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Chapter 229 - Training

TL: Lonering

TLC: xDh20

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This enormous crab monster was incredibly bold and powerful on both land and in the sea. Every time it came ashore it would lead to the death of more than ten of their team members. Even when level 5 and 6 players faced off against it, they were absolutely unable to withstand its attack. Just like they were made of paper, they would easily die. The coast camp was suffering from the influence of this monster crab, and could no longer live there in peace, so they were forced to establish a fleet and head inland.

There were too many zombies in the city, so the fleet simply couldn’t go in that direction. They couldn’t find a safe settlement along the way, so they were forced to set their plans on returning to the prison compound. They knew that the prison had looted the reserve warehouses, so they had an abundance of food, as well as numerous weapons. If they wished to survive in the end of the world then they would have to seize the prison camp in order to do so.

At that time the prison was still in the hands of the prison guards and prisoners. They had a lot of people, excellent weapons and would very viciously kill people as they saw fit. If the players from the coast camp offered to try and join them then they would be treated no better than slaves. To become equal members would’ve been simply impossible, so only through force could the coast camp try to overtake the prison.

Under the deterrence of the guns, the people from the coast camp didn’t dare to directly fight with the prison camp head on at all. After they collected the opinions of everyone in the team they finally came up with the plan of luring the corpse tide from within the city to besiege the prison. The tactic was for them to wait and reap the benefits afterwards.

In order for the plan to succeed, the coast camp were prepared to train for several days, perfecting their technique on luring zombies. Some of the crew were responsible for using all kinds of methods in order to group together the zombies in the suburbs, and then gradually lead them to within two kilometers east of the prison where there were wide plains. The level 5 players led around a dozen level 4 team members to practice using the rumbling sound of the ATVs to lure the corpse tide into following them forward. During this process they had unfortunately lost several level 4 team members, however the rest of them had slowly become experts at luring zombies.

The speed, strength, vision and hearing of a level 5 player was vastly superior compared to a level 4 player. While they practiced drawing the zombies, this large advantage was shown. In order to accomplish the plan, ultimately only these few level 5 players could carry out this dangerous task themselves.

Through a few days of training, these ATV riders had completely familiarized the characteristics of the corpse tide, could only safely lure several tens to several hundreds of zombies to follow them at first. Then later when the group worked together, they could lure two thousand to several thousand zombies in one go. As they became more and more familiar with the characteristics of the corpse tide, they became more skilled with luring the corpse tide as their teamwork between each other grew more well coordinated.

Yet just when they had finally decided to carry out their plan, the scouting patrol group had received news that… The prison that they had been meticulously planning to ambush for several days, had been seized by another group!

It was naturally Liu Gan’s group.

The people from the coast camp continued to practice luring zombies, and after discussing a course of action, they ultimately decided to give the players in the prison a chance. Of course their primary objective wasn’t to destroy the prison camp since it housed resources like food and the supply depot inside. The coast camp didn’t immediately carry out their plan of luring the corpses to attack the prison. Rather, they pretended to be a group running from a calamity to probe whether or not the other party would be willing to accommodate them.

If the new power within the prison were willing to accommodate them, then after they entered, they would take advantage of their higher number of people to control them in a peaceful manner from the inside to take over the prison camp. On the other hand, if the people inside the prison were willing to join them then they could accept them, but if they were unwilling to join them then they could only be expelled or killed.

However Zhang ShengLi had refused them and, just like the prison guards and convicts previously in the prison, permitted the people on the high wall to aim their firearms at them.

The coast camp people felt that their kindness was met with humiliation. They hadn’t directly used the corpse tide technique yet to lure the zombies and eliminate the previous power in the prison. Yet, these people in the prison were surprisingly unable to recognize their good intentions and refused them entry! As a result they decided to proceed with their previous plan of baiting the well-prepared corpse tide that had been prepared earlier in the fields a few kilometers outside... With approximately 20,000 zombies, utilizing their keen zombie-luring ability that they had developed over the past few days to bring them all to the vicinity of the prison.

“We are just ordinary players. In order to kill that group of terrible and extremely vicious people in the prison to avenge our fallen brothers, we troubled ourselves with a great deal of effort by preparing for more than ten days. We didn’t expect that you were one step ahead of us in seizing the prison. Our corpse tide really wasn’t originally prepared for you Elder! It is a misunderstanding! An enormous misunderstanding!” The rider stressed to Liu Gan.

“A misunderstanding? The prison camp was seized from when those vicious people had killed and injured more than twenty of our brothers. Since we took it over through sweat and blood first, the camp naturally belongs to us! The prison is in great need of manpower. If you were willing to peacefully join us then I would have naturally accepted you in. However you went as far as using this kind of despicable method in seizing the compound, and wished to cause my brothers in the prison to be wiped out! You can’t just use the excuse of a misunderstanding to dismiss it all” Liu Gan clearly did not accept this person’s standpoint at all.

“Elder, if you don’t kill us and let us help lure the corpse tide from the prison back over to the fields then we can get rid of the crisis that the prison is facing. This is still possible with our grasp of our zombie-luring technique. We can completely achieve this.” An ATV rider to the side had an idea, and mentioned it to Liu Gan.

“Really? Do you think I trust you enough to let you go, then have you all ride away on the ATVs. Do you think I’m stupid, or do you think that I’m really stupid?” Liu Gan swung his axe down to the side of the person’s body.

“Elder… Don’t you have an assault rifle with you? We won’t carry a shield, so if we dare to escape, you can fire your gun at us at any time. Even if it didn’t hit our bodies, it would be hard for us to survive if it hits the ATVs!” He pointed at the assault rifle carried on Liu Gan’s back and tried to persuade him.

“With my marksmanship, their hope of escaping is impossible.” Yin He took the pistol at Liu Gan’s side, and aimed it at the three nearby zombies who had heard the commotion, and came frantically rushing up the slope from thirty meters away. ‘Bang bang bang’! With three consecutive shots, all three heads of the zombies exploded.

Liu Gan and the riders were all stunned. Previously Liu Gan didn’t think that Yin He’s marksmanship would be this accurate… Without a doubt she was an android as she had automated aiming, and could control all the processes like automatically calculating the distance, wind speed and all kinds of variables. Her marksmanship would naturally cause her to not miss her mark.

“If anyone dares to escape, her pistol and my assault rifle aren’t to be reckoned with!” Liu Gan saw that the act had collapsed and felt relieved. He ordered them to take off the clothes on their upper bodies, as well as their helmets, and then allowed them to return to their respective ATVs.

Although there were four ATV riders, one of them was disabled on the ground and incapable of driving again, so only three remained. However Liu Gan and Yin He could take up the position of the members that were killed earlier, and cooperate in their operation of luring the corpse tide. The plan was to lure the zombies that were sieging the prison camp away, and back towards the field where they previously came from.

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