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Chapter 302 - Conference

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“Ahh...with the change in executive officers, we were forgotten. Our research projects here haven’t been ordered to stop, right?” Wei Liang worriedly asked Liu Gan. Little by little, Wei Liang was completely deceived.

“I am here to check up on your progress. So, based on your project results, we will consider if it is worthwhile to continue this project. If there is value in your research, I will recommend to headquarters to restart this project. Then they can continue allocating resources to your needs and further sponsor your research. However, if there were no useful results, headquarters will seriously consider cutting this project out. This is your chance to show your worth based on the project results,” Liu Gan sternly responded to Wei Liang.

“So it is like that? Please don’t cut our project. This project has achieved a lot of progress, even though it is still just preliminary results. We didn’t receive much funding in the early stages of the research, so if you stop the research now it would be a waste!” Wei Liang pleaded.

“Well…we can decide that after you show me your project results. I will listen to your report and submit a briefing back to the executive board. At that point, what they decide to do will be in their hands. Right, do you happen to have any polymerized photon nanomites to resupply him? We didn’t account for this trip so he is running low on energy. I must find some way of replenishing his energy.” Liu Gan was referring to Yin He, when he spoke to Wei Liang. Liu Gan’s priority were to resolve Yin He’s energy crisis. If he was able to find supplies here, then that would be the best.

“Their resting chamber should have some? Even though we haven’t been resupplied for awhile, a lot of the facilities were shut down. Their resting chamber is below this floor. To reach that location, you will have to wait for resupplies to arrive,” Wei Liang replied to Liu Gan.

“Facility shut down? It can’t be opened?” Liu Gan replied to Wei Liang. The moment Liu Gan heard about the possibility of having polymerized photon nanomites, he was very excited. Even though he casually mentioned it, he never expected to be able to find such valuable resource at this location.

“It is like this, since we haven’t been resupplied for a long time, a portion of our experiment modules were shut off. To conserve our remaining energy, we cut off energy supplying the experiments. That was when an accident occurred. Some of the experimental subjects were released into the room. To kill them, we were forced to flood that room with sea water. We were planning to drain the chamber after we got our supplies again. That way we could open up the chamber doors again. If we were to forcefully open up the doors, seawater would flood right into the experiment zone and living quarters. The result would be catastrophic,” Wei Liang carefully explained to Liu Gan.

“Can we wear oxygen tanks and diving suits? You should have that gear here, right?” Liu Gan wasn’t willing to give up so easily.

“No, the resilient experimental subject was able to survive the flooded chamber. It carries a fatal virus on its body. So without careful sterilization and treatment, even wearing the diving suit will lead to infection. How about this? As our esteemed guests, you should rest up in the cabin break room. In the meantime, we will carry out some preparation work. We will summarize our report to you in a meeting. We will wait until you can contact the mothership and have maintenance technicians to repair things. That way we can open up the cabin door and continue our research,” Wei Liang suggested to Liu Gan.

“This is only a temporary stop, we can’t be held down here for too long. How about this instead. You can take me to the conference room, and you can prepare amongst yourselves. It doesn’t have to be too detailed. Ten or twenty minutes later, the meeting will begin. At that time, you will report to me the purpose and progress of your projects to me. As for resupply from the mothership, it won’t reach here that quickly. it would take at least one or two days. So it is best if I understand the situation first, so I can properly assess how to help you. Even if I can help out, we can still wait for the mothership to resupply,” Liu Gan answered Wei Liang.

Liu Gan wanted to get his goods and leave as soon as possible. It was possible to lock everyone here and get the information out through torture, then forcefully break through and take the goods. The downside to this method is that the most important secrets might not be revealed.

If Liu Gan continued to play the role of a high ranking official sent by headquarters, he might get the information he wanted without using force. By manipulating his identity, he could understand the true purpose of their research. Then, he would know what he would be risking.

For instance, drugs could have life threatening effects if you didn’t know what they contained.

“Okay, then we will do as you say. Within twenty minutes, we will meet at the conference room. Please follow me, I will take you to the conference room now.” Wei Liang led Liu Gan and his group to the conference room, after giving instructions to the other research personnel.

Walking pass several hallways and storage rooms, Wei Liang brought the four guests to a conference room. Within the room was a long rectangular table, with alloy seats fastened to the floor. It looked like the designated location for discussing issues within the laboratory.

When Liu Gan arrived on the submarine, he had looked out of the window and seen the layout of the laboratory. From his view, the laboratory occupied so much space that it could be considered a small town. To his shock, there were only a dozen or so research scientists operating this place.

Finding out what happened would have to wait until the conference was over.

The conference table had enough chairs to seat around twenty people, and alongside the cabin wall, there were another two rows of chairs. From the looks of it, this conference room could easily host up to a hundred people for a meeting.

“To conserve energy, we haven’t used this room for a while. Since you arrived here today, I hope we will be resupplied very quickly. So even if we waste a little more energy, it won’t matter. Our stored reserves aren’t as low as our message had described. We could still endure for half a month or so. If we aren’t replenished within half a month, then that is when we would need urgent help. Even our lives would be in danger. I don’t think the company will abandon us after investing so many resources, right?” Wei Liang probed his guest for hints.

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