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Chapter 227 - Both Sides Suffer Losses

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Any passersby would think that the prison compound would be a decent stronghold, and then they would think of all possible ways to capture the camp for themselves. It was no wonder that those previous evildoers, the prison guards and prisoners, had strongly defended it when they felt threatened by Liu Gan’s team nearby. It would also explain why they felt the need to explode the gas station without the slightest hesitation in order to annihilate them there. They probably didn’t want the prison to be challenged by Liu Gan’s team.

Zhang ShengLi could not bring himself to be cruel like the previous owners, so he caused himself a lot of trouble which led to their current predicament. He was too merciful to those fifty people. Zhang ShengLi gave them a way out, and instead of receiving thanks, what Zhang ShengLi got instead, was impending doom.

Living In the post-apocalyptic world, life was cruel. If you don’t harm others, then you might be the only one exception. The tradeoff in life was to hurt others or be hurt by others. Being kind to others is being cruel to yourself. Anything should be used to gain the upper hand, even if it meant showing a bit of malice before the other side chose their hand. There were also methods like disarming their equipment or simply wiping them out. Once all the problems are solved, only then can you ensure your own safety.

Today these fifty people at the front gates, who were claiming to be running away from a calamity, taught Zhang ShengLi a very harsh lesson. The prison was facing a terrible disaster and the cause was because Zhang ShengLi wasn’t decisive enough to gain the upperhand.

Human nature was repulsive, especially when fighting over natural resources to survive, it was displayed without restraint and always without limits.

The current Zhang ShengLi couldn’t give up the prison even if he wanted to. There was simply no escape as they were surrounded by the zombies. Even after using all kinds of methods he could only hold back the zombie invasion, but little by little the zombies made progress. After more than ten minutes later the remaining personnel fought with all their strength, taking extreme risks like pouring gasoline. They finally temporarily resisted the violent wave of the corpse tide. Nothing more could be said of the situation, they could only fight their fate.

However Zhang ShengLi’s expression once again became incredibly full of despair and wrath as he squinted his eyes to adjust to the darkening sky, only to see that several ATV riders appearing over on the distant horizon. They once again lured in another round of corpses behind them. This time, there were over 5000 to 6000 zombies!

The riders ingeniously used their ATVs on the neighboring terrain where it was favorable to them. They kept out of the firing range of the firearms in the prison, and avoided the zombies that were attacking the prison from all sides. They planned to draw all the zombies in the fields to the vicinity of the prison and then speed away.

Zhang ShengLi, who was standing on the high wall, could clearly hear the ATV riders’ whistling sounds, as well as their howls of laughter. It was obvious that while they were making all these sounds, their mood was extremely joyful but also incredibly excited as well.

If they were able to grab those ATV riders then Zhang ShengLi would certainly hang them upside down. Then he would skin them alive as he listened to their screams as they were tormented for three days and nights to dispel the hatred in their hearts.

When Liu Gan left in the morning he had entrusted the matters of the prison camp to Zhang ShengLi himself, yet Liu Gan had only left for a little more than half a day and the prison had already been attacked by people. Moreover, if they failed to defend, then everyone inside would all die.

If it was still earlier, when the zombies had only blocked the large iron gate, then Zhang ShengLi could have considered abandoning the prison and lead his people out via the rear wall. Then, they could climb down using ropes in order to flee. However right now zombies had accumulated everywhere around the prison. There was no way out. There were also those ATV riders that were still relentlessly luring even more zombies, leading them over.

Based on this pattern the prison would sooner or later be overrun by zombies. The team members that were guarding inside the prison would soon meet a tragic end once the corpse tide took over the prison.

The situation had become more and more critical, and soon Zhang ShengLi had to order people to again bring over several of the smaller barrels of oil to throw over the high wall, and throw them at the more concentrated areas of the corpse tide. Once they shot at the barrels of oil, it ignited the zombies and burned off many waves of the untiring zombies.

Tens of minutes later, the rumbling engine sounds of the ATVs, their riders’ whistles and howls of laughter once again came over from the distance. This time the dark mass on the horizon behind them was a horde of zombies, and the amount of zombies definitely looked like there were over 10,000 of them. At this point, Zhang ShengLi wondered just how it was possible to have lured so many zombies. Perhaps, these were the zombies that had occupied their camp by the coast and they lured it to the prison.

This plan was executed extremely well. To put two irreconcilable parties, the prison camp and the zombies, against each other so that both sides suffer losses. The ATV riders would reap the rewards in the end. Only two scenarios can result from this. The prison would exterminate the corpse tide for them and suffer disastrous losses so that the riders can effortlessly seize the prison camp afterwards. Even if that didn’t happen, the prison still would have fought a blood-soaked battle to exterminate the corpse tide for them, and they could just easily go back to their own camp in the coast.

No matter what, the injured ones would not be them.

“F^ck you!”

Zhang ShengLi, who was standing on the high wall, saw the dark mass consisting of over 10,000 zombies being led over by the ATV riders. He was so enraged that both of his eyes were wide open, his throat tightened and almost spewed out a mouthful of blood because he couldn’t vent out his rage.

If they failed to defend the prison then he would be too ashamed to meet Elder Liu, and at that time, he would have to properly suicide by cutting his throat with his axe.


Today Liu Gan and Yin He had come up empty-handed in the Green Station Mountain, it was far larger than what Liu Gan had imagined. If he wanted to finish exploring then it would take more than one or two days. He also had to find the hidden whereabouts of the secret laboratory which was the equivalent task of finding a needle in a haystack.

As the color of the sky turned dark, Liu Gan drove the car back along the road they had passed earlier to return back to the prison. Upon returning, he surprisingly discovered that the prison was encircled by over 10,000 zombies layered upon each other. Furthermore, there were flames blazing everywhere around the high walls, and once in a while there were sounds of sporadic gunshots that can be heard. The guard personnel were still alive, and desperately killing the zombie ladder that the corpse tide had put up.

An awful lot of zombies’ bodies were set on fire but if they weren’t burnt to a crisp, then they would still continue to ferociously climb up the zombie ladder onto the high wall, unafraid of death. There were already two piles of burnt corpses of zombie ladders that had reached the top of the high wall.

As Liu Gan was watching from afar with his strengthened vision, he could see Zhang ShengLi, Wang DeCheng, Han GuangMing, Zhang Hua and their respective team members fighting with all their might on the high wall with the zombies that were dashing up. Some containers filled with gasoline were thrown over the wall, and would explode into enormous flames after being shot at. The zombies climbing on established zombie ladders would become an immense torch and become landfill for other zombies to trample over.

With so many zombies surrounding the outside of the prison, Liu Gan and Yin He simply were unable to get close. Liu Gan couldn’t help but be somewhat suspicious as, when he stayed in the prison the past two days, altogether there were only several tens of zombies that were loosely scattered. When they hovered over, they were quickly disposed of by the team members that came out to train. They simply posed no threat to the camp.

How come he had only been gone for a little more than half a day, yet such a large corpse tide had emerged out of thin air? Could it be that they had appeared from underground?

However now wasn’t the time to consider these questions. If Liu Gan didn’t think of a way to resolve this problem as soon as possible, then Zhang ShengLi and the numerous team members in the prison would sooner or later be unable to resist the corpse tide which was sieging them. They would die to the sieging corpse tide. It was a fight against time.

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