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Chapter 251 - Self Introduction

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

Enjoy! I hated these next two chapters because of the names and such.

No one knew how to comfort Lu Fan, especially when he had chosen to challenge a female and ended up losing from a single punch. What a disappointment. The loss of face was just too much. Just standing next to him made them look bad by association.

“As a man, shouldn’t our wager count?” Zhang ShengLi didn’t have any intention of letting Lu Fan go.

Wang Chao glanced at Lu Fan, but didn’t say anything else. In all honesty, they were at fault, so because they lost the wager they needed to keep their word. If they don’t keep their word, then what would others think of their reputation.

Lu Fan’s face was cherry red as he wondered if he should just get on his knees and apologize. When Lu Fan finally did, he assumed a simple apologetic pose and quickly returned to hide behind his teammates.

“Let’s just stop this bull! Everyone introduce your name, level and abilities, and any specialty you may have. That way it will help us cooperate better. I will start; my name is Wang Chao. In the real world, I was a computer engineer, so I specialize in handling data.”

“If we find a door in the laboratory that is electronically locked, or any computer that you can’t access, then I can handle that problem for you…” Wang Chao expressing his sincerity by self-introducing first. Whether it was true or not was still a myth, but at least he started the trend.

“I am currently level 6. Right after hitting level 5, I learned an ability. The name of my ability is [Decode]. Every once in awhile I can activate my ability to forcibly decode a password. My ability makes me the perfect person for breaking into locked doorways in the laboratory.” Wang Chao added. Next up was another youngster from Wang Chao’s side.

“I am Qiao Feng, my name means gust of wind. I’m a bio researcher in the real world… Hey! Don’t look at me like that! Okay fine, I’ll admit it, I’m not really a bio researcher... I’m just a laboratory research technician…” Qiao Feng admitted. He wanted to lie, but was caught immediately as all others started laughing. It seems like these people have known each other for a while now, as they were rather familiar with each other. They’ve reached the point of being toxic to one another.

“When I hit level 5, the ability I awoke was called [Tame]. I can tame almost any animal, including zombies. However, my ability has a chance of failing. Yesterday, I spent a whole day training a female zombie. Haha… I trained her to take off her clothes. The only sad part is that after taking it off, there’s not much beauty left. Do you want me to have her perform for you… So what do you say? Want to look? If you do I can have her come over. Although, I must warn you, her skin…” Qiao Feng continued.

“Okay let’s get back on track.” Wang Chao cut off Qiao Feng. If Qiao Feng were to continue, things would’ve gotten Rated R.

“Okay, so my tamed zombie can’t go beyond 50 meters from me. I can train her to walk around and investigate. Oh, we also share vision, so that helps a lot. Right now, this ability isn’t that great, but I suspect that after a few more levels I might be able to completely control one whole zombie, or even a Variant Zombie. So my ability has endless potential. Can you imagine that just one day…”

“Okay! Next!” Wang Chao interrupted Qiao Feng once again. Qiao Feng would’ve continued for at least another half an hour without breathing in between. Confucius had a saying: When three people were together, there would always be one spewing useless information, and there was so much useless information in this world.

Based on Lu Fan’s childish behavior, and Qiao Feng’s self introduction, Liu Gan could tell these people weren't the scheming type. In addition, their leader Wang Chao treated his subordinates fairly well. It was an equal rights relationship.

Even so, they were cautious, calculating people. The original plan was to call for extra mercenaries to act as cannon fodder, but the unfavorable turn of events changed it all. In order to lower the mercenaries’ guards, they were self revealing their so-called abilities, while keeping their true abilities a secret.

This wasn't a concern to Liu Gan because even in the face of a stronger forces, these kinds of calculating schemes were useless.

“I am called Huang Yi, and my awakened ability is [Mark]. I can set a specific mark on my target’s body. No matter where the target goes, as long as it is still within a kilometer of me, I will be able to feel its presence. I can maintain the ability for five minutes.

“This is a very good tracking ability, and it is most useful for hunting in forests. Especially for assassinations, as I will know where they are.” Said Huang Yi.

“I am Lu Fan. My ability is… [Beserk]. I can temporarily increase my body’s strength and agility, although I haven't gotten use to it.” Lu Fan gave a simplistic instruction and then walked back to his original spot. His ego had suffered a huge blow, and he was at an emotional low.

“I am Liu Zhi Gang. The moment I hit level 5 I got the ability [Blaze]. In my palm I can make a small fireball.” The last team member from Wang Chao’s side spoke up. This was the first person they met, and the last to introduce himself, the short skinny player.

“Damn! Something so cool? Like a magician you can summon fireballs to attack the zombies?” Zhang ShengLi splurted out. He was very interested in this ability.

“Sorry, I can only produce a small ball of fire on my hand. I can’t use it to attack anything. Until now, I’ve only been able to use it to ignite wood to create fire for cooking. I still have yet to find out the use of this ability…” Liu Zhi Gang sighed as he replied to Zhang ShengLi, while all others were laughing hysterically.

“Your turn, what do we call you? What’s your ability?” Wang Chao turned to the person closest to Liu Zhi Gang.

Before Liu Gan and his group came up to the village plaza, another middle age male player was talking to Liu Zhi Gang. So to Liu Gan’s group, it seemed as if the pair were together.

It was also possible that they are acting, but Liu Gan didn’t care as long as someone led him to the laboratory. All other matters could be resolved later.

Teams: [Skill]

Liu Gan: [Mist Armor] [Psychic Shock]

Yin He: [Sleeve Blade]

Zhang ShengLi: [Whirlwind Slash]

Unknown person

Wang Chao: [Decode]

Lu Fan: [Beserk]

Qiao Feng: [Tame]

Huang Yi: [Mark]

Liu Zhi Gang: [Blaze]

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