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Chapter 260 - Walking Sideways

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“What you did seems to be having an effect! The ice cube is starting to crack already!” Huang Yi said while examining the cube closely with expression of nervousness and excitement.

Luckily for them, the cold storage room was quite spacious, so even when the ice cube shattered into fragments there was still an area of several meters for them to move around. At least, they wouldn't die from being crushed by miniature icebergs.

Liu Zhi Gang kept pressing the yellow button rapidly. The liquid noise it produced stopped after a short while. When Liu Zhi Gang released the button and pressed the button down again, the sound of liquid circulating resumed. Liu Zhi Gang was still unsure of what the purpose of the liquid was, but he knew that the liquid could speed up the melting process.

As they were waiting for the ice to melt, the vents stopped blowing out hot air, and the round covers were closed again. Huang Yi walked over to investigate, soon he understood that the ice cube was positioned at the center of a network of heated metal lattices that drew in air from the outside. Huang Yi was able to see the metal lattices within the round covers.

These metal lattices were capable of emitting heat, and had melted a good portion of the large ice cube into water.

“Could it be possible that this place is an enlarged refrigerator?” Huang Yi was shocked.

At this moment, the floor started trembling, and the gigantic ice cube had its four corners melt into smaller pieces when heated by the metal sheets contacting the floor. The water was drained into the ground, once again revealing that the ice cube stood dead center in the room.

Muffled by a dozen meters inside the ice cube, it was hard to hear the noise emanating from within. From the outside, it merely looked as if a large rock had been frozen to ice.

“What exactly is inside?” Huang Yi stared at the ice cube in shock.

“That... I can't tell yet.” Liu Zhi Gang looked over at the ice cube. He was still busy in the corner pressing the yellow button and focusing on the monitor. Soon, the ripple shifted gradually every ten seconds.

Huang Yi had his hand wiping on the ice cube to see what is within the ice cube. Suddenly, the ice cube cracked apart, and large amount of fragments fell from above. Huang Yi reacted immediately to avoid getting crushed.

A large black-colored object appeared before them. It didn't look any different from a rock. With the icicles and ice chunks still attached to it, it held a close resemblance to a certain thing.

“Hey… do you feel like it… looks like a large crab?” Huang Yi walked back over to Liu Zhi Gang.

“Yeah, seems like it.” Liu Zhi Gang replied. Now that the ice was broken, he finally stopped pressing the yellow button.

“How do you think… this thing… will help us in any way?” Huang Yi asked Liu Zhi Gang.

“No idea. Perhaps… inside the shell has something useful like treasure for us?” Liu Zhi Gang shook his head. He reached out his hand to touch the claw, and with his axe he hacked down a few times.

“Let's just report back to Leader Chao, I don't think we can handle something this big.” Huang Yi said to Liu Zhi Gang.

“What happens if it is a gigantic crab robot? Look at how dense the shell is. Even my axe can't put a dent in it. If we could find the remote control for it, we can train it to be our pet. With such a legendary pet by our side even if we can't level up ourselves, we can still walk sideways as we please.” Liu Zhi Gang explained.

“But a crab is supposed to walk sideways?” Huang Yi mumbled.

“I meant to say that with it, we could do that too.” Liu Zhi Gang said as he walked around the body of the crab. Occasionally he would bang on the shell to find a control station, but nothing of the sort could be found.

Liu Zhi Gang wasn't satisfied at all, so he climbed onto the back of the shell to take a look, but the carapace was very slippery with ice shavings. Even the attempt to climb onto the back of the shell was a failure, so Liu Zhi Gang climbed into the claw as leverage, and decided to grab hold of the crevice between the mouth for stability.

The eye of the crab slowly flickered. It was able to fuzzily see Liu Zhi Gang in front of him. Liu Zhi Gang held onto the side of the shell. When he finally got onto the back of the carapace, he looked around and sat down in between the eyes of the crab.

“I am your master, do you know?” Liu Zhi Gang got closer to the eyes of the crab and touched the eyeballs.

The eyeballs of the crab were the size of basketballs. Surrounding it were extremely dense crystals similar in density to diamonds. From the looks of it, the crab didn't have any weaknesses. Even the fire axe wouldn't be able to split the eyeball apart.

“The first thing you see when you wake up is your owner, me! I am your master!” Liu Zhi Gang emphasized to the crab.

The crab’s eye twitched. It seemed to have a negative reaction to what Liu Zhi Gang had just spoke.

“Hey! Don't you feel that this is too strange? I don't think you have the ability to keep this as a pet. It might even kill us when the ice melts. If this is a variant zombie or stronger, then we can kill it and skip a few levels!” Huang Yi shouted up to Liu Zhi Gang.

“Kill it?” Get experience? That isn't possible… how would you kill it? The whole shell is a whole new level of dense.” Liu Zhi Gang shook his head.

“We can place grenades within the mouth, flammable things too!  Brother Chao seems to have brought along a bag of homemade explosives with him. We should go to him to see if we can get some of it. I doubt that taking it in as a pet with your method of yelling at it would really work.” Huang Yi suggested.

“You want to call the boss here now? What good will that be for us?” Liu Gang Ming shook his head again.

“You can claim it as your achievement! With Brother Chao making a mental note so that future variant zombies will be reserved for us to kill!” Huang Yi tried thinking up an answer.

“You don’t know that I can’t tame it. Don’t be in such a rush to call Brother Chao. Let me try again. If that doesn’t work, then we can go with your plan.” Liu Zhi Gang was unwilling to get up.

“It seems to be able to move. Try to order it to lift its’ pinchers. See if it would listen to you.” Huang Yi said to Liu Zhi Gang, while walking to the furthest corner. With a large crab like this, any sudden movement in such a confined space felt dangerous.

“Lift up your pincers!” Liu Zhi Gang ordered the crab!

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