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Chapter 224 - Staying For The Night

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It was still unsure if the white-coat scientist lied to Yin He, but regardless Liu Gan still wanted to spend a little more time to search for the location of the secret laboratory. In fact, Zhang Hua still required sometime to move the cargo from the secret underground storage back to the compound, so Liu Gan and Yin He had free time to scout.

Both females were local survivors and their last job was working in the storage warehouse which had lasted several years. According to them, a year ago the NinJing City government had prepared to set up this location as a Strategic Material Reserve Warehouse. It was only within these several months that goods were actually moved into the warehouse. Goods like food and gasoline.

The ground-level warehouse was only a small portion visible to the naked eye. It was actually a cover up; the underground storage area was three to four times larger than the ground floor. Within the underground storage, there was even more food stored, as well as other necessities like towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bed sheets, clothes, and daily commodities.

According to Liu Gan’s analysis, it was highly possible that the government knew about the apocalypse beforehand. They probably received intel on the news and quickly establish this Strategic Material Reserve Warehouse to prepare for the emergency. However, it seemed that they didn’t expect the catastrophe to occur even earlier than when they had predicted, so they weren’t able to transfer the strategic resources, gasoline and food, into the underground storage. Now that everyone within the city had become a zombie, it meant that this warehouse would only benefit Liu Gan.

In the post-apocalyptic world, being kind-hearted may not be a bad thing. It was due to Zhang ShengLi’s suggestion, giving the female prisoners equality within the group so they wouldn’t have to suffer humiliation, that resulted in the secret being revealed to the group.

With this reserve warehouse, it meant that even if Liu Gan and his group stayed within the confines of the prison compound, they wouldn’t have to worry about food and water.

The entrance to the underground warehouse was very hidden, one of the floor tiles had to be moved away. There was a vertical ladder that led underground a dozen meters deep. Aside from that, there was a large freight elevator that linked the surface to underground.

Going down the ladder, the temperature inside dropped very low to the equivalent of zero degrees. As everyone walked around, they saw that there was a mountain of food, especially canned goods and various daily supplies leaving Zhang Hua and other members very happy. If the group didn’t add more team members in the future, this amount of goods could last the group for several years.

Liu Gan felt disappointed, the underground storage didn’t have any weapons or ammunition. Other than that, there was everything else he needed to survive in this world. It was probable that, either the regulation of weapons in this world was very strict, or, there was a problem in transporting it. It’s very possible that the guns he found in the prison were the only ones he would ever own, but it was still very fortunate to own a gun.

To deliver the goods from the underground to the surface floor, it required the use of the freight elevator. That however, would require energy to operate. Luckily, right beside the elevator was a power distribution room. Inside the room was a large diesel powered generator with a large amount of diesel cans nearby, meaning that there was no need to worry about how to transport the goods back to the surface.

After taking into account various factors, Liu Gan decided not to move the food storage back to the prison. The underground reserve warehouse had a much lower temperature so the food could be stored for longer periods of time and as of right now, the prison compound was fully stocked with food. The ground surface was a warmer temperature, so food could easily spoil and rot away. And even if that didn’t happen and they moved the food, there wouldn’t be any place to store it.

Liu Gan had Zhang Hua take back two small electric generators, a set of communications equipment, and a whole bunch of daily necessities. Afterwards, the entrance to the underground reserve was resealed so they could come back anytime to access it.

The surface warehouse had a dozen rooms. The entrance to the underground reserve was in one of these rooms. After sealing up all the rooms, even if people came by they wouldn’t be able to find the underground reserve unless they knew of the location beforehand. Once the wounded players recover, Zhang ShengLi would have to send a platoon to be stationed in this area for patrol. Then the prison and the warehouse would have to install an encrypted communication system so a constant line of communication could be relayed. This was just incase unknown players came by the warehouse,the prison compound could still be kept up-to-date. Of course, if Liu Gan or Yin He was there then there would have been no need for such worries.

After arranging the situation with the warehouse, Zhang Hua returned with the set of goods back to the prison compound. Meanwhile, Liu Gan and Yin He drove the car toward Green Station Mountain. There were mountain dirt roads that were suitable for driving, so Liu Gan drove around to understand the location. Once Liu Gan understood the surroundings a little more, then he would be able to decide where to start his search.


Later on in the afternoon, while Liu Gan and Yin He were on Green Station Mountain searching, the prison compound had developed a bit of a situation.

A group of around 50 people mixed with local survivors and players were driving up to the prison compound. A dozen were on motorcycles and ATVs, others were in vans. They seemed to be carrying a lot of goods as they arrived at the gates of the compound. They begged for the prison to open and to allow them in.

“We were originally located in the village by the oceanside, but we were met with a large-scale corpse tide. We were forced to wander here. It is almost dark soon, we beg of you to let us into the compound and stay the night. We can give you some resources in exchange. We won’t bother you for too long. Tomorrow night, we will leave and continue on our journey,” shouted one of the male players on an ATV.

“Our leader isn’t here, so we can’t let you in right now. It would be best for the both of us if you could find somewhere else to stay for the night! Otherwise, wait for our leader to return then we can discuss whether or not to let you stay inside,” Zhang ShengLi shouted back. For Zhang ShengLi, he thought it would be better to refuse the other group’s request and buy time for Liu Gan to return.

As of right now, the prison compound really needed personnel, but this new group of people didn’t seem to have any intention of joining. They only suggested to stay for the night, but the problem is that the new group outnumbered Liu Gan’s group. Judging from their faces, they didn’t seem to be too friendly either. At the rear of the oncoming group, were several females in rags that were tied up and this was the deciding factor for Zhang ShengLi. So no matter what would happen, Zhang ShengLi could not let them in.

Within the compound, there were several injured team members as well as a dozen or so females. If the oncoming group enters, they will take the gun control away and then it would be problematic. Now that Liu Gan wasn’t here, Zhang ShengLi was losing confidence in whether he could suppress this problematic situation.

“Night is about to come, when will your leader return? How long do we have to wait?” shouted the male player on motorcycle, in an illed-behaved tone. This male player was looking all around the compound, as if he was searching for weak spots.

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