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Chapter 264 - Unable to Help

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The nurse looked back at the armored warrior only to discover that the armored warrior wasn’t paying attention, and had his back to them. As the nurse squeezed Zhang ShengLi’s arm muscles and then his chest, she blushed red with embarrassment. She also looked at various parts of his body.

Zhang ShengLi was crying on the bed… How would he be in the mood for this right now?

As a series of footsteps came from the hallway, the nurse quickened her pace. She picked up the syringe on the tray, and continued to inject it into the IV bag. Zhang ShengLi revealed another unwilling expression. He widened his eyes to signal the nurse. Hoping, that she would let him go.

The doctor held no pity in his eyes. Zhang ShengLi was hoping that the nurse had some sense of humanity left, so she won’t do something that was so inhumane.

Injecting medicine into a perfectly healthy human to turn them into a variant zombie. It was easy to guess that these armored warriors didn’t have good intentions. Could the catastrophe have been orchestrated by them?

The nurse shook her head as she glanced at the armored warrior by the window. Her expression showed that she couldn’t help even if she wanted to. Thus, she continued to inject the syringe into Zhang ShengLi’s IV bag.

Zhang ShengLi could only watch as the white milky medicine mixed into the fluid of the IV bag. Slowly, the liquid flowed into the infusion tube.

As the medicine flowed into the infusion tube, it started seeping into Zhang ShengLi’s body. Previously, before Wang Chao’s zombification, the white fluid acted as an aid in catalyzing the reaction. The black medicine that followed it was the most critical factor.

From Wang Chao’s expressions, it seemed that the white milky medicine caused severe pain the moment it entered the body. Enough pain to cause the veins to bulge out from the skin, and the eyeballs to bulge from their sockets. Zhang ShengLi didn’t want to experience that type of suffering.

Zhang ShengLi could only blink rapidly, and try to signal the nurse to stop and pull the infusion tube out of his body. Hopefully she could stop this inhumane act. After the nurse completed the first injection, she could only express her regret to Zhang ShengLi by continuously shaking her head. She continued to watch the white milky medicine seep down the tubing.

At this time, there was a loud noise coming from the outside the ward. The armored warrior by the window was alerted by the sudden noise… and moved out to the corridor to take a look around the corner.

At this moment, Liu Gan dressed in a doctor’s coat walked in through the same door that the armored warrior had left in. Liu Gan sat by Zhang ShengLi’s bedside. When the nurse looked at Liu Gan, she had a strange expression because she couldn’t recognize him. Right when she was about to open her mouth to ask who he was, Liu Gan grabbed her head and snapped her cervical vertebrae. The nurse fell to the floor, motionless.

As the white milky medicine reached the end of the infusion tube leading into Zhang ShengLi’s body, Liu Gan was able to quickly pull the tube out of Zhang ShengLi’s wrist.

Liu Gan was fortunately able to reach him in time. If he was even one second late, it would have been regrettable.  

Appearing in Liu Gan’s hand was a sharp [Dagger]. It was the same one he had learned how to store in the alloy watch. Liu Gan used the dagger to cut Zhang ShengLi loose from the leather restraints, and then lifted Zhang ShengLi off the bed.

Zhang ShengLi was still paralyzed from the drugs. He would be unable to stand by himself, let alone getting out of bed.

The armored warrior returned from the corridor, and walked back towards the ward. From his earpiece, Liu Gan heard Yin He’s warning about the incoming warrior. Quickly, Zhang ShengLi was pushed under Wang Chao’s bed. The nurse’s clothes were removed, and she was placed onto Zhang ShengLi’s bed. The leather restraints were attached to her body, and extra bedsheets were used to cover up her exposed body.

Shortly after Liu Gan had finished rearranging everything, the armored warrior returned back to the room. Liu Gan also quickly hid underneath Wang Chao’s bed, and held his breath.

As the armored warrior returned back to the ward to look around. He didn’t notice anything strange, so he returned to the original position by the window. However, he suddenly walked to Zhang ShengLi’s bedside as if he had just realized something wrong. There was something noticeably different from before that drew his attention.

The armored warrior tore off the bed sheet covering the nurse. When he discovered the situation he rushed out of the ward, and urgently spoke into the helmet communicator.

After a short while, the armored warrior returned back to the ward. It started to took a look around the room. Just as he was preparing to look underneath the bed, a voice from his helmet communicator replied to him. He stopped what he was doing, and then walked out of the room.

Yin He was stationed outside the building, and gave Liu Gan the signal that it was safe in the corridor. She was using her spiritual energy to sense presence of the enemy and then communicating the information to Liu Gan. This way, Liu Gan could safely bring Zhang ShengLi away.

“Let’s hurry up and get out of here.” Liu Gan said to Zhang ShengLi.

Zhang ShengLI was still underneath the bed, and weakly nodded.

Liu Gan stood up, and saw that Wang Chao had became a variant zombie. It was struggling to get out of the leather restraints, its bloodthirsty eyes targeting Liu Gan.

Liu Gan pulled out the dagger once again, and with the pointy end, inserted it into Wang Chao’s brain to end its misery. At the same time, a black orb leaked out from Wang Chao’s body, and into Liu Gan’s. Although, the black mist that leaked out wasn’t as much as a normal [Black Spot Variant Zombie]. That was because Wang Chao hadn’t completely transformed yet.

After Liu Gan helped give Wang Chao mercy, he walked to the doorway and peeked out. He gave the hand signal to move forward, but no one came.

Zhang ShengLi apologetically looked at Liu Gan. Even now, Zhang ShengLi was still paralyzed, so he couldn’t speak nor walk. There was only one way out of this situation, and it was if Liu Gan carried Zhang ShengLi on his back. Otherwise, the other option would be to abandon Zhang ShengLi.

Liu Gan understood that Zhang ShengLi couldn’t move, so he went back to grab him. He realized that Zhang ShengLi didn’t have any clothes on, so Liu Gan casually grabbed the clothes at the foot of the bed, and tied it around Zhang ShengLi’s waist. Afterwards, Liu Gan dragged Zhang ShengLi out the door.

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