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Chapter 263 - Transformation

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

"Regardless" - Kid Jone$

Zhang ShengLi woke up. However, he couldn’t pinpoint how long it had been since he had been knocked out . He only saw that some time after he was knocked out he had been stripped nude. He tried to move, but his limbs weren’t responsive. It was if he had been drugged to induce paralysis.

Aside from that, his limbs were also strapped down by unique leather restraints from beneath him. Even if he wasn’t drugged, it would be hard to get out of this bed.

Attached to his wrist was an infusion bag that was injecting him with fluid intravenously. There was no telling what this fluid was.

Zhang ShengLi determined he was located in a ward from the looks of his surroundings. On a nearby hospital bed was another person, which looked like Wang Chao. He was also stripped nude, and had a similar infusion bag injecting into his vein. However, Yan Su and Lu Fan were nowhere to be found.

A armored warrior was patrolling the ward. It seemed like he was the security guard for this area. Zhang ShengLi and Wang Chao weren’t able to move, so they could only use meaningful glances and mouthing words to exchange information. Although by using this method, any exchanged information was very limited in scope.

A male wearing a doctor’s coat walked over accompanied by a nurse. The nurse was holding a tray. On the tray was a syringe and injection bottle. Both of them walked to Wang Chao’s bed, and it looked as if they were preparing to inject him.

Wang Chao nervously opened his mouth, but no sounds came out. He really wanted to ask what drug the doctor was going to inject him with.

The doctor didn’t speak to Wang Chao. The nurse drew the milky white medicine into a syringe, and then quickly injected it into the intravenous bag. Wang Chao watched the milky white medicine mix with the intravenous bag before it trickled down the intravenous tube, and into his body. Wang Chao’s complexion changed drastically for the worst. He started hyperventilating and contorting his body in different shapes. Even the drug that was paralyzing his body no longer had any effect. Wang Chao started to produce strange sounds.

Wang Chao’s skin became more translucent. The red blood veins and arteries all revealed themselves under the translucent skin. At the same time, the eyeballs also turned blood red, and started bulging out from their sockets.

The doctor and nurse were unconcerned with Wang Chao’s violent reaction. In fact, the doctor spoke to the nurse in some kind of foreign language. After the doctor spoke the nurse took out a pen, and started jotting something down on her notepad.

After a while, the nurse injected another medicine into the intravenous bag. This time the medicine was black. Slowly the black substance started to drip into the intravenous tube, and into Wang Chao’s body. Wang Chao’s skin color regained its original color from transparency, but the skin revealed black spots.

Zhang ShengLi suddenly remembered the wandering [Black Spot Variant Zombies] in the field of flowers at the front of the building after looking at Wang Chao’s blank expression, and the black spots that appeared on his skin.

Could it be that the medicine that doctor and nurse gave Wang Chao caused him to undergo zombification into a [Black Spot Variant Zombie]?

When Wang Chao’s blank expression cleared, he looked at Zhang ShengLi with a plea for help. Zhang ShengLi could only respond with a helpless expression. Zhang ShengLi couldn’t even help himself out of the bed, so it would be impossible to help Wang Chao.

Zhang ShengLi was worried that he would be next to receive the injections.

Wang Chao’s expression became blank once again, and he started a low howling sound. Hearing the low howl, Zhang ShengLi’s heart gave up. It’s confirmed that Wang Chao had been turned into a zombie, and it was impossible to undo.

These people were undergoing human experiments. They even turned a live human into a variant zombie! A variant zombie!

Once again the doctor mumbled something in a different language to the nurse, and the doctor started applying pressure onto Zhang ShengLi’s body. The doctor was very satisfied with this specimen since it was so muscular.

Zhang ShengLi tried to open his mouth to say something that would dissuade them, but no sounds were produced. When the doctor saw that Zhang ShengLi was miserable, he laughed. More mumbling noises were heard, perhaps it was native to another country or planet.

The nurse with the tray carrying the two medicines walked closer. The nurse placed the tray next to Zhang ShengLi’s bed. Then she injected the milky white medicine into the intravenous bag. Slowly the milky white medicine leaked into the intravenous tube.

The doctor patted Zhang ShengLi’s muscle and then spoke to the nurse. From the look of it, with Zhang ShengLi’s tough body there would need to be a higher dose needed than what Wang Chao had. The nurse kept nodding, and drew the whole vial of milky white medicine into the syringe.

Zhang ShengLi’s guess was correct. There was definitely a higher dosage going into his body than Wang Chao’s body.

Wang Chao’s transformation was complete, and he was now a variant zombie, with multiple black spots on his skin. He kept producing low howling sounds. There was no difference between the [Black Spot Variant Zombies] in the flower plaza, and the new Wang Chao. There was still a little human color left in the skin.

As the nurse proceeded to inject Zhang ShengLi, another doctor near the doorway shouted into the ward. The Doctor instructed the nurse, and then left the room.

The nurse resumed her work preparing the syringe. She was about to mix it with Zhang ShengLi’s intravenous bag. Zhang ShengLi really wanted to yell at her to stop, but it was futile. There was only one thing he could do.

The nurse paused, she said something to Zhang ShengLi. Then she turned and looked at the armored warrior. The armored warrior was still patrolling near the window, as it looked away from the window, and had his back toward the beds.

The nurse placed the syringe back on the table, and then glanced at Zhang ShengLi again.

Zhang ShengLi blinked to her rapidly while he tried to mouth some words. Zhang ShengLi was doing his best to beg her, but given his situation it was practically impossible to communicate. It was even harder to express the meaning behind his intentions.

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