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Chapter 281 - Car Crew

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

“Elder Liu is really powerful!” Treadmill said admiringly. When he first joined, he wasn’t quite convinced since it was a forceful takeover, but now he he had been completely won over.

Kingler was a tyrant that had no sympathy for anything. If Elder Liu was able to overpower Kingler, then did that meant Elder Liu could also kill them as easily as Kingler did?

“You have chosen correctly to follow Elder Liu. If is your lucky day! Did you think you would have a bright future with your previous leader? Could he have single-handedly taken control of Kingler? Of course not! There are only a few people that could’ve done it, and Elder Liu is one of them! If you want to continue surviving in this world or if you want a bright and safe future, then devote yourself to the cause! If you take too long to decide, this opportunity will leave you! Later on, if you are lower than level 5, we won’t take you!” Zhang ShengLi continued with the recruitment speech.

“Mighty Mighty Elder Liu!”

“Being able to follow Elder Liu is our blessing!”

“I vow to follow Elder Liu until the day I die!”


TL: lmao no one commented on that.

Within the confines of the prison compound, almost all of the members were now very motivated. They felt deeply fortunate. Even if Zhang ShengLi hadn't done any brainwashing, Liu Gan’s formidable display of strength was enough of a deterrent to stop any foolishness. Only the strongest would survive, and those who follow the strongest would also persevere.

“What is this? Television advertising?” Liu Gan walked over to ask Zhang ShengLi with a questioning look. Liu Gan heard the phrase ‘opportunity’ from Zhang ShengLi, it sounded like what you would hear from televised infomercials. It was only missing one of the two sentences of ‘It only cost 998’ or ‘only one call away from taking it home’.

“Haha no…maybe it is a bad habit I picked up from talking to Treadmill a lot,” Zhang ShengLi started chuckling.

“Elder Liu, good to see you!”

A group of zealous male fans rushed over to greet Liu Gan.

“Elder Liu, I love you!”

A group of fangirls also surrounded Liu Gan. They want to have boyfriends just as masculine as Liu Gan.

This hopeless one sided love they had for Liu Gan was not reciprocated. Liu Gan only wanted Yin He, so he couldn't care less about them.


With Yin He’s assistance, Martial Thunder was able to create new sets of defensive armors and gear. This let Liu Gan swap out his old gear and get the new upgraded set. Even though the breastplate from the Carapace Shell Variant was good, it wasn't as large as the new breastplate created from Kingler’s shell. All the old armor trickled down from the top dogs, and a few lucky level 4 players got their hands on it.

The trip to the secret laboratory in Green Station Mountain raised the combat strength of Liu Gan, Yin He, and Zhang ShengLi immensely. The rewards were also plentiful. From Kingler’s shell fragments, a dozen armor and shield pieces were created. There were also the firearms looted from the soldiers, including a sniper rifle, a rocket launcher, and a dozen assault rifles with matching magazines. Under normal siege conditions, the prison would now be an impenetrable fortress, unless there was another tactic similar to how the former coastal camp members lured in zombies.

As late afternoon arrived, Liu Gan prepared for his next expedition and selected the crew. To prepare for all possibilities, proper equipment was gathered, even mountain climbing gear was prepped. The very next morning, the car crew departed to head for Green Pao Bay. Since the road to their destination was uncharted territory, it required obstacle clearing - zombies and cars alike.

The group of level 5 players realized that Zhang ShengLi was able to jump to level 6 from just one trip. Even if Zhang ShengLi was telling them how dangerous it was during the trip, they won't believe that out of nine players, only one would survive. They insisted on following Elder Liu on the expedition to Green Pao Bay.

As a result, Liu Gan chose Han GuangMing, Zhang Hua, Treadmill, Huang WeiTao, all four of them level 5. In addition, Martial Thunder, Zhao Meng, HuJun, Zhou JingJing, and two other well behaved new members were brought along, these players were all level 4 players. So along with Yin He and Liu Gan himself, this car crew consisted of twelve members. Split into two cars, they headed toward Green Pao Bay.

