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Chapter 262 - Danger

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When he saw the Kingler’s appearance here, and connected it with the helicopter aircraft incidence from before, Liu Gan came to the realization that… that day he went to the coastal camp was the exact same day the helicopter should’ve gone to the seaside to catch it. That would explain why rocks collapsed from the peaks. The guided missiles that exploded that day were able to subdue and capture the Kingler.

When the helicopter aircraft flew back to the laboratory later that day, it was spotted by Wang Chao. This was how Wang Chao had discovered the secret location of the laboratory.

Seems like Elder Liu and the Kingler were destined to meet!

To finally be able to see the Kingler in person, and witness its strength, Liu Gan had completely lost hope. With his current ability, he judged he had no chance of winning against Kingler.

Kingler looked around in search of its next target, and then charged at the player. It could be that Kingler was very excited, but it didn’t focus solely on one target. The target it focused on would suddenly change. No one knew when it would change its mind and target someone new.

Under this type of situation everyone was merely running as fast as they could, and took constant detours. Ultimately, all routes led to the one exit in the large building with the window. Many of the escaping players chose not to turn back to look at Kingler for fear of being chosen by it if they looked. Who would want to be chosen as the next target?

From afar, there was the sound of rumbling. It was the exact same sound that was produced when they were at the coastal camp, and it was heading straight towards them!

“Don’t leave! Quickly, find a place to hide! I can feel a enormous threat coming this way from the sky. That threat is more dangerous than the crab…” Yin He grabbed Liu Gan to head in another direction.

Nothing was known about the identities of those onboard the aircraft, but if Yin He felt that strongly about their presence, then Liu Gan would respect her senses. Liu Gan followed behind Yin He as they both deviated in a different direction. Liu Gan looked around, but he wasn’t able to spot Zhang ShengLi anywhere. It seemed like Zhang ShengLi and Liu Gan had gotten separated.

With the impending threat of the Kingler behind them, and the unknown threat incoming, Liu Gan couldn’t worry about Zhang ShengLi. His own safety was in jeopardy, so he could only quickly find a place to hide first.

Kingler struck with its pincer once again. It was able to accurately suppress Qiao Feng, and picked him up off the ground. Clearly after eating Liu Zhi Gang, the Kingler had lost interest in just eating dim sum. When it lifted up Qiao Feng, there wasn’t an urgency to eat again. Instead, Kingler decided to play with its food, and lifted Qiao Feng to the front of its face.

Qiao Feng was scared out of his mind. As a last resort, he tried using his awoken ability. He attempted to [Tame] the Kingler, and perhaps give himself a chance to live.

It was too bad that Qiao Feng wasn’t able to maintain the ability for long. In the face of the Kingler, the [Tame] ability had no effect.

Taking the opportunity while the Kingler was distracted, Wang Chao, Yan Su and Lu Fan escaped toward the window entrance. They all passed through the field of flowers, and parked in front of the plaza a peculiar heavy-duty helicopter. It gave off the feeling that it was built using futuristic technology.

Zhang ShengLi had just realized that Lin Gan and Yin He weren’t with him. As he was deciding to backtrack through the warehouses to search for them, the Kingler closed in and blocked his path from behind.

Dozens of warriors equipped in thick armors and helmets got off of the helicopter aircraft. The armors and helmets were made from silver-looking alloy metal that gave off a cold glow. The warriors were immediately spurred into action, and surrounded Wang Chao’s faction.

“Are you part of the armed rescue team? Are you here to help us escape this game?” Lu Fan asked the armored warriors. This was the first time Lu Fan witnessed the helicopter aircraft and armored warriors.

“They aren't.” Wang Chao had a bad feeling. He knew that these warriors weren't a force that he should be messing around with. However, it was too late to retreat back into the building.

These armored warriors didn't answer Lu Fan. Amongst the warriors, one of them threw a flash bang at Wang Chao and the players. Unable to react fast enough, a flash of blue light burst out, and all of them felt a sharp pain to their cerebrum. It was enough to render them strengthless, and directly pass out. Wang Chao, Lu Fan and Yan Su all collapsed onto the floor.

When Zhang ShengLi saw what had happened from afar, he snuck away by hiding in a room connected to the lobby.

Three of the armored warriors picked up Wang Chao and the two players’ bodies. The rest of the armored warriors did a sweep of the premises. Two of the warriors were walking towards the room Zhang ShengLi was currently hiding in.

Zhang ShengLi was wondering how to escape this precarious situation. The room door opened, and a blue light burst also knocked Zhang ShengLi unconscious. It was an unavoidable surprise attack.

The parked helicopter aircraft lifted off and flew over the top of the building as the other warriors followed. Like a mouse witnessing a cat, the Kingler made a run for it as it turned around and ran back to where it had just come from.

The helicopter aircraft followed in pursuit. From the lower barrels, it shot out two guided missiles that functioned as penetrating light bombs. They landed a direct hit on the Kingler and exploded. On the ground, Kingler started spinning like a mounted gyro.  

[TL: Like a fidget spinner. ]

Black liquid started oozing out of the Kingler. Evidently, the penetrating light bomb was able to bypass the hard shell, and directly injure the internal organs. This resulted in a severe injury.

Kingler used its leg to halt the spinning, and flip back upright. Hissing at the helicopter, it continued to run away as fast as it could. Not letting the Kingler escape, the helicopter launched another two guided missiles with penetrating light bombs. Once again the Kingler was flipped over, and more black substances started oozing out.

After suffering another two penetrating light bombs, the Kingler wasn’t able to flip over anymore. It continued to release a whining sound. Kingler’s pincers and legs were retracted back towards its shell. Seems like these guided penetrating light bombs shouldn’t be taken lightly of.

The helicopter aircraft came to a hover about fifteen meters above the Kingler. Several of the the armored warriors rappelled out of the helicopter carrying shackles, and locked up the Kingler’s pincers and legs. The aircraft lifted off, and tugged the Kingler off the ground as cargo.

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