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Chapter 283 - Unsuspecting

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

The other players were shocked by the sudden sniped off the farmer holding the hunting rifle. They didn't think that Han GuangMing wouldn't hold back. They watched as Han GuangMing rushed forward with his fire axe and killed all the nearby farmers.

Liu Gan studied Han GuangMing with renewed interest. He remembered Han GuangMing as a college student with a girlfriend, he had now turned into a decisive figure.

“These people looked at Sister Zhou and Vice-Leader He with bad intentions. If we obeyed them and followed into the village, that meant there are more people waiting to ambush us there. If we let them live, they will come back with more people to kill us on our return trip from Green Pao Bay. I gave them a friendly peace offering solution, but they shot down my offer and wouldn’t yield. I made the decision to kill them so they wouldn't be trouble us in the future,” Han GuangMing explained to Liu Gan, while his body was quivering.

“You did the right thing,” Liu Gan nodded with a satisfied expression. To help the growth of these team members, they must learn for themselves how to resolve the new problems of this society. There is no room for hesitant and soft-willed individuals.

“Thank you Elder Liu! I will do my best to be an appropriate squad leader!” Han GuangMing blushed. Being appreciated and valued by his boss was the best feeling ever.

He was one of the first three players to follow Liu Gan initially, with Zhang ShengLi and Wang DeCheng being the other two. Zhang ShengLi and Wang DeCheng were recognized as being as important as a vice leader. Stuck between the two, Han GuangMing felt as if he was falling further and further behind. He felt that he wasn't able to gain the respect of other team mates. He felt it was unfair. So through this opportunity he proved himself useful.


By the time the car crew reached Green Pao Bay, it was already more than three hours past noon.

The whole Bay Area was rather silent. There was no appearance of zombies. It was such a huge harbor, so prior to the catastrophe, it must have been a lively port. Since the area was cleared of zombies, it would be a good assumption to believe that the transferred players had killed them all. The corpses were either burned or tossed into the sea.

Green Pao Bay was evidently cleaner than most other locations. Without a doubt another group of players was controlling this territory.

With such a massive harbor, it was surprising that there were no ships of any sizes. There was an absolute absence of yachts or freighters in the water or docked. It was a strange sensation to see a harbor without any boats. Based on the team members speculation, the local survivors could’ve used the harbor as a possible escape route and that would explain the mysterious disappearance of all the ships. Even the aircraft had left the region, so for safety,  the only remaining possible escape off land was by sea. The potential dangers of tectonic plate movements generating tsunami onto the harbor was a relatively high risk to those on land.

Without the presence of ships in the harbor, it made the single airship that was docked a conspicuous sight. The airship Serenity was a two thousand ton airship. In this world, the ocean liner and airships were quite different in structure. Serenity was like an egg, oval shaped. The top and bottom of the airship were sealed airtight, but the windows on the side were large. The amount of light permeating through the windows should be enough to light the interior.

According to the lucky survivors, this type of amphibious air and sea type of airship has three types of operation systems. The first type can operate it as a normal ship on any body of water. The second type can submerge the majority of its hull as long as the deck isn’t submerged. Lastly, the third type is to release helium from its containers to fill up the top region of the airship. By filling up a balloon that was several times larger than the hull, it will be suspended in midair like a basket as it took flight.

This mode of flying relied on advanced technology of gas compression, reinforced glass, air seals, and elastic materials. All these technologies could prevent the structure collapsing due to water pressure. At the same time,with helium quick release, it can help inflate the balloon rapidly. Within half an hour, it could convert modes of navigation from ship to airship.

At this time, the Serenity was docked at the pier. They used binoculars to check the situation on deck. To enter into the cabin hull, it was an easy task as there were only simple fortifications. There weren’t even guards on duty. To enter the main cabin of the airship was quite easy. This was out of Liu Gan’s expectation, and it cast some doubt in his heart.

“Shout a warning to them,” Liu Gan said to Han GuangMing.

Prior to arriving, along route they were thinking up tactics. It was to act like San Xing Corporation rescue personnel when shouting at the Serenity. To the local survivors, it would sound like nonsense, but to the trapped players it was an enticing offer.

This type of lie was made to confuse the opposition. It was a chance for the players onboard. Once the players were tempted into surrendering, Liu Gan and Yin He could easily walk in and kill them.

“We are San Xing Corporation rescue personnel! We are parked at the parking lot, located seventy degrees to the dock side. Please send a representative to communicate with us!” Han GuangMing following Liu Gan’s advice and repeated the call three times.

The Serenity had no response. There wasn’t even lights coming out the windows. By the cabin door, there weren’t any signs of movement. From the looks of it, the airship seemed abandoned.

This was highly strange, perhaps Zhang ShengLi’s questions hadn’t gotten the truth. Was it possible that Raincoat’s men weren’t speaking the truth? Could they have moved out with their full group to Green Station Mountain, which is why no one was on guard now?

No way. There was no reason for any faction to abandon their own stronghold, unless it was like the coastal camp, where their hand was forced by the appearance of Kingler.

The dock didn’t have any evidence of fighting in the surrounding area. If there was a monstrous presence like Kingler, the docks wouldn’t be in such pristine condition. Even the Serenity would’ve been damaged if Kingler showed up or at least cracks on the ship.

“Elder Liu, it doesn’t feel like the airship has anyone onboard. Perhaps, I should take a few men to look inside?” Han GuangMing suggested to Liu Gan.

“Okay, but be careful. There is something really weird going on with this airship,” Liu Gan warned Han GuangMing.  

“Okay, I will be careful.” Han GuangMing ordered five other level 5 players with him. All were equipped with shields and assault rifles as they drew near the entrance. Liu Gan, Yin He and the rest of the level 4 players remained on land.

There was a reason why Liu Gan didn’t send the whole group in. It could’ve been an ambush waiting to happen. Someone could be using the Serenity as bait. Once everyone was onboard the aircraft, it could be blown up. Even though the possibility of that happening was extremely small, this was still Raincoat’s base. There shouldn’t be anyone stupid enough to use their base as bait, allowing free entry into the area.

So the group on land stayed back to prevent this type of situation from happening. If the investigation squad needed backup, they could provide it.

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