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Chapter 265 - To Inform

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

The corridor didn’t have any guards patrolling, so Liu Gan continued dragging Zhang ShengLi forward. Yin He was hiding in the vicinity, as her duty was to survey the area and provide updates of the situation.

Liu Gan couldn’t drag Zhang ShengLi too fast, since it might create excessive noise which would alert the nearby armored warriors. At the upcoming corridor intersection were a sudden series of footsteps, so Liu Gan dropped Zhang ShengLi on the floor while he waited for the footsteps to get closer. According to Yin He, these steps belonged to one of the doctors.

As soon as the doctor turned the corner, Liu Gan strangled him with brute force. Liu Gan stashed the doctor’s body in a nearby empty ward under the bed. The doctor’s coat was taken off him, and given to Zhang ShengLi.

Wearing the doctor’s coat made Zhang ShengLi feel a lot better about his situation. Getting dragged around while naked by Liu Gan was a little too weird for a grown man like him.

When Liu Gan reached a nearby bend, he would cautiously peek out and survey the area before dragging Zhang ShengLi over.

“These armored warriors are stronger than I am. Their armor has high defensive capabilities. Not only that, but they are also running on quantum processors.” Yin He spoke through the earpiece.

“They are running on quantum processors? Do you mean they are like you, an android?” Liu Gan replied.

“No, they are different from me. They have a very simplified android design. Their bodies are made completely of metal alloy on the exterior. There are also different type of nanobots inside their metal veins to aid in metabolism. Their body doesn’t have any biochemical properties.” Yin He was able to hack into the laboratory system to retrieve information on the armored warriors.

“Where are they from? What is their purpose here?” Liu Gan asked Yin He.

“I don’t know that yet. There was no information like that in all the information I sifted through. In the server room I was able to gather another 30 electrical plasma nanobot storage sticks. These were used to supply the server room with electricity. Now they all belong to me!” Yin He happily explained.

“Wow, that’s good. Now you can have a good meal.” Liu Gan happily responded. He knew that Yin He had nearly been depleted of the electrical plasma needed to feed for her nanobots a few times already.

“You have an armored warrior walking towards you fast! Find a place to hide!” Yin He quickly warned Liu Gan, as she saw an armored warrior closing in.

Liu Gan dragged Zhang ShengLi into the closest unlocked ward. This ward didn’t have anyone guarding it, but on the bed was Qiao Feng. The last time Liu Gan saw Qiao Feng was when he got caught by the Kingler. So the question was, why was he still alive?

Qiao Feng’s luck was quite good. Kingler was playing around with his food, and Qiao Feng was tossed aside when the helicopter came by. Then, Qiao Feng was taken into custody by the armored warriors.

To get caught was a better fate than ending up in Kingler’s stomach. It was less painful and tragic...

“Save me…” Qiao Feng faintly whispered to Liu Gan. Qiao Feng’s paralysis medicine didn’t seem to have been too high a dosage, because he could at least still speak.

As the footsteps in the corridor got louder, Yin He warned Liu Gan through the earpiece that an armored warrior was about to enter his room!

Liu Gan made a hand sign to tell Qiao Feng to be quiet. Then, he dragged Zhang ShengLi under Qiao Feng’s bed. Both sides of the bed had bed sheets that fell to the floor, which made it a perfect hiding spot. Unless the person searching bended over to look underneath, there was no way Liu Gan could be seen.

Liu Gan and Zhang ShengLi were concealed underneath the bed when an armored warrior walked into the room. He walked over to Qiao Feng’s bed to take a look, and with a sharp blade in place of his fist, he readied himself to stab into Qiao Feng’s brain.

“No! Don’t kill me! I can give you important information! There are two people hiding underneath my bed! They are very strong! They are more valuable specimens than I am!” Qiao Feng shouted frantically at the armored warrior.

Zhang ShengLi arched his eyebrows. Who would’ve thought that this person had such cold heart, and would sell others out! It seemed like in order to survive, there was no kindness left in people’s hearts! Giving mercy to others would only cause trouble for themselves.

Even now, Liu Gan still wasn’t nervous. He only signaled Zhang ShengLi to not make a sound.

After hearing Qiao Feng’s screams, the armored warrior didn’t bend over to search underneath the bed. Instead, he proceeded to stab Qiao Feng in the head, and walked out the door.

“They can’t understand our language, therefore they can’t understand us. Even if Qiao Feng said more, it was futile.” Liu Gan slowly explained after he was sure that the armored warrior had completely left the area.

Yin He warned them not to exit so soon, so Liu Gan had some time to explain things to Zhang ShengLi.

“Why…? They… Are… So… Advanced…” Zhang ShengLi managed to speak a little. Finally, he could start speaking again. It seemed like the paralysis drug effects would wear off soon.

“It is for the very same reason that they are really advanced. They don’t have the need to understand our primitive language. It is the same reason why we don’t care what ants do, or how they communicate on a day-to-day basis.” Liu Gan reasoned to Zhang ShengLi. Liu Gan had gotten the full explanation earlier from Yin He, so he was not making up this information from thin air.

“That doctor… And… The… Nurse… Are... They… Human? They… Seem… To… Be… Like… Us… But… The… Language… Is… Different… From… Us… They… Are… More… Like… Them?” Zhang ShengLi found the strength to ask the question he was most curious about. From how the nurse had interacted with him earlier, he could tell that she still had some humanity left in her.

“The armored warriors are androids. However, they are completely automated under directives that govern their actions. The doctors and nurses were abducted from a different location. Their language is different from the armored warriors, and it belongs to a particular region of this world. We can’t understand them either.” Liu Gan replied to Zhang ShengLi.

“It is safe to leave now, the armored warriors are nowhere close.” Yin He spoke to Liu Gan.

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