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Chapter 282 - Overkill

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With the quick end to the fight, Liu Gan gained two more level 5 players. The rest of the members cleared the path of obstructing bodies, and soon the car crew was able to continue their trip.

By noon, the the car crew passed through the multiple passes of Green Station Mountain. They found a perfect place to stop and make lunch. Looking around them, they saw endless acres of farmland, verdant and lush with fields of corn.

Liu Gan and a few members walked around to take a look, and discovered that the corn was ripe for the picking. It seemed that the corn closer to the roadside was plucked off neatly, but there were a few dropped cobs on the ground.

There were individuals in camp that could only rely on grain as a source of food, so by noontime their stomachs were growling. When they saw fresh corn on the cob, they started salivating like hyenas. Immediately, they recalled memories of the days before the catastrophe, in the real world, where they would enjoy fresh roast corn.

Yin He and two other individuals were left behind to safeguard the vehicles. Meanwhile, Liu Gan and the other players quickly went into the cornfield to pluck the most ripe corn.

While selecting the corn, Liu Gan felt a sudden movement by his feet. It was a rabbit jumping out of its burrow. The moment it felt the presence of intruders, it ran into the cornfield. A team member was able to quickly react and go after them, and returned back to the group with three captured rabbits, two rabbits stuck in his belt, and one in his hand.

“Who would’ve thought that you are capable of capturing rabbits!” Treadmill was shocked at the new team member.

“Back in the real world, my house is on the mountainside. We owned large acreage of corn fields, so I am rather familiar with their habits. I used to catch rabbits with my grandfather as a pastime. Now that I have leveled up, my physical capability and speed has increased significantly. It is easier to catch them now,” explained the new member. He introduced himself as Qi Shaohua. He was a level 4 player from the former coastal camp.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” Liu Gan complimented him.

“Thank you Elder Liu!” Qi Shaohua was very happy to be praised.

With three rabbits and a surplus of corn, the lunch meal was a luxurious one. Some of the team members gutted the rabbits in a nearby waterway, others gathered up firewood, and some formed a makeshift stove with rocks. The rest of the group filled a large wok with water. Everyone had a responsibility.

After cleaning up the corn and rabbit meat, it was tossed into the wok. Adding natural flavorings and salt, the chef of the team started cooking. The scent of rabbit meat and fresh corn smell permeated the surrounding air. Everyone was drooling, while watching the chef cook.

Using larger pieces of stone, they made rough tables and chairs, with Elder Liu being the first to be seated. In their current world, being able to craft tables and chairs from stone was not an easy task. They were only capable of doing so now that they were stronger from leveling up to 5. These seemingly impossible tasks were now as easy as lifting up a fist.

The wok with the cooked corn and rabbit meat was placed on the table. Everyone gathered up as portions were divided up. For some of them, this was the best meal they’d had for several weeks. With Liu Gan’s permission, some of the individuals started drinking baijiu. To avoid losing focus, each person was allowed one or two cups of alcohol. To these people, it was a very pleasurable experience.

Alongside Green Station Mountain was industrial zones, shifting towards an agricultural zone while heading to Green Pao Bay. An endless view of cornfields and farmland, players that had this area as a starting point would be fortunate. At least there wasn’t an imminent threat about having to worry about what to eat or drink. Every day they could find fresh ingredients in meat or vegetables.

Yin He didn’t participate in the feast. There were a few new members that were curious about it and started asking. Immediately Han GuangMing caught on and ordered them to stop. There were many mysteries surrounding Yin He that many people were curious about. It was Elder Liu’s secret, but it was also an open secret in the prison compound. This wasn’t something that anyone can easily inquire about.

“Quick, someone is coming!”

Right as people had cleaned up after their meal and started boarding the vehicles, Yin He shouted a warning to Liu Gan.

Walking closer was a group of middle aged men. These weren’t dressed like players that had been transferred in. These were the local survivors. From their outfits, they looked like local farmers. Each of the farmers held a weapon of some sort. Some had iron pipes, one a watermelon knife, and another a homemade hunting rifle. They had angry expressions, that didn't look like they were very happy with the situation.

“Who allowed you to come steal our corn?” asked one of the farmers. He rushed up to block the vehicles from leaving.

“We aren’t stealing, we are only passing by here. We saw that the corn here hasn’t been picked yet, so we took a few. In this day and age, how can you prove that this corn belongs to you? If you can prove that the corn is yours, I will be happy to compensate you. I will barter with you with something of equal value.” Han GuangMing started exchanging words.

“Barter? Who wants to barter with you anyway? You stole our corn! So you must follow us now!” said the aggravated farmer.

“Where do you want to take us?” Han GuangMing curiously asked. These farmers weren’t willing to barter in any other goods, so it was quite a strange situation.

“You must return to our village to accept a trial!” said the farmer with a hunting rifle. It was pointed at Han GuangMing. This farmer saw the vehicles and immediately had thoughts of ransacking them.

“I advise you to not look for more trouble! Even if the corn belongs to you, we only took a few pieces. I already said I will exchange it with you! If you don’t accept our offer, we won’t let you take advantage of us!” Han GuangMing was fuming from frustration.

“Hahaha…he said we are looking for trouble!” said the farmer with hunting rifle. He thinks lightly of Han GuangMing because of how Han GuangMing was easily flustered.

The other farmers started laughing and chuckling sinisterly. They saw Yin He and Zhou JingJing inside the car, and lecherous thoughts were in their heads. They wanted the two vehicles and the women.

“Die!” Han GuangMing was past his threshold, his face bright red. He took a rock and threw it at the farmer with the hunting rifle.

Blinded by anger, Han GuangMing accidentally triggered his Meteor Cannon ability on the rock. It was an instant kill. A hole appeared in the head of the farmer. With a smile still on his face, the farmer collapsed, dying with a smile.

[TL: Han GuangMing’s skill is changed to Meteor Cannon]

Player: Qi Shaohua

Lv: 4

Ability: [???]

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