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Chapter 250 - One Punch

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

Think Saitama

"Till It Burns Out" - Hotel Garuda 

“No problem, but what happens if you lose?” Zhang ShengLi smirked with a sly look at Lu Fan.

“WHAT! Me losing? Do you think you are that capable?” Lu Fan replied as if he was insulted.

“If you lose, then you can get on your knees and apologize! Then cut the bull, and take us to the laboratory!” Zhang ShengLi negotiating.

“No problem! You did say that we can choose from any amongst you three right? I am not going to choose you! I'm going to choose her!” Lu Fan pointing at Yin He.

Wang Chao’s other lackeys started laughing loudly. They knew of Lu Fan’s rude and petulant personality. For him to suddenly change his mind was common with him. Of course, Zhang ShengLi had suggested it first. Lu Fan was the type to do whatever it takes, no matter how dirty his methods are. To win the bet, he would take every advantage he can.

From Lu Fan’s point of view, Zhang ShengLi was muscularly built, and very arrogant. It was highly possible that Zhang ShengLi was level 6 like their leader, Wang Chao. If he chose Zhang ShengLi, then he might as well be knocking on death’s door. So in a moment of quick thinking, he chose the weakest link, which gave Lu Fan a huge ego boost.

“Such a big man, you would rather challenge a small girl; have you no shame?” Zhang ShengLi was very disappointed that he wasn't chosen. Zhang ShengLi was so excited that he would be able to fight, but the sudden turn of events made him feel rejected.

“As a leader, your word counts right? You said it yourself that I can choose from amongst you three. Why are you regretting now? ARE YOU ASHAMED? It’s my turn to ask if you are a man… of your words?” Lu Fan countered back with insults.

“Okay, if you feel comfortable facing off with a female then go ahead and spar with her!” Zhang ShengLi was completely disappointed. It was his own fault for saying that they could choose from amongst the three players, so it was too late to regret it now.

Lu Fan was full of confidence. He had mistaken Zhang ShengLi’s unwillingness to let Yin He participate as a sign that she was weaker. Lu Fan felt as if he had won the battle already. With Yin He’s beautiful face and the body of a goddess, Lu Fan wanted to take the chance to cop-a-feel. In the midst of their battle, he would harass her at her most vulnerable spots just to spite Zhang ShengLi.

“Me?” Yin He asked Liu Gan, when all eyes were on her.

Wang Chao’s people laughed loudly once again when they heard Yin He’s response. They thought Yin He was afraid of participating with such response, it was practically predetermined they would win. They were thinking how stupid the leader was to agree on fighting solo with any opponent. The moment the female loses, the leader would have to get on his knees to apologize. There was no way to redeem face ever again if that happened.

“Control your strength, don't kill them. At the most just beat him down.” Liu Gan whispered the instructions. Liu Gan didn't come here for the purpose of creating trouble and killing people. He came here with his eyes set on the secret laboratory. It was best if all other matters were avoided if he wanted to seriously find the exact location.

“Okay.” Yin He replied, and walked forward to meet Lu Fan.

Naturally the bystanders backed up, so there would be more space available for the battle ground.

“B1tcha$$ Fan, do you really have the nerve to take the first shot against a female?” Said one of Wang Chao’s followers. Even though it was going to be an easy win, some of the followers felt ashamed that Lu Fan was going to bully the female.

Aside from the cheat that Lu Fan had as an ability, the physical attributes of a male would overwhelm a female. This was preset by god. So for Lu Fan to publically declare a fight against a female, this Lu Fan must be the worst.

“Beautiful girl, how about I let you attack first.” Lu Fan smiled, with hand motion for her to come.

“I attack first? Okay.” Yin He rushed up with a fist at Lu Fan. If her [Sleeve Blade] was out, Lu Fan would've been beheaded by now, but as per Liu Gan’s order she only used a punch.

Lu Fan panicked when he realized how quickly Yin He had disappeared from his sight in a flash. As Lu Fan prepared himself to dodge the attack, he didn't expect Yin He to change her direction the moment he shifted his body.

Not only did the angle of attack change, but the power didn't weaken!

‘Boom!’ The sound of Lu Fan’s chest getting struck rung out. Lu Fan’s heart skipped a beat, and his body was sent flying backward. Lu Fan landed several meters away. Since Lu Fan’s heart skipped a beat, the lack of blood flow made it impossible for Lu Fan to muster up the strength to get up.

Yin He glanced at Lu Fan on the floor. Feeling that she had accomplished her mission, she walked back to Liu Gan’s side.

Wang Chao and his lackeys were all still cracking up in laughter right up to the point where Lu Fan was sent flying backwards. Now, they were shocked and speechless...

They were prepared to watch b1tch Lu Fan take his time harassing the beautiful lady, but he got beat down so fast that there was no chance. Never did they think that the female would defeat Lu Fan in one punch. The punch that would resolve all their conflicts was over in a few seconds.

Lu Fan didn't even have enough time to react and activate his ability.

Since Lu Fan was the strongest amongst the level 5 players, they had never expected him to lose. At least not so embarrassingly, by a female, and by one punch!

Now the embarrassed group of people from Wang Chao’s side were all avoiding eye contact with Zhang ShengLi. They were alternating looking between the fallen Lu Fan and Yin He.

“That is our strength. Do you still need to check us?” Zhang ShengLi asked arrogantly as he walked in front of Wang Chao to ask the question.

“You didn't have to, it was just b1tchy Fan doing unnecessary things. As you can see, we call him b1tchy because that's how he is. He doesn't use his head. I apologize to everyone if we have offended you!” Wang Chao lowered his pride as he apologized to Zhang ShengLi.

If Zhang ShengLi’s female lackey is this strong, then the leader must be better by several times? What a big mess this had become. Originally, they were only looking for cannon fodder, but now it seemed as if they had invited some strong players! If they were to head into the laboratory now, Zhang ShengLi’s team might take all the good stuff.

It was easier to invite them than to send these three strong players away. The only option was to lead them to the laboratory. The other option would be to reject them, and risk an unwinnable fight breaking out.

Lu Fan finally pushed himself off the floor. Immediately, he held the region where the punch landed, and then he looked at Yin He. Quietly, Lu Fan scurried over to Wang Chao’s side. Exceedingly embarrassed, Lu Fan no longer had any face to look at Zhang ShengLi.

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