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Chapter 228 - Advanced Monster

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However when faced with such a large corpse tide, Liu Gan felt an incredible headache coming. Even if he screamed and shouted or fired his hand pistol, he would only draw a small portion of the zombies at most, and not much more than that. He was basically unable to solve the current predicament the prison was facing.

But it seemed that if they were able to defend the prison, it was probable that all of the gasoline from the warehouse would be used up in the process.

Just at that moment, Liu Gan heard the rumbling sounds of ATVs from the distance, so he climbed up a tall tree on the curb to look in the direction of the sound. He saw riders on four ATVs fanning out, speeding through the fields with around 1,000 zombies following behind them as they all detoured towards the vicinity of the prison.

They were the last batch.

The ATV riders were deliberately suppressing their speed to let the ATVs let out a tremendous noise, as they continuously attracted the zombies’ attention. At the same time they also avoided the larger group of 10,000 plus zombies in the prison’s vicinity which were previously attracted by the engine sounds. Using a strange route, they went through the prison’s surroundings in a semi-circular shape, ingeniously leading the corpse tide towards the vicinity of the prison.

Seeing this scene, Liu Gan immediately understood where the zombies sieging around the prison had come from, causing him to lose his restraint from feeling enraged. Observing the direction the ATVs were heading in, Liu Gan and Yin He rushed to the route where they were heading towards and laid in wait on the road.

After a few minutes, the riders were driving their ATVs at a slow speed through Liu Gan and Yin He’s hiding place, when both Liu Gan and Yin He’s figures rushed out like lightning from their spots. Jumping onto the two ATVs that were slightly behind, they mounted onto the ATVs after killing their riders, and followed the ATVs ahead closely.

A team member on the prison’s high walls, who was using the rifle’s scope to fire at the riders, stopped when he saw the scene and immediately reported it to Zhang ShengLi.

“It’s Elder Liu! Elder Liu and Chief He have returned! They killed those [email protected]/* */ ATV riders! Brothers have hope! We are saved!” Zhang ShengLi shouted out to the numerous team members on the high wall.

The team members had originally fallen into despair, and were incredibly exhausted with extremely low morale. When they heard this news they couldn’t help but raise their morale. Zhang ShengLi and the others coordinated in continuing to pour gasoline, and spared no effort in going all out in fighting the zombies that were rushing up the high wall.

Elder Liu had returned! Furthermore they had killed those [email protected]/* */ ATV riders which meant that the amount of zombies outside of the prison’s walls would not increase again. If it was only those zombies, then they could just use up more gasoline and it would be enough to resist them.

There were six ATVs altogether. They sped away after leading the zombies near the prison via the route they had planned prior, and directly went towards a high slope far away from the corpse tide, stopping there. After they stopped, they returned their attention to the direction of the prison to view the situation, and they excitedly whistled after seeing the rising flames.

However, they weren’t excited for long. They quickly discovered that two of their comrades in the rear had not followed them back. In place of their comrades’ spots, were two strangers: a male and a female.

“Who are you people?” The four ATV riders looked baffled at the sight of Liu Gan and Yin He.

Liu Gan simply didn’t bother with their nonsense and rushed up to go beat them up, beating them all down to the ground. Even though Liu Gan had effortlessly overthrown the riders, he had sensed in a split second that the riders, including the two he and Yin He had previously killed, were surprisingly all level 5 players!

However, while Liu Gan was in an astonished state, the riders that were overthrown by Liu Gan had still been unable to retaliate in the slightest. Those riders were all well-known people within their team and were strong level 5 players. But while they were beaten up by the man in front of them, they were unexpectedly unable to retaliate with force at all. Moreso, they weren’t even able to clearly see their opponent’s punch.

There was only one reason. The opponent’s level was higher than their own, at least level 6 or higher, and had suppressed them through power!

“Ok! Now it’s your turn to say who you are! Why have you brought so many zombies towards our camp surroundings?” Liu Gan interrogated one of the ATV riders.

“You better release us. Our leader is level 6, if you dare injure us, he will definitely not let you off!” The rider seemed to be somewhat foolish, and refused to reply to Liu Gan.

“Wrong answer!” Liu Gan couldn’t help but be angry when he heard the ATV rider’s threatening reply, and levelled an axe at the rider’s knees, cutting off his calf which caused him to immediately scream.

Liu Gan smashed the rider’s throat with a fist, causing him to suddenly lose his voice. His screams also did not come out and his facial features became distorted and hideous due to the extreme pain.

“Starting from now, I will let off anyone who answers my questions truthfully. If you don’t speak the truth, then I will take turns in chopping off your limbs until all your limbs are cut off!” Liu Gan picked up his axe and looked at another rider.

“Elder please spare us! I will tell you the whole truth, don’t chop my leg……” The rider that Liu Gan looked at was so scared that both of his legs cramped up. Finding it all too much, he panickedly replied Liu Gan.

Advancing to level 5 was not easy! In any team, strong players were very much respected, so it was not worth holding a secret to die there. Seeing the twisted appearance created from the pain of his comrade next to him, the rider immediately spoke up. It was evident that this person had unexpectedly sampled the feeling of the sharp axe chopping off his leg just from looking at his comrade.

“Speak! Who are you people? Why are you doing this? Where is your camp? How many people are there altogether?” Liu Gan questioned the rider who had been scared, and whose courage had broken.

“Elder, it was actually all a misunderstanding! The people we wanted to deal with aren’t you, rather it’s the group of prison guards and convicts that were previously in the prison… We had been fighting with them, starting more than ten days ago. They had superior numbers and weapons and a dozen of our brothers were shot dead by them in animosity...”

Under Liu Gan’s interrogation, the person disjointedly narrated the whole matter from start to finish.

There were two relatively large powers from the coast to the prison of Southern NinJing City. One power was the prison guards and convict survivors that were originally in the prison, roughly amounting to seventy or eighty people. With the additional players and local survivors that they had captured as slaves, they totalled to a hundred people.

The other power was the ATV riders that were from the coast camp. Relying on the stranded players, they took in some of the local survivors, and also consisted of one hundred people. More than twenty people had died by gunfire in several small-scale conflicts within the prison, several dozens of people also died to the sea monsters that they were hunting around the coast.

They didn’t leave the coast camp because of their original claims of a corpse tide breaking out, but rather because of an advanced zombie, shaped like an enormous crab, that had emerged from the seaside.

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