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Chapter 242 - Idiot

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

"Made It Work" - Genius

“Elder Liu, where did you find these people?” Treadmill asked. The Liu-Yin duo left with two people, and returned with five people. It was really quite shocking, as this area was completely isolated from the rest of the world.

“These people are ones that have been recently transferred in,” Liu Gan explained to the rest of his group. Then he called over the only player who was a therapist, to see if there was any [Treatment] to wake up the young girl.

“You mean... like newbies?” Asked a few shocked members. It had been so long after the first group of people transferred in, and nothing strange like this occurred when they were living at the coastal camp.

“Hello big brothers.” The university student initiated the conversation, as he greeted everyone in the room.

“Oh you recently transferred? Fresh meat must be really tender, definitely good to eat~ I like it,” replied Treadmill with a lecherous look. A look he had learned from zombies that were ready to take a chunk of meat off.

“Ah…” the scared university student fell back onto his bum.

“You crazy person! Quit scaring the newbie!” Liu Hao kicked Treadmill on the bum.

[TL: did you know there is a Liu Hao in TKA anime?]

“Quit kicking me! If you keep doing that, I'll really deep fry you for Mr. Kingler!” Treadmill punched Liu Hao several times in retaliation.

“You just came in? So you must know how the real world has been like these past few days?” Yuan HongJun came over to ask the important question. He had a pitiful look in his eyes. Seems like the sacrificial dim sum won't be them anymore, but these noobs who aren't capable of getting away.

Yuan HongJun’s question was the main concern others had too, so the moment he asked, everyone was silent, waiting for the reply. Everyone looked at the university student and bearded man.

“Oh it is really heated in the real world! The national soccer team had two 0 to 0 ties against the Hong Kong team, Ivory Coast team wasn’t able to proceed past knockout stages; Russia’s military base was bombed by the Turkish military. In retaliation, Russian military blew up a Turkish fleet. From the looks of it, it seems like it is hard for the super powers to control the situation. Evidently, it seems to suggest that World War 3 is drawing closer…” said the university student. He seems to be a soccer enthusiast, but also pays attention to international politics.

“No, we didn't ask you about that. [The Trembling World] caused so many people to disappear. Didn't the Government pressure San Xing Corporation for responsibility?” Yuan HongJun interrupted the university student.

“They didn't pursue the matter! All they did was arrest San Xing Corporation’s executives, but rumor has it that they were all released from custody into the Government’s research facility. There's another rumor online that says it is possible extraterrestrials were responsible for this. They extracted humans from earth to undergo experiment…” the bearded man chimed in.

Seems like the real world still has no idea how to handle the matter relating to The Trembling World. They could only speculate and spread rumors online.

“What nonsense! This is all San Xing Corporation’s fault! We were screwed over by them!” Liu Hao disagreed with the bearded man’s view.

“What caused you to transfer in?” Treadmill asked the bearded man and university student.

“I was self-studying at night when a old friend called me. Right as I was leaving the classroom to answer the phone, a small window popped up and asked if I wanted to enter The Trembling World. There was only a button that says ‘Yes’. I heard about the stories of disappearing, so I didn't press the confirm button. Angrily I yelled ‘only an idiot would want to enter!’ Then moments later… I was transferred in! Damn! I'm not an idiot. Why did it transfer me in?” The university student spoke angrily.

“You are the idiot!” Treadmill said with a mischievous expression, as he took joy in other people’s misfortune.

“You? How did you enter?” Liu Gan asked the bearded man.

“My daughter disappeared the day server opened. I've been waiting for the government to rescue her. Half a month of waiting for news from the government, but nothing like that appeared. Thus, I went to the black market for the registered electronics and entered myself.” The bearded man said with sadness.

“Is she your daughter?” Treadmill pointed at the young female who just woken up.

“No, I heard her cry so I went over to take a look. Then we were rounded up and brought here.” The bearded man replied while shaking his head.

“You stupid? If that was his daughter they would've acknowledged each other earlier! Why would they wait for you to ask? So stupid, like a pig!” Liu Hao insulted Treadmill.

“Even if I'm stupid, I'm still smarter than you fatty!” Treadmill retaliated.

“You people are a hilarious bunch. I was scared at first because I thought you all were bad people!” The university student said to Treadmill and Liu Hao.

“You think we are good people? Then you are wrong. I love to eat meat. Human meat. Especially fresh meat like you… I like that the most!” Treadmill started his scare tactics.

The young female woke up from getting treated, and she was emotionally shaken. She was a middle school girl that didn't want to return home where she lost a heated argument. So after school, she didn't have the courage to face the situation and decided to go to an Internet cafe instead. Right as she was watching Korean drama, a pop up appeared blocking the subtitles. She didn't take notice of the pop up and clicked it, resulting in her transfer to the fishing village’s ancestral hall.

The outside was pouring rain with lightning and thunder. The ancestral hall had spiritual tablets that scared the life out of her as she found a corner to cry in. That crying drew in the attention of the nearby players.

Since she wasn't aware of the contents in the pop up, she wasn’t able to figure out what had happened. She thought she had been kidnapped. However, during the time she was listening to the dialogue exchange, she realized that she was transferred into the so-called game [The Trembling World]. Now she is imprisoned within it?

The young girl imagined how flustered her parents would look, and that made her smile for the revenge play. That expression didn't last for long as it changed a horrified look. She remembered hearing warnings from her teacher and classmates to be careful not enter the game. It was said that once you entered, there were no reportings of anyone returning alive.

There was no way to confirm whether they had died either, so it was as if they just evaporated into thin air. Evidently, it had been confirmed by nearby witnesses that those who disappeared had done so into a wisp of large black smoke!

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