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Chapter 249 - Lackey

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

"Till It Burns Out" - Hotel Garuda

“If I may ask, are the three of you players level 5 or above?” The shorter and skinnier person walked up to ask the three oncoming strangers.

“If we weren't, we would've wasted our time walking here.” Zhang ShengLi replied unapologetically. As of right now, Zhang ShengLi was fully immersed in his role of being the boss. Liu Gan and Yin He were his lackeys.

“Can you show me your alloy watch to confirm?” The short, skinny player asked.

“No need to look, we can just have a spar to see if I am level 5 or not.” Zhang ShengLi refused, as he didn't want to reveal the secret trump card - his ability.

“This is relatable, we are doing this to confirm the safety of everyone. If you aren't willing to show us your alloy watch, then I'm afraid that we can't have you participate in this oncoming operation.” The short, skinny player replied. Even though it sounded polite, but every word had a deeper meaning.

“That's easy to resolve, if we don't participate then you two, and the ten others nearby can all die today!” Zhang ShengLi aggressively declared. This tactic was something he picked up from following Liu Gan for so long.

The short, skinny player finally quietened down. He was at a loss on what to do, so he looked around for help in defusing the situation.

“Ohhh this brother here is quite fierce! But I like it! Hahahaha…” The leader of the broadcasting group spoke up. The leader was very muscular, and he walked out from a building in the village plaza, following behind him were the other players.

The moment the buff leader walked out, the short, skinny player walked over to greet him respectfully. Seems like the guy in charge finally appeared.

“We heard your request for help on the broadcast. We rushed over early this morning to help, but now this youngster wants to kick us off the mountain already. Do you think it is funny to play around with our time?” Zhang ShengLi angrily glared at the opposition.

“He really doesn't know how to articulate his thoughts well. Please forgive him! I will apologize in his stead! To confirm the level of everyone is for the safety of the whole team. If the level isn't high, then not only will they slow the team down, but they will also drag the team to doom. So please understand that point.” The buff leader explained. Even though the leader looked like a musclehead, it seemed his brain was just as developed. There was no better way to have worded it, and nothing could be nitpicked from his statement.

The buff leader was called Wang Chao. The several nights prior, Wang Chao was with his two other companions hunting for variant zombies very late into the night on the mountain top. As they were setting up camp to shelter from the elements, from afar they saw a flying device that produced engine sounds and bright flashing lights. Reacting to it, Wang Chao and his companions hid amongst the bushes. What they saw blew their minds. They saw a futuristic model of a heavy-duty aircraft, it mostly resembled a helicopter. Hanging below the futuristic helicopter was a gigantic monster, and it was flying in between mountain valleys.

The landing site was not too far away from Wang Chao’s temporary camp site. So Wang Chao and his companion quietly snuck over. They were able to confirm that the helicopter was near a certain mountain villa. Within the villa, a strange sound was produced.

The helicopter stayed at the location for half an hour before it left the mountain villa. Right before liftoff there was a momentary pause, and Wang Chao was able to see the passengers onboard. They were all wearing some kind of metal alloy body armor, the type worn by Warriors of the Future. Each warrior was equipped with a heavy caliber weapon. Wang Chao and his companions froze in place, until the helicopter disappeared from view. Then, they walked backward into their temporary shed to rest.

The heavy-duty aircraft had no special logos or markings. However, Wang Chao speculated that the Warriors of the Future were San Xing Corporation workers. In that case, then the landing site was the entrance to San Xing Corporation’s secret laboratory.

The very morning after, Wang Chao decide to venture into the mountain villa. At the location where the helicopter landed, nearby was the entrance to the secret laboratory. Wang Chao had set his heart on heading inside to investigate, but he came up upon a strange person guarding the door. There was a clear difference in their strength which that led to the death of his two level 4 companions, while he barely managed to escape.

Judging by the difference in strength between him and the door guard, Wang Chao guessed that at least eight to ten level 5 players would be needed to kill it. Wang Chao had five level 5 players from his side of the base, so they need a few more mercenaries before trying to break in.

These mercenaries definitely wouldn't be as knowledgeable on the surroundings than himself. At the first sign of real danger, the mercenaries would become cannon fodder. Of course the cannon fodder had to put up a fight for it to be appropriate, otherwise Wang Chao was risking his own and his teammates lives.

“This is very simple then. You are all level 5 right? Just pick a person on your side and choose one of us to spar with! If you win, we won't say anything and leave immediately. If you lose, then shut up and start the operation already!” Zhang ShengLi was losing patience.

The last time Zhang ShengLi did a spar, it was against DuSheng. Even though they were both the same level, technically Zhang ShengLi lost. It was only because of Liu Gan's assistance that DuSheng had died. From that day forward, Zhang ShengLi had been constantly looking for people to spar with within the prison compound. Although Zhang ShengLi hadn't gained any levels, but he developed his fighting technique instead. The best way to show off what he had learned, was to fight with his fists. Especially now that the stage was set with Liu Gan watching; it was his time to shine!

“Bull! Who do you think you are? How dare you act so brazen! Do you not know how to measure the difference between heaven and earth! Brother Chao, let me spar with him!” A youngster standing behind Wang Chao spoke up.

“Yeah! He talks a big game, but does he have the skill to back it up? What level does he think he is? Does he really think he is unbeatable?” Several of the others were starting to feel angry.

These strangers were stepping on their territory, so there was no need to take such insults to the face. Especially when Big Brother Wang was already so polite to the three strangers. With so many insults, there was no further need of speaking politely.

“Well, we were looking to find people to group with. We can't be using our fists to do the talking every time we meet someone new! It destroys the group harmony!” Wang Chao faked his good intentions, while inciting the group some more.

“The way I see it, you are all afraid. A bunch of cowards! If that's the case, then quit jabbering and lead us to the secret laboratory!” Zhang ShengLi continued being arrogant. If he still couldn’t fight after that, he wouldn’t be able to swallow his pride.

“Who are you calling a coward! If you want to spar! I'll spar with you! I'm not afraid of you!” The youngster from earlier shouted, as he rushed forward.

This youngster’s name was Lu Fan. His awoken ability was [Beserk]. By using this ability, it could temporarily raise his own attributes for half a level. This skill gave him an advantage that would overwhelm similar level players. As one of Wang Chao’s follower, he was one of the strongest level 5 players, while Wang Chao was level 6.

“Let’s cut the crap! Bring it on!” Zhang ShengLi declared while stretching out his muscles with his fire axe in hand.

“Just remember, if you lose, then you will get on your knees and apologize for your rudeness! Then you will let us investigate your alloy watches!” Lu Fan calling out his terms to Zhang ShengLi.

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