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Chapter 248 - Main Mountain Peak

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

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“Elder Liu, we received a signal. It is broadcasting right now. Brother Zhang said you will be happy after hearing this message.” Martial Thunder spoke once he saw Liu Gan run in.

“Oh really? Let me hear it.” Liu Gan excitedly followed Martial Thunder into the communications room. Zhang ShengLi was already waiting in the communications room for them.

Martial Thunder played the looped broadcast. It was a male player’s voice in a loop saying the same message. Seems like it was a preset message that was designated to be released to public every so often.

Originally, Liu Gan didn’t have high expectation for this to bring any shocking information. He was just there to casually listen to it. That all changed the moment he heard the content of the broadcast.

“We are on Green Station Mountain and have discovered San Xing Corporation’s secret laboratory. Right now, I am calling for all level 5 players to gather up and join our expedition group. We are going to attempt to investigate the laboratory.”

“Once you receive this message, please head to the northern region of NinJing City, the Green Station Mountain’s Main Mountain Peak. At the very top of this peak, there is a hilltop village and we will meet there. Tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., we will have someone waiting for your arrival. If you aren’t level 5, please don’t come and waste our time.”

“If you receive this broadcast, we are looking for 8 to 10 players at level 5 for the expedition group to head out to the laboratory.”

Since this was just a broadcast loop, it wasn't possible to have a conversation with the person on the other end. Most importantly, Liu Gan didn't want to expose his own location. If Liu Gan wants to find out more, he would have to go tomorrow at noon to the agreed upon location.

“Elder Liu, could this be a trap?” Zhang ShengLi cautiously asked. Since Liu Gan had been searching through the mountain regions of Green Station Mountain for many days without reward, this broadcast came at a coincidental moment.

No one knew what Liu Gan was searching for at Green Station Mountain, so they couldn't have planned some sort of trap. The broadcast transmission was captured accidentally since the prison compound was on a lowland area without much interference from surrounding mountains plus the absence of buildings.

“If it is a trap, I am not worried. I am just curious as to how they found the secret laboratory. Then, it begs the question, why would they release such message to the public?” Liu Gan shook his head. As of right now, Liu Gan and Yin He’s physical capabilities could handle more than a dozen level 5 players, so any amount of players under that value is trivial. If the opposition wanted to ambush them, they would die for it.

“Yeah I agree! To have released this kind of message, they must have a strong player amongst their ranks. NinJing city must have a lot of strong players hidden away in the shadows. They really aren't afraid of others killing them and keeping all the loot after the job is done.” Zhang ShengLi shook his head.

“It probably isn't something so straightforward. My instincts tell me that the laboratory is too hard for them to handle, so they have to rely on others. Another thing is that they probably need level 5 players as cannon fodder.” Liu Gan revealing his thoughts on the situation.

“Elder Liu, if you have decided to go. This time be sure to bring me along. I've been so bored here in the prison compound. Aren't they missing around three people? That could be you, Vice Captain He, and me!” Said Zhang ShengLi.

“If you leave too, what will happen at the prison base?” Liu Gan hesitating. Liu Gan doesn't really want to bring Zhang ShengLi.

“There's DeCheng! He is very capable of handling the base camp. With him here, nothing will happen to the prison compound.” Zhang ShengLi promised.

“This trip could be dangerous, and we might be ambushed. Do you still wish to come along?” Liu Gan asked once more.

“You have trained me for a long time, this is the moment to put that training to use. If there's a trap, I will be the first to rush towards it. We need to do our duty as foot soldiers.” Zhang ShengLi answered truthfully. Zhang ShengLi owed too many debts to Liu Gan, and if this was the time to repay it, then it will be his time to shine. If there was danger, then there was a chance to prove himself.

“Okay, then come along. Let DeCheng know of the situation. When we arrive at the main peak, you will act like the team leader, me and little He will be your lackeys.” Liu Gan dishing out orders.

“Thank you Elder Liu!” Zhang ShengLi happily chanted.


After arranging tasks for the players at camp, the next morning the three of them left bright and early at 7 a.m. after eating breakfast. They drove in a SUV that the other players had found. The route from prison compound to the reserve warehouse was completely cleared of debris. These days Liu Gan had been to Green Station Mountain so many times that he was quite familiar with the surrounding mountains, and the location of the main mountain.

Technically, Yin He and Liu Gan had been to the hilltop village before.

Prior to the catastrophe, Green Station Mountain was quite developed. The hilltop village more or less resembled a city. The surface area was vast. The roads leading into and out of the location was paved. There were many villas which had magnificent decorations. It was the type of place that only the wealthiest families could afford.

The route up the main mountain had slight blockage, but it was not a problem for Liu Gan and Yin He working together. In fact, they were more efficient than a bunch of team members moving the obstacles. By 9 a.m., they had arrived at the foot of the main mountain.

The group of people that released the broadcast had chosen this main mountain as the meeting place from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Aside from level 5 and above players, there was no way to reach the peak before the allotted time was up. It was definitely impossible for level 4 players to make it within the time frame.

The main mountain peak was an iconic location. Prior to the catastrophe, NinJing Residents would take the opportunity to visit the mountain for vacations. The routes up the mountain were all paved with stone steps. There were some stone steps that collapsed due to shifts in the mountain landscape. To an expert mountain climber like Liu Gan with mountain climbing gear equipped, it wasn't a huge problem. As long as they paid close attention to where they stepped, then it would be safe.

Eventually, around 10:30 a.m. the three of them managed to reach the peak of the main mountain, and they wandered into the village. This village was a tourist trap, as it was built on the gimmick of previous century’s architectural style.

Liu Gan, Yin He and Zhang ShengLi walked to the village center. They looked around the plaza and saw two shapes that resembled humans. The two of them were chatting until they saw Liu Gan’s group. One in front of another, the pair walked to greet the three.

Even though the broadcast was only sent out the day before, five minutes before Liu Gan’s group arrived, another player had arrived. This player was asking questions and details from the broadcaster’s group.

[TL: If I wasn't clear enough, there are three parties here. One from Broadcaster’s group. One solo player. Then there's Liu Gan's group. ]

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