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Chapter 241 - Textbook

TL: Lonering

TLC: xDh20

“No, we have never heard any crying before. We patrolled everywhere during the day, and hadn’t seen anyone else in the fishing village. Unless someone had wandered over here and hid during the day and avoided detection from us. With the current thunderstorm, they’re probably scared being by themselves and ended up crying,” the chubby Liu Hao also suggested.

“What does the Kingler sound like? Can we assume that this weeping sound was used to deceive us into coming out?” Liu Gan asked everyone after a moment of silence.

“It couldn’t be, right? This thing produces such an unpleasant sound, a kind of hiss somewhat similar to the sound of loud bellowing… To imitate this kind of crying, it would have to be a female crab,” Treadmill replied after thinking about it.

“Female crab! Cut your bullsh!t!” Both Liu Hao and Yuan HongJun, who were sitting on the bed, kicked Treadmill.

“All of you stay here for now and don’t go anywhere, I will go and have a look at what’s going on,” Liu Gan told them, then called for Yin He to go outside. They traced the source of the faint crying sound and moved stealthily towards its direction in the fishing village.

“Liu Gan’s courage is truly great! He’s not afraid of anything,” Treadmill looked at Liu Gan’s fading back and admired it.

“Liu Gan has never truly been afraid of anything. When you have followed him for longer then you will slowly learn. He isn’t human. He is omnipotent, a demigod. Also, all the decisions he had ever made have never been bad. So following him is your fortune.” Zhang Hua aptly helped to brainwash the several team members. As for if it had any effect, only time could tell. Besides, Zhang Hua had also been brainwashed completely by Zhang ShengLi beforehand.

It was raining heavily outside, with the occasional thunder and lightning. The rainwater poured down the jagged rocks at the top of the cliff and flowed downward towards the sea. The fishing village was much more lower than the one on top of the cliff. Moreover, there were no large trees or the like in the village, so the chances of being hit by thunder and lightning were low.

The crying sound seemed to come from the direction of the village center. From Treadmill and the others’ description of the village, there should be an ancestral hall there. It was a place where the people of the fishing village would offer sacrifices to their ancestors. During the day Liu Gan had passed by the ancestral hall’s door, but didn’t enter it.

After getting closer to the sound, Liu Gan could finally hear it clearly. The crying sounds really did come from within the ancestral hall. The crying sounds were off and on, and they seemed to be similar to that of a teenage girl.

But a girl who appeared in the middle of the night, in the ancestral hall during a thunderstorm, would not be good news. It was still undetermined if a variation zombie could transform their shape to bait perverted predators. Seeing the girl crying would cause your heart to go soft and lower your guard, and then you would be bitten to death.

Fortunately, Liu Gan had always been cold-blooded and ruthless at all times. He was never the type to be a knight in shining armor, therefore this trick had basically no effect against him.

The ancestral hall had two doors, one in the front and the other at the back. Liu Gan signalled to Yin He that he would go through the front door, and for her to go around to the back door. If something happened inside, whoever was in front of the zombie would distract it, while the one behind the zombie would take care of it.

Liu Gan took out a flashlight and after kicking open the ancestral hall’s main entrance, he shone the flashlight inside. The light shone on a young girl squatting in a corner of the ancestral hall. She had school bag on her back and appeared to look like a middle school student. When she saw Liu Gan charging in, she started to shriek at once, and only stopped when Yin He had dashed in and struck the back of her head.

“A human; a weak and ordinary person.” Yin He dragged the young girl over and threw her in front of Liu Gan. She had merely caused the young girl to lose consciousness, and hadn’t injured her.

Pushing the young girl onto her side and looking at her clothing, her alloy watch and opening her schoolbag, Liu Gan quickly understood. This young girl was definitely a player who had just recently been pulled in by the game, otherwise it would have been difficult to explain why she suddenly showed up in the fishing village’s ancestral hall.

According to Jiang JinYuan’s information, the people in the real world could still be pulled into [The Trembling World] through various means. This young girl would have been one of those victims. Although Liu Gan was incapable of operating her alloy watch, he got the general impression that the textbooks in her schoolbag were teaching materials from the real world.

Since she didn’t pose any threat, Liu Gan decided to carry the young girl back to the room they were in before. Once she regained consciousness, after being treated by the player who was a therapist, they could start the interrogation about the situation in the real world. The game had probably already started more than half a month ago? Any new information on the real world was crucial. Since she came from there, Liu Gan definitely wished to seize the opportunity, and understand the situation back in the real world.

When the pair had just left the ancestral hall and prepared to return to the group, Yin He seemed to detect something and dashed into the rain. After a burst of fighting sounds and screaming, she walked to Liu Gan’s side with two males in tow, returning to under the ancestral hall’s ledge.

“These are also weak and ordinary people,” Yin He again informed Liu Gan. Of the two males, one was old while the other was young. They weren’t unconscious, but merely beaten down by Yin He, so their bodies were sore and didn’t dare to resist.

“Were you recently sent over here from the real world?” Liu Gan asked the pair of males, placing the girl atop his shoulder on the ground against the wall.

“Yes, you wouldn’t happened to have also been sent over as well? Don’t hit us, we don’t wish to fight. We just want to have a nice chat,” the juvenile promptly replied to Liu Gan, evidently afraid of Yin He.

The older of the two wasn’t considered to be too old. He was roughly a forty-year-old middle-aged man, with a long beard. The juvenile was eighteen or nineteen, and his appearance matched that of a university student.

“You don’t need to be afraid, I will not harm you. If you don’t run away then I will let her release you,” Liu Gan asked the pair, then examined their alloy watches, confirming that the two of them were players that were sent over.

“Ok, we won’t run away. We had originally heard the sound of crying, and came over to see what was going on.” The university student nodded his head at once.

The forty year old with a large beard also nodded his head.

“Release them,” Liu Gan indicated to Yin He, who consequently released them.

“Boss, what is this place? [The Trembling World] game? I had definitely ‘declined’ yet, I was still sent in?” The university student dejectedly asked Liu Gan.

“We also have some companions over there, we’ll go there to talk.” Liu Gan didn’t wish to talk in the vicinity of the ancestral hall, and pointed towards the location of his team members.

“We will listen to you Boss.” The university student obediently nodded, and the bearded man didn’t show any signs of objection. As a result, Liu Gan carried the young girl and led the way, braving the rain and returned to the building his team members were in.

The bearded man and university student, although they were somewhat scared and worried, didn’t run away under Yin He’s watch. Furthermore, just when they were sent in, they came across a thunderstorm. It was pitch dark and they also didn’t know which direction to flee in, so they could only obediently follow Liu Gan and walk towards the building where his team members were located in.

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