“So you mean to tell me that, if I inject your drug, I won’t develop gills. Instead, I would change the properties of my skin. My skin would have the ability to ionize water with no physical changes?” Liu Gan confirmed with Su Nina.

If that was truly the case, he was willing to try it out. If it worked out, then even if he fell into water, he wouldn’t fear drowning. Right now, Liu Gan’s alloy limbs were quite heavy. If he fell into water, it would be hard for him to swim. He would likely sink to the bottom like an anchor. Being able to breathe underwater would mitigate his shortcomings.


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