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Chapter 253 - Black Spots

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

As it turned out, they were able to find out the reasoning behind Wang Chao’s warning very quickly.

The moment Wang Chao opened up a certain door within the first floor lobby, a large picture frame appeared inside. Behind the picture frame was a large window hidden away.

Wang Chao opened the window and then jumped in.

All of the others followed behind. Those who hadn't been here before, just stood in place and stared.

In front of them was a large flat ground. The flat ground extended at least a dozen or more meters until it reached a fence . The fence stood equally as tall, around ten meters high. This was the location of the secret laboratory. Without a doubt, it was located here within these tall surrounding fences.

The most crucial factor was… before entering the building, they had all seen that behind the villa was what looked like a precipice. Why did it suddenly change? Some people turned to look at the way they had come from, and it was also a high wall. This wasn't what they were expecting at all.

“You find it all strange right? I was exactly like you when I came here the first time. If I had to guess, this laboratory is charged full of energy. It must use some sort of high tech installation to beam out a illusion to the surroundings. To any outsiders, it would appear as a precipice. It would also feel like a cliff, so they wouldn’t be able to find the existence of the laboratory.” Wang Chao explained to the unexpecting people.

“How did you even find this location?” Zhang ShengLi asked.

“That night I was on the mountain hunting, and I saw the helicopter aircraft land near here. The next morning when we came here again we only found a cliff. I could immediately tell that something was off. I traced the helicopter’s trajectory all the way to this villa. After I arrived I searched the villa meticulously to find the entryway to the secret passage.” Wang Chao spoke after thinking for a bit.

“The helicopter is out right now, and the laboratory still operational. Aren't we in a dangerous position in their laboratory?” Zhang ShengLi feigned ignorance.

“Yes, the laboratory is still operational, but it requires a lot of energy to maintain the illusion.” Wang Chao answered as much as he could.

Wang Chao’s answer matched the info that Mr. Sheng had given Yin He earlier. It is possible that the entire facility runs on electricity, so it is able to store large amount of electricity.

Wang Chao walked them up to the high fence that had a large gate. The lock on the gate was disarmed and removed from their earlier entry attempt, so they only needed to push it open.

“So here is the situation inside that I needed to explain to you so we won't die unnecessarily.” Wang Chao didn't immediately enter the large gate.

“Okay continue.” Zhang ShengLi nodded.

“Once we enter, we will encounter a field of flowers. It is a large spacious field in this plaza. There are around a dozen zombies wandering around. They look like normal zombies, but please don't underestimate them. Each one of these zombies has the strength of a variant zombie, and maybe a little more.” Wang Chao explained to everyone.

“A dozen variant zombies?” Zhang ShengLi was shocked at the exciting news. If he was able to kill three Variant Zombies, he would rise to level 6, so this was a good opportunity for him.

“The dozen variant zombies aren't the scariest part. If we’re patient and spend a little more time to go deeper into the house, there is a mysterious guard. If I had to guess, he has power equivalent to that of a level 7 player. We will need to work together to handle him.” Wang Chao got straight to the point.

The last time Wang Chao was here he had lost a member from trying to kill the black-spotted zombie, thinking it was just a regular zombie. Then he wasted nearly half an hour trying to kill that one black-spotted zombie. To avoid killing more of these variant zombies, they waited patiently for two hours to let the zombies move out of the way and then charge directly into the building.

They encountered the mysterious guard once they reached the inside of the building. This was where Wang Chao lost his remaining team member and made his escape.

“Let us handle the variant zombies inside. There’s no need to spend two hours waiting. It is better to rush in and kill them all.” Zhang ShengLi replied.

“That works too. We can split into two groups. You three in a group, and us remaining members in the other group. We can work a lot faster to kill the variant zombies this way.” Wang Chao immediately made a suggestion. With six team members and the healer on his side, he had the clear advantage.

Liu Gan and Zhang ShengLi accepted the suggestion with no objections. Now that the location to the secret laboratory had been revealed, Liu Gan could come back at any time without Wang Chao and his crew.

Since Wang Chao didn't hear any objections he discussed the battle strategy with his team, and then pushed open the doorway. Both groups walked in to go for the kill.

The inside was as Wang Chao had described. There was a large field of flowers in the plaza, and about a dozen black-spotted variant zombies wandering around. The plaza was overgrown with grass and shrubs; it seemed like it's been awhile since someone had taken care of the plants.

Right above the overgrowth of plants, the shadow of the zombie’s body was visible. Judging the physical looks of it from afar, there didn't seem to be much of a difference between this variant and the regular zombies. However, Liu Gan had improved eyesight, so he could see the minute differences.

The muscles on these zombie bodies were more defined, as if they had gone through intense physical training. The most distinctive characteristic was the black spots on their skin. Another aspect was that their eyes were not the typical blood-red color, but completely black instead. There was no white left of the sclera.

Without a doubt this was a different type of variant zombie. As for their strength, it would only  become clear after fighting them. With so many players with Wang Chao, they should be able to challenge it. Hopefully, it wouldn't be that strong. At best, it should just be a little stronger than a level 5 player.

Seeing that Wang Chao headed into battle with his group, Liu Gan didn't hesitate to charge in another direction towards a wandering zombie.

Wang Chao and his six other team members spread into a formation with Wang Chao responsible for luring the zombie’s attention. All of the other team members surrounded it in order to attack it while its attention was diverted.

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