The level 4 players all took initiative to volunteer. They knew that if they didn’t take a risk now to follow Liu Gan and test their luck, then later on, if there were more level 5 players incorporated into the group, then they will lose their standing since everything was based on resourcefulness.

Out of all the volunteers, Liu Gan purposefully chose members he was more familiar with and had known the longest. This opportunity was given to them with priority.

Wang DeCheng was left behind to defend the stronghold. Zhang ShengLi was in a prison transport vehicle filled with ten people, and an otherwise-empty medium sized van following behind, heading towards the secret laboratory on Green Station Mountain. His duty was to find any useful materials and bring them back to the stronghold.

To get to Green Pao Bay, the vehicles had to venture pass through Green Station Mountain first. So at the very start of the trip, Zhang ShengLi’s two vehicles with Liu Gan’s car crew were together. Liu Gan’s car crew split off and continued on past the mountain villas.

The initial mountainous routes leading off from the peak of Green Station Mountain were winding. The road at the bottom of the mountain were previously cleared by Wang Chao’s men,  so the remaining half of the trip was rather smooth as long as they didn’t stray from the path.

From departing the mountain peak on the route down, Liu Gan ordered everyone to be on high alert. The road to Green Pao Bay from Green Station Mountain, there were at least two groups that they needed to be on guard for. One group was Wang Chao’s residual forces, whose base camp location they still had not learned. The second group was Raincoat’s residual forces.

Wang Chao’s camp didn’t have any firearms, so they wouldn’t be much of a threat. Raincoat’s camp was the main concern. When Raincoat ambushed them, the amount of ammunition each soldier had was evidence that there must be more in their camp. It was more than enough ammunition and firepower to cause harm to the car crew.

Even though the prison compound was far from Green Pao Bay, with the death of Raincoat and Yan Su, it was highly possible that their remaining forces sent out an investigative squad. If Liu Gan’s car crew ran into them, only he and Yin He would come out unharmed. Everyone else would end up dead or severely injured. The vehicle they were in could also be ruined if there was a shootout.

Later on the road to Green Pao Bay, the western part of the land was vast. There might be other secret forces to be concerned about at that point.

The winding road on the mountain was supposed to be cleared up, but soon there was a small-scale corpse tide. They had no idea where these zombies came from, but it was a reminder of the potential dangers lurking everywhere. Even amongst this corpse tide, there were two Black-Spot Variant Zombies.

Four of the level 5 members watched Liu Gan and Yin He fight. The corpse tide was quickly eliminated. As for the last kill on the two Black-Spot Variant Zombies, it was left for Martial Thunder and HuJun. This way they could rise to the ranks of level 5 players. Martial Thunder and HuJun thought that the task was as hard as reaching for the sky, but who knew it was such an easy task. To be power leveled, it was like drinking water.

With Liu Gan at level nine, facing off against these Black-Spot Variant Zombies, it was no different than facing off against the regular weak zombies. They all collapsed after a few strikes of his axe.

Player: Liu Gan

Lv: 9

Ability: [Mist Armor]; [Psychic Shock]; [Dagger]

Armored Warrior: Yin He

Lv: ???

Ability: [Laser]; [Armor]

Player: Zhang ShengLi

Lv: 6

Ability: [Whirlwind Slash]; [Mist Armor]

Player: Wang DeCheng

Lv: 5

Ability: [Forage]

Enhanced Survivor: Zhang Hua

Lv: ~5

Ability: Long-Distance Javelin

Player: Han GuangMing

Lv: 5

Ability: [Meteor Cannon]

Player: Huang WeiTao

Lv: 5

Ability: [Treatment]

Player: Treadmill

Lv: 5

Ability: [Interference]

Player: Martial Thunder

Lv: 5

Ability: [???]

Enhanced Survivor: HuJun

Lv: ~5

Ability: [???]

Enhanced Survivor: Zhou JingJing

Lv: ~4

Ability: [???]

Player: Zhao Meng

Lv: 4

Ability: Locksmith

[TL: Did you know that I changed Han GuangMing’s ability name?]

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