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Chapter 252 - Villa District

TL: xDh20, LifeisAJourney

Teams: [Skill]

Liu Gan: [Mist Armor] [Psychic Shock]

Yin He: [Sleeve Blade]

Zhang ShengLi: [Whirlwind Slash]

Yan Su: [Treatment Aura]

Wang Chao: [Decode]

Lu Fan: [Beserk]

Qiao Feng: [Tame]

Huang Yi: [Mark]

Liu Zhi Gang: [Blaze]

“My name is Yan, as in Yan Su. I was a hospital director. Right now I’m level 6. My awoken ability is [Treatment Aura], any injured within a few meters of me will be healed.”

“Level 6! [Treatment Aura]!” Wang Chao’s crew were all shocked as they looked at Yan Su. Even Liu Gan couldn’t believe his ears, and snuck a few glances at Yan Su.

“Brother are you alone? Do you have any interest in joining a camp?” Wang Chao suddenly got really friendly towards Yan Su.

“I joined a camp before, but the members there all perished, so as of right now I don't have any plans of joining any new camps. However, if we work well together, I don't have any complaints with joining your group. Even if we don't work well together, we can at least finish this mission together.” Yan Su replied.

“That is absolutely okay! We will warmly welcome you if you choose us!” Wang Chao quickly answered back. In Wang Chao’s camp, there wasn’t a doctor, so there was an urgency in his voice to recruit one as fast as possible.

To reach that goal, Wang Chao would have to give more benefits to this doctor player, and maybe there would be a chance to annex him over to their side after this trip to the laboratory.

Zhang ShengLi was disturbed by the new information, but under Liu Gan’s glare, he didn’t say or do anything. Liu Gan felt it strange that a doctor could be level 6 as a solo player. Something wasn’t right. Not only that, but he was able to receive the broadcast, and still made it here in time to meet up. Liu Gan deeply felt that there was a high chance of an ambush waiting nearby, with an even higher chance of it being Yan Su’s teammates. If there were an ambush waiting, then they would wait until all the goods were taken out from the laboratory first, and then strike.

Even though it was just a guess, Liu Gan wasn’t worried at all. At the most, he would just keep it in the back of his mind.

Wang Chao might have also noticed this point? Maybe they were acting shocked and friendly in order to lower Yan Su’s guard. If Wang Chao wasn’t acting, then they must be an isolated bunch. They haven’t had the chance to encounter the more sinister people yet.

“So what about you big brothers and sisters? What ability do you have?” Wang Chao looked at Zhang ShengLi.

“I am level 6, my name is Zhang. Zhang ShengLi. My awoken ability is [Rising Dragon Fist]! Ever played Street Fighter? Shoryuken! Invincible Rising Dragon Fist! Whoever comes, dies!” Zhang ShengLi started spewing nonsense. As long as he made this lie believable, it didn’t matter how big the concocted tale was. There’s always Elder Liu to help make it believable. So if he didn’t make his ability sound impressive, it would be a waste.

“What an aggressive name to match an aggressive ability! Brother Zhang you must be an elite.” Wang Chao quickly praised.

“That’s too polite of you!” said Zhang ShengLi proudly.

“What about your other fellow?” Wang Chao turned his attention to look at Liu Gan.

Liu Gan didn’t say anything, he merely walked over to a nearby thick tree. He squatted down in horse stance, and then struck the tree. The tree made a horrific snapping sound from within, and as the place where Liu Gan struck was the location of the strongest force, it directly snapped off and fell onto the floor of the village plaza.

Everyone was shocked with their jaws to the ground.

Everyone had already witnessed the female standing by Liu Gan’s side. They knew how hard her fists were, they were enough to send Lu Fan flying and left him unable to get up. As for whose fists were stronger, it would seem that the female’s fists were.

Even if their body was level 5, it wouldn’t be more durable than a tree. If they were struck by Liu Gan’s fist, there would only be pain and misery.

Of the three from Zhang ShengLi’s group, the strongest should probably be the leader. Since the two lackeys were so strong, the leader’s [Rising Dragon Fist] must be a bug! It must be as powerful as it was said to be! Wang Chao and his crew were really starting to regret sending out the broadcast. Instead of getting cannon fodder, they attracted several elites!

“My surname is Liu. Ability is [Steel Fist].” Liu Gan spoke simply to Wang Chao’s crew.

By creating a lie about [Steel Fist], Liu Gan was able to demonstrate his so-called ability, and show a display of good faith. This way he could keep his other two abilities - [Mist Armor] and [Psychic Shock] a secret. Upon entering the secret laboratory, those would be his two secret cards. He wouldn’t easily display them until a very crucial moment occurred.

“Brother Liu, your [Steel Fist] is very powerful! You three are definitely elites!” Wang Chao was embarrassed, and couldn’t find other words to spit out.

“Her surname is He; she doesn’t like to talk much. Her ability is… [Rush]. Everybody witnessed it, so I don’t think there needs to be much of an explanation right?” Liu Gan spoke up for Yin He.

“No need, no need. With your three powerful displays, we have witnessed all we need. Now that the self-introduction is over, let’s cut the bull and head out to the laboratory!” Wang Chao forcibly smiled.

It was already too late for regrets, as now Wang Chao had to lead the three elites to the laboratory. There was a growing fear that Wang Chao and his group might become the cannon fodder themselves, or their part of the goods might get taken away. The only option left was to suck it up and once inside the laboratory, enact any changes according to the situation at hand. They would also have to see if there would be a chance to save the good stuff for themselves.

The location of the secret laboratory was nearby. There was still a distance of walking required, so the group would have to descend from the peak and follow Wang Chao for around 10 minutes to arrive.

This whole place was for mountain villas, as everything was built lavishly. This region must have belonged to the very wealthy elites. Liu Gan and Yin He had actually come here before. They even walked around the whole villa complex once, but couldn’t find anything extraordinary so they left.

The secret location of the laboratory was so well hidden that without proper guidance, it was impossible to find. There was simply no way of knowing what to look for or where.

When everyone arrived at the border of the villa district which was surrounded by an iron fence, each person had to climb over the iron fence. After walking around several villas, taking multiple turns and killing regular zombies along the way for 10 minutes, they stopped facing the most inner villa of the district.

Behind this villa, was the end of the district. There was a several hundred meter high precipice blocking off the view. This entire villa was built in consideration of the precipice.

“After we enter please don’t make too much noise.” Wang Chao gave everyone a warning. He then proceeded to push open the villa doorway to enter, and everyone else piled into the villa after him.

Liu Gan looked around at the surroundings. This villa had a huge first floor lobby, and on the floor of the lobby were bodies of dead zombies. Seems like it was true that Wang Chao had come here before. Other than the bodies, there was nothing else scary or disturbing. Soon, they would find out that they were too quick to their judgement.

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