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Chapter 254 - Distance

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

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This type of variant zombie had a higher risk factor associated with it, and it was definitely more dangerous than the [Giant Colossal Variant Zombie]. Since the muscles were more compact and defined for the [Black-Spotted Variant Zombie], it was harder to hack away its defense. It also had the speed to match its tough defense. The claws on both hands were enhanced, which made it a tough obstacle.

The moment the shield-wielding player that was responsible for drawing in aggro of the zombie lost aggro, then the zombie would strike any surrounding teammates at a moment's notice. With its enhanced claws, even a simple scratch would shred a player's muscles easily. Even if the player didn't die from the attack, they would still become infected.

At that kind of moment, having a doctor was very crucial. When the virus was only on the surface level of the skin, then using [Treatment] would be able to cure the infected areas. Once, the virus moved deeper into the muscles and blood stream, then even the strongest [Treatment] wouldn't be able to save them.

Yan Su’s [Treatment] had been enhanced, but that was all he is good for. Yan Su wasn't an offensive type player. Wang Chao’s fighting tempo could match up with the variant zombie. As for the remaining players, they were the most vulnerable. The moment the variant zombie changed target to any player other than Wang Chao, they would be in a life-threatening situation, and the team’s fighting tempo would be slowed greatly.

Wang Chao and his team of six players finally managed to kill a variant zombie after 10 minutes of intense fighting. To express their gratitude, and as an attempt to curry favor from Yan Su, the first kill was given to him. The following kills would be rotated for his own men.

“How is Zhang ShengLi’s team doing?” After their first variant zombie was killed Wang Chao asked his team. They were thinking that with only three players, they wouldn't be able to match their speed in killing the variant zombie.

“They’ve already killed three variant zombies.” Yan Su replied. Since Yan Su was a healer, his duty wasn't on the front line, but in the back line. Even though he was level 6, he was a support character, so he would occasionally monitor their surroundings and use his ability to heal players.

“They’ve already killed three?” Wang Chao was shocked. They spent ten minutes to handle only one variant zombie. Who would've thought that three players would be able to handle three variants in the same amount of time!

The difference in power must be huge!

“They are too strong. You have called for some troublesome helpers.” Yan Su whispered from behind Wang Chao.

“That is… indeed quite troublesome! Doctor Su, we might need to work together as six to fight against those three. But if things turn out like that… Doctor Su, you will…” Wang Chao was trying to test for Yan Su’s allegiance.

“I will definitely support you guys.” Yan Su replied to Wang Chao quickly, but there seemed to be something unsettling behind his words.

“Ah… I don't really want to scheme against them. It is just that they are this strong. I'm afraid that if we don't band together, we won't be able to get anything from the laboratory. We discovered the laboratory, but they might just take everything for themselves.” Wang Chao explained.

“That is understandable.” Yan Su smiled. Behind every smile was a hidden dagger. Yan Su felt that the group he was with was quite stupid. After discovering the secret laboratory, they broadcasted knowledge of it out in order to hire help. They could've just as easily leveled up first, and then come back at a later time to investigate the laboratory.

Wang Chao had let his power get to his head. Wang Chao felt like he was at the top of the world ever since he reached level 6 and gained level 5 subordinates. It was only when he had seen Liu Gan’s group that he finally understood that he was just the frog at the bottom of the well. It was too late to regret it now.

“Let's hurry, they are about to kill their fourth one!” Another team member awoke Wang Chao from his daydream.

“Let's hurry! Otherwise they might kill all the variant zombies!” Wang Chao hurriedly spoke as he charged into their second variant zombie.


Liu Gan and his group were able to handle this type of variant zombie very easily. The main reason was that Yin He and Liu Gan both had reaction speeds that surpassed the variant zombie.

As Liu Gan took on the variant zombie’s aggro, his [Steel Fist] surpassed its enhanced claws. Yin He’s [Sleeve Blade] was even stronger, as she chopped the variant into pieces. Soon the zombie could only lie helplessly on the floor.

With Zhang ShengLi’s current level, speed and strength, he couldn’t catch up and resist this kind of variant zombie. Liu Gan didn’t let Zhang ShengLi participate in any of the battles. For the last hits, they were given to Zhang ShengLi so that he could power level to level 6. After reaching level 6, Zhang ShengLi could finally keep pace with the variant zombie. The three of them were able to increase their killing tempo even higher.

Zhang ShengLi wanted to be of use to Liu Gan for this trip, but it turned out that he owed Liu Gan even more. The chance to increase from level 5 to level 6! While he was excited, he was also very grateful of Liu Gan. Without Liu Gan, he wouldn’t have been able to survive up to this point, so without Liu Gan there wouldn’t be Zhang ShengLi.

“Elder Liu, your generosity will never be forgotten. I don’t think I can ever repay you in this lifetime. My life belongs to you, Elder Liu. I will remain loyal until the day I die!” Zhang ShengLi said to Liu Gan.

“Oh that’s too courteous of you. We are brothers!” Liu Gan warmly replied.

“Elder Liu, I seem to have gained another ability. It is called [Mist Armor]...” Zhang ShengLi replied to Liu Gan, after looking at his alloy watch.

“Wait what? [Mist Armor]?” Liu Gan said to Zhang ShengLi. Then, Liu Gan remembered his fight with the wind-breaker player. It seemed like every player that reached level 6 would awaken a primitive [Mist Armor] as defense!

It was hard to tell why his own [Mist Armor] was so thick in comparison. Liu Gan remembered that when his axe hacked into the wind-breaker’s player [Mist Armor] it shattered in one attack. The next attack, he was able to kill the wind-breaker player.

“Ah, but I still don’t know what to make of it. Perhaps, it is a minimal defense for everyone?” Zhang ShengLi replied with uncertainty.

“It does have to do with defense. We can find out later when we return to base.” Liu Gan nodded.

After Zhang ShengLi reached level 6, the remaining five variant zombies kills were taken by Liu Gan. Along with the previous three variant zombies that he had killed on patrol with Yin He, he has killed 8 variant zombies ever since reaching level 6. From his estimation, it seemed like he only needs to kill 7 to 10 more variant zombies to reach level 7.

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