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Chapter 301 - Disconnected

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After the submarine reached nearly 3000 meters deep, the intensity of the signal grew stronger. The submarine was already searching close to the seabed. The deepest part of the sea maxed out at a little over 3000 meters. By the seabed, a faint light could be seen from afar. With their enhanced eyesight, it was already visible from a good distance.

With this, the small submarine safely arrived at the location of the secret laboratory on the seabed.

Closing in on the location, there were a lot of buildings on the seabed, like an underwater city. The glowing light was illuminating a small portion of the total construction area. The lights seeped out through glass windows from a building. The glass used for the window required a special type of glass that could sustain the pressure from 3000 meters of sea water.

At the edge of the construction site, there was a structure resembling a docking site. It was capable of docking large submarines, so for small submarines like Liu Gan’s it was more than sufficient to use..

Right as Liu Gan’s submarine was preparing to dock at the anchoring joints, a wireless transmitting station from a nearby building came through their radio.


“May I ask who you are?” A voice transmitted through the communications system inquiring about the new incoming submarine. Clearly, these people hadn’t seen the appearance of this particular submarine before. So as a precaution, it was protocol to inquire before letting them off the submarine.

“We are sent by the mothership, we are the investigative crew. As we passed by the area, we received a rescue signal. Conveniently, we were reassigned to investigate this matter,” Liu Gan answered the inquiry.


“Okay. After the joints finish connecting, please state your identity. We will release you after we confirm your identities,” replied the unidentified speaker. As they allowed the submarine to dock to the connecting hatches.

After the submarine was attached, Yin He equipped her silver armor from spatial storage. Then in the area above her fist, she extended out a sharp spike that she stabbed onto the detection device of the isolation chamber in the submarine.

Han GuangMing and Zhao Meng witnessed Yin He’s transformation and were shocked, but no sounds were made while their mouths hung open.

“Cool!” Han GuangMing couldn’t think of another word to describe his current mood of being astounded by what he saw.

“Very cool!” Zhao Meng added.

Even though it was astonishing, these two didn’t say more than necessary. There were already  suspicions going around that Yin He wasn’t human. There were all kinds of secretive rumors spreading within the prison compound, but none that would reach Liu Gan’s ear.

“We are now investigative members. When you two are inside, don't talk at all. Just match what I do,” Liu Gan ordered Han GuangMing and Zhao Meng.

“Okay!” both nodded.

Yin He’s spike was used as identification. The detection device produced mechanical sounds as it was inspecting her spike. Then a few seconds later, the red light turned green. Naturally, the lock on the cabin door opened up.

This base of underwater laboratory was isolated from the catastrophe, so it had lost all forms of communication without any warning. Naturally, the information in their database hadn't been updated. Even though on the mothership, Yin He’s identification have been listed as ‘lost’, due to the lagging misinformation, Yin He was able to successfully bypass the recognition system.

As a stolen body from the mothership, Yin He’s body had authorization for almost every secret laboratory, since the Armored Warriors sent out from the mothership had to have access to the locations to execute their different missions. The protocol for ‘missing’ Armored Warriors would be the immediate termination of authorizations across all laboratories, at least before the catastrophe. Ever since that incident, there had been no access to reach the network of information to update the database.

After the cabin door to the secret laboratory side opened, Liu Gan and the other three stepped into the building. There were a dozen male and female scientists with their white lab coats gathered in the cabin. The moment Yin He with her Silver Armor disembarked from the submarine, she was greeted with admiring looks from the scientists. Standing right by her side was Liu Gan.

Back then, there were Armored Warriors frequently traveling to their location for missions. Often, the Armored Warriors would resupply the base as a side effect of dropping by and they would leave with completed experiment results. These Armored Warriors would rarely communicate with the research scientists, even rarer when there were human companions aboard their submarine.

There were occasions when human companions traveled along with the Armored Warriors, and these humans held high ranks even on the mothership. These humans investigators were sent out by the requests of the executive board or investors. So when the research scientists saw Liu Gan standing right by Yin He’s side, they naturally thought Liu Gan was a high ranking official sent by the company.

With an Armored Warrior accompanying him, no one would ever question Liu Gan and the others’ identities. There was a possibility of having imposters amongst the living, but at their current technological advancement, it was impossible to impersonate an Armored Warrior.

“Hello, how are you? I’m Wei Liang. I am the supervisor of this secret laboratory. I am very happy that you were able to come to our location. We have waited many days and nights for your arrival. Did something happen to the outside world? Why hasn’t anyone contacted us this long? Why did the resupply shipments  stop arriving?” asked a researcher in his mid thirties. He enthusiastically walked up to greet Liu Gan.

“We were only passing by when we received your distress signal. So we took a detour to check it out. Are you completely disconnected from the network? Why haven’t you tried using any transportation to reach the surface?” Liu Gan attempted to gather information from these people.

If these people were truly disconnected from the outside world, then it would be easier to manipulate them.

“We are stuck here without any means of transportation to reach the surface. When we agreed to come work here, we signed a detailed confidentiality agreement that without permission we can’t leave,” Wei Liang looked strangely at Liu Gan, but continued to explain the situation.

“So that means all the incidents that happened to the company's executive board, you don’t know about it?” Liu Gan faked his shocked expression as he quickly replied.

“Yes, what happened at the company?” Wei Liang asked Liu Gan.

“There’s a change with some of the company’s executive board members. The board of directors dismissed several managing officers, and some of these officers committed suicide before they finished their job. That is why a portion of the secret laboratories like this one have been forgotten. Seems like you were one of those unlucky laboratories,” Liu Gan replied.

“So it was like that…” Wei Liang was emotionally riled up. Never did he think that a high ranking official would disclose detailed secrets about the executive board.

“We are in the process of regaining control of the lost assets of the company. We were successful in taking back most of the secret laboratories back under our control. This time we were out doing a routine patrol when we accidentally received your distress signal. So we decided to stop by.” Liu Gan gave a stern look while carefully examining Wei Liang’s expression.

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