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Chapter 284 - Human Evaporation

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

As for why this was so strange, the answer was supplied by their investigation.

Arriving at the cabin door, Han GuangMing used a loudspeaker to shout within a few more times. Serenity was dead silent inside. There was no response, not even the movements of zombies could be heard within.

There weren’t any fortifications made in the corridors of the cabin. No defensive structures to prevent forced entry. No one standing guard. However, on the floor there were scattered cigarette butts. At a nearby table, there were poker cards. It seemed there were long term personnel stationed here, but it they had left it all unguarded.

The Serenity didn’t have electricity running. Pressing the switches on the wall was pointless, the lightbulbs didn’t turn on. The only source of light was from the environment outside, that shone through the windows. Even though Serenity had large windows that allowed a generous transmittance of light through, it was a cloudy day. No matter how much light passed through the window, it didn’t matter. With the poor illuminance and dead silence within the airship, it was an eerie atmosphere.

“We will split into two teams. Treadmill, you will lead a team with Huang WeiTao and HuJun. Start from the starboard side of the ship and head to the front of the ship. Find the people in control of this ship. Zhang Hua, Martial Thunder, you will follow me on the port side of the ship. If you find any enhanced survivors or other players, don’t engage. Report back to me with your location on the coms. Understand?” Han GuangMing handed out his orders.

This was Han GuangMing’s first expedition mission with Elder Liu. He didn’t want to underperform and lose this opportunity to prove himself. Once that trust is lost, it will be hard to regain. So Han GuangMing was understandably nervous.

“Understood,” replied other players nonchalantly. Han GuangMing was the youngest of them all, even when he spoke his voice was shaky. This made other players question his leadership skills.

Regardless, they knew that Han GuangMing was part of Liu Gan’s trusted circle. By rank, his position fell below Zhang ShengLi and Wang DeCheng. So no matter how unacceptable the situation, they still needed to respect Liu Gan. So, no one dared to question the tactical arrangements.

After tactics were arranged, both teams set into motion. They walked through the corridors silently, but the surroundings were just as silent. One could hear sounds of their own footsteps. Treadmill lead Huang WeiTao and HuJun as planned. They went on the right side of the ship searching from the front to the back.

“Go, open up that cabin door.” Treadmill held his assault rifle, pointing it at a door, as he commanded HuJun.

HuJun frowned. He wasn’t quite willing, but he still went over to push open the cabin door, then quickly moved to the side wall to avoid friendly fire.

“Hahaha…aren’t you overly nervous?” Treadmill laughed at HuJun. Then he proceeded to walk into the cabin to look around.

HuJun didn’t reply. Suffering from Treadmill’s command was intolerable, since he had followed Liu Gan longer. Now that they were both level 5, his position was still lower. In particular, when Han GuangMing was assigning team leaders, he had chosen Treadmill. The lack of respect was like he didn’t even exist.

Despite being in a bad mood, HuJun still had to obey the commands of Treadmill. If something like disobedience happened and it got to the ears of Elder Liu, then HuJun knew he would never have another chance to raise his rank.

After the three entered into the cabin room, they discovered that it was separated into many rooms with viewing glass walls. Within each room were placed with many different types of instruments. From the looks of it, the Serenity was a hospital or laboratory ship. When Raincoat took over this place, he hadn’t vandalized the area, so most of the glass rooms and technology was kept in pristine condition.

Every glass room had a number assigned to it. Alongside the machinery were workbenches with chairs and desktop computers. Due to the lack of electricity, the monitors and desktops were off. The workbench gave off a vibe that had something to do with research. Within each glass room, there weren’t any human beings, nor were there any zombies.

On the workbench was a teacup. Within the cup was tea, but it was cold. From the degree of sogginess of the tea bag, it didn’t seem like it was there too long. At most, it might have been brewed yesterday.

Everything was very strange. It was as if everyone onboard had suddenly vanished. Like… they had all evaporated into thin air.

Human evaporation wasn’t possible, the more plausible reason was that they had left the area.

“We are grown adults, yet we need to take orders from a brat. Isn’t that nonsense?” Treadmill muttered as he walked with Huang WeiTao.

Huang WeiTao glanced at HuJun, but didn’t reply to Treadmill.

“From the looks of it, I don’t think Little Han has a lot of experience. Elder Liu’s decision to let him take control of the operation does seem inappropriate,” HuJun replied. In particular, HuJun wasn’t fond of Han GuangMing either, since the order to have Treadmill as team leader was given by Han GuangMing.

“Don’t you think badmouthing Elder Liu isn’t a good idea?” Huang WeiTao casually laughed it off at HuJun.

“Hey, I’m only speaking the truth,” HuJun replied to Huang WeiTao. Before today, he had been stuck at level 4, and it made him lose face when he was in front of Zhou JingJing, his girlfriend. He had repressed his emotions for a long time.

“What connection does Little Han have with Elder Liu? Why is he so trusted? From the looks of it, he doesn’t have much capability, but he acts the part of being the fourth in control,” Treadmill asked HuJun, since they both were discontent with the situation.

“There is no connection. It was probably due to the fact that he has followed Elder Liu a little longer than us. I heard that he hasn’t even graduated college yet. So his experience in society is practically zero. What capabilities can he boast about?” HuJun shook his head.

“I thought you older members were quite united. Who would've thought that there were internal conflicts!” Treadmill started laughing.

“It can't be called conflict, but I definitely don't approve of him,” HuJun replied to Treadmill.

“Wait, hold up guys. Do you hear a sound?” Huang WeiTao suddenly halted.

“I didn't pay attention, but if there was a sound it was probably from Little Han’s group?” Treadmill said after listening closely.

As the trio continued chatting away, they passed a large cabin and reached a long hallway. Along one side of the hallway were hanging life jackets and buoys. On the other side was a window that reached the floor. The hallway started to slope downward as they walked deeper in. Along the whole way, they didn’t encounter anyone.

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