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Chapter 240 - No Limits

TL: xDh20, Lifeisajourney

"American Lover" - Bribaebee

Last chapter for the night!

The temperature at night time dropped quite a few more degrees compared to the mornings. It was fortunate that the group had brought along thick clothing in the car. After wearing thick outer jackets, they laid down on their bedding, making it more bearable.

The people all remained silent; even if the cold was bearable, no one dared to fall asleep. With the threat of the advanced zombie, it was as if a sword was held against their necks. The threat was too pressing to disregard.

If they had fallen asleep, how would they react in time if the advanced zombie dropped by? It would be much worse if they were the only one caught by the advanced zombie just to be dim sum.

Prior to reaching level 5, these players thought that they would be the best once they reached level 5. Little did they know that even after reaching level 5, they were still vulnerable to attacks. They dared not show off in front of stronger players like Liu Gan. To them, their mood felt as if they were no better than level 4 players.

When an elephant takes a step, it wouldn't care about whether an ant is large or small. In the end, it is just an ant that will die when stepped on regardless of how large it is compared to its peers.

“Elder Liu, are you not one bit afraid?” Treadmill couldn't keep the silence any longer.

All the other players looked at Treadmill shocked. This wasn't the time to casually chat. In reality, whether Treadmill talked or not didn’t matter as the thunder and rain outside muffled out all sounds.

“Afraid? What is there to be afraid of?” Liu Gan asked Treadmill.

“This is an advanced zombie! Elder Liu, do you really think that even with us few members, we will be able to defeat it?” Treadmill directly asked Liu Gan. The barrier that was once between Treadmill and Liu Gan had suddenly dissolved while they were chatting in the car.

Treadmill’s personality was outspoken and happy-go-lucky. Although he loved to crack jokes, the majority of his jokes weren’t funny at all.

“There’s no way we can win, but at least I should gauge the difference in our power. That way, at a later time, I can find a more suitable location to defeat it,” Liu Gan replied plainly to Treadmill.

If it weren’t for the fact that the route entrance of the port city had been blocked off, Liu Gan would not have been nervous about getting captured by the Kingler at all. He was carrying a dozen hand grenades, so that even if he could not kill it, he could at least use the force of the explosions to distract it and escape.

In addition, he also had a last resort measure. Once he used it, it could even possibly kill the Kingler, but he would only use it at the last minute, as he doesn't want to use it so nonchalantly. Only when it was a dire emergency could it be used, so that even if it didn’t kill the the Kingler, it would still heavily injure it and force it to retreat back to the sea.

With the escape route sealed however, it was a big problem. Liu Gan's options were now limited to a battle royale with the Kingler.

“With our present situation, we can't escape. So if Elder Liu can't kill the Kingler… then…?” Treadmill continued to ask.

“Then we send you off as our dim sum representative so that once he is satisfied, he would not come and eat all of us,” Liu Gan replied to Treadmill. If what Treadmill had said was true, the Kingler ate only one person a day.

“That's a great idea. I agree!”

“I also second that option.”

“I raise both my hands in support of that!”

“I raise both my legs in agreement!”


As other team members heard Elder Liu announce his plans, all the others started to chime in and rub it in.  

“No! Elder! I am so loyal to you. I worship you! I am your fan! Don’t do that to me!” Treadmill started pleading for mercy. Regardless of the tone, Treadmill could tell that Liu Gan was joking around.

“What a good show! Treadmill, won’t you be scared enough to pee yourself?” the plump Liu Hao teased.

“Damn fatty, speaking bad about me. If Mr. Kingler came, I would push you towards it! You are so fat that Mr. Kingler would surely enjoy it!” Treadmill gave Liu Hao a manly punch.

“Mr. Kingler definitely won’t eat me, I’m too greasy!” Liu Hao started chuckling out loud, and returned a kick to Treadmill.

“No worries, we can always deep fry you. After frying, then we can sacrifice you to Mr. Kingler. That way it won’t be too greasy,” Treadmill punched him a few more times.

Everyone started laughing it off, the tension and nervousness in the air decreased considerably. If the tension had kept building up, they would’ve suffocated.

“Wait hold up, don’t speak. Listen carefully, do you hear someone crying?” Yuan HongJun suddenly shushed everyone else, while gesturing with his hand.

When Yuan HongJun heard it, Liu Gan had already noticed it...

As everyone quieted down, through their enhanced hearing, the players could hear crying. It was the sound of a female crying.

“It’s almost midnight, why would there be a female crying? It couldn’t be a female ghost right?” shocked, the team members immediately sat up. A voice of a female at midnight; it was easy for their minds to fill in the blanks with demonic thoughts. This was something that people do unconsciously, scaring themselves.

“The Trembling World doesn’t have any ghosts. At least until now, it has not appeared at all. If there were ghosts, it would break the balance of the game, so stop being overly suspicious. The thing making this noise is just a variant zombie purposely trying to create a horrifying experience.” Liu Gan halted the team members from spreading anymore rumors. The team members with a weaker psyche would not be able to handle any intimidation, so it was too easy to cause an accident.

“Yeah, let’s not be overly suspicious. This is similar to the situation we had at the hotel. Last time, we had encountered these strange events before. There were rumors that the person who had heard these distinct sounds had his blood drained… It turned out that a variant zombie was responsible…” Zhang Hua help Liu Gan explain.

“Did your coastal camp have any variant zombies capable of crying? Something like a salamander or a mermaid?” Liu Gan asked Treadmill after listening closely to the cries.

“We’ve never encountered things like salamanders and mermaids before. We did have a lot of stranded ugly fish variant zombies that looked progressively uglier though.”

“Then have you heard of this type of crying at night?” Liu Gan continued to ask.

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