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 Chapter 261 - Earth Quaking

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

Going to aim for 1 a day!

What Huang Yi and Liu Zhi Gang never thought possible, was that after a few seconds, the giant crab really lifted up its pincers. It raised them two meters high, and then dropped them back down.

“No way!? That actually worked? [email protected]/* */! Now I can really walk sideways!” Liu Zhi Gang spoke with a excited tone.

“Maybe that was just a coincidence? Try again!” Huang Yi jealously retorted.

“Lift your pincers!” Liu Zhi Gang ordered.

This time after 10 seconds, the giant crab attempted to lift up its pincers higher than the previous time. It raised them to the height of Liu Zhi Gang, and it opened up the pincers to grab Liu Zhi Gang off of its head.

“Hey! I am your owner! You are hurting me! Put me down!” Liu Zhi Gang banged on the pincers as hard as he could.

Huang Yi immediately knew something was wrong, and quickly retreated toward the ‘Cold Storage Room’ entrance.

“Let go of me!” Liu Zhi Gang continued to command it, but this time the giant crab added strength until the pincers were touching.

Liu Zhi Gang was being held by the abdominal region, and when the pincers connected, Liu Zhi Gang was snapped in two.

“AH!!!!!!!!!! “

Liu Zhi Gang could only scream out in unbearable pain as the lower half of his body sunk lower.

The giant crab placed Liu Zhi Gang in front of him while he was still alive. Working with both pincers, the giant crab skillfully took off the clothes dyed with blood, and then picked up Liu Zhi Gang’s lower half and threw it into its mouth.

“HELP ME!” Liu Zhi Gang screamed at Huang Yi as his intestines continued to fall out.

Huang Yi was scared out of his mind as he tried to hurriedly open up the door to the cold room. Huang Yi kept pushing the steel cabinet, but for some odd reason it wouldn’t budge. Turning around to look at the giant crab, he saw Liu Zhi Gang’s lower half get eaten. Then it ate Liu Zhi Gang’s top half, while Liu Zhi Gang was still screaming at the top of his lungs.

The giant crab tried to lift itself off the ground, but then it noticed Huang Yi standing by the cold room doorway.

Huang Yi peed in his pants. There was no courage left in him as both of his legs gave out.

The giant crab tried its hardest to get up, as if it was preparing to charge at Huang Yi, but it couldn’t get up since the floor was so slippery. Perhaps it was due to drugs that the crab wasn’t able to regain full motor function, or maybe it was due to the ice fragments around the body. The slipperiness of the floor made it impossible to get up.

After waiting for a short while, the giant crab attempted to brace itself up again. This time, it was able to stand up sturdily. It wasn't walking sideways…!One leg in front of another, it closed the distance to Huang Yi.

“Is there anyone inside?” Wang Chao walked back to the steel cabinet and knocked on the outside. Clearly, he heard the noise coming from within.

“You can push aside the steel cabinet! It is moveable! Quickly! Save me!” Huang Yi started crying from within.

Wang Chao was with Yan Su, so they both worked hard to push the steel cabinet aside. Through the crack, they were able to see Huang Yi on the other side of the Cold Room. Then, behind Huang Yi, they saw it. They understood that something was wrong, and quickly pulled Huang Yi out through the crack.

The giant crab ran into the Cold Room wall, and created a few new holes in the process. From the collision, it caused rocks to fly outward and the entire building shook.

“Where’s Zhi Gang?” Wang Chao asked Huang Yi, while walking side by side.

“He… He got eaten! RUN!” Huang Yi had found his strength, and Wang Chao didn’t ask for specifics. He heard more than enough, so with Yan Su, they all ran together toward the exit.

“What happened over there?” Liu Gan asked them as he rushed over to see Wang Chao carrying Huang Yi.

No one from Wang Chao’s faction replied. Others that rushed over seemed to have understood that something dangerous had happened...

A giant crab, but more accurately it was a type of crab variant. It broke through the remaining ceiling of the Cold Room. It landed on the rooftop of a certain building. The heavy weight of the crab ripped through the building support beams, and caused the building to collapse almost immediately.

With one vertical leap, the building had collapsed and the dust cloud provided cover. The whole radius within a dozen meters of the collapsed site started shaking. Wang Chao’s faction wasn't able to stand up. Huang Yi was scared back onto his butt from the tremors.

Witnessing the scene from afar, this wasn't the simple crab that you previously knew of. The only resemblance was probably the shape. Otherwise, it was just an extremely ugly and sinister-looking creature. Not only could it walk straight, it could also jump. In the real world, no one has ever seen a crab leap, or even leap that high.

This giant crab had woken up from its slumber, and Liu Zhi Gang offered himself up as dim sum tribute. That snack rejuvenated some energy that had long since depleted from the giant crab. After breaking free from the cage, the giant crab’s yell echoed in the surroundings. However, the toxic fumes that came out from the mouth was more than enough to cause some player to become disoriented.

Wang Chao and Liu Gan immediately threw hand grenades into the mouth of the giant crab. This giant crab definitely had intelligence. Perhaps this was the same one from the coastal camp. It blocked the hand grenades since it was injured by them before. When it saw two hand grenades being chucked the giant crab used the pincers to knock away the grenades. Afterwards, it lept over to the area where the grenades were thrown.

[TL: Giant Crab will be Kingler! Now that we know it is the same one.]

Both the hand grenades landed on the nearby floor and exploded without hurting the Kingler at all.

The danger perception of the players were spot on, and they immediately moved away when they saw the Kingler leap through the air. The player that had the slowest reaction, Huang Yi, was still sitting on the floor. When the Kingler landed, it was tall like a mountain that blocked off Huang Yi’s field of vision.

It was as if the earth was quaking, mountains were moving. When all of the other escaping players turned to look around, the Kingler had lifted up its leg and locked onto its target. Huang Yi, still unable to react, was squashed between the shell and the hard ground. Huang Yi became something similar to paper, so thin.

[ED: Wait… I thought its legs were like skewers… what happened to human shish-kebab?]

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