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Chapter 225 - ATV

TL: Lonering

TLC: xDh20

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“I can’t say for sure, but he will definitely return in the evening. When that time comes, I will discuss with him and decide on the matter of whether or not you can stay for the night,” Zhang ShengLi again, replied to the male.

“We have no ill intentions as we only wish to stay here overnight for one evening. There’s no need to be so heartless? If you refuse us then we will stay in the countryside and there is a high possibility of running into danger!” The male’s expression gradually turned even unhappier as he could tell that Zhang ShengLi was making excuses and that he just didn’t want to let them stay overnight.

“I have already said very clearly that I am not refusing, however this matter must be allowed by my boss first! Also we have no obligation to have to let you all stay overnight! If you continue your nonsense then don’t blame me for being rude!” Zhang ShengLi ordered all the people on the wall to take out their firearms and to aim it beneath the wall.

“Ok, ok, ok! Since you insist! Don’t open fire! We will leave!” When the male saw that the opposing party unexpectedly had guns, he was frightened into immediately driving his ATV back into the group. After he had discussed with someone who seemed to be their leader, who wore a black wind jacket. A few people fiercely glared towards the prison with an evil look. The group once again proceeded to move, towards the direction of the urban area route they had came by, gradually fading within the dusky sky.

Zhang ShengLi wrinkled his brows and was not too convinced that his decision to deal with the issue just now was the right choice. He also didn’t know how Liu Gan would have dealt with the issue if he was here. In any case for the situation just now, he was certain that he must not let those people into the compound. Zhang ShengLi’s heart currently did not feel too comfortable with that group, as if something bad would happen regardless.

Did these people really come over from the coast? Why did a huge corpse tide appear at the coast? At the very least, the people just now were surely capable of going against a corpse tide? If a corpse tide appeared all along the coasts, then perhaps even Elder Liu would also be unable to reach Green Pao Bay to look for the airship.

Currently Zhang ShengLi’s greatest worry were the group’s intentions. Perhaps when they were previously speaking of exchanging supplies for an overnight stay and so on, it was so that they could fool them into opening the large iron door in order to wait for an opportunity to seize the prison compound. Now they knew that the prison guards had firearms, he didn’t know if they had given up on the plan, or if they planned on taking advantage of the night’s darkness to conduct a sneak attack on the prison.

It should be highly unlikely though? Besides Liu Gan and Chief He, the other level 5 players also seemed to be invulnerable to low level attacks of swords and spears. As long as the high walls were strengthened by the patrols after taking precautions for the night, it would be impossible for them to be able to take advantage of any opportunity right?

[TL: Chief He is Yin He, but only Liu Can calls her by Yin He, others call her Chief He.]

This caused Zhang ShengLi to have somewhat of a headache about the prison’s current large compound which covered a lot of ground but had severe lack of personnel within the camp. After the guard personnel were dispersed all along the high wall, everyone had to defend the vast area. If they were unable to defend the area, then the people outside the walls could easily use rope and other means to stealthily climb up onto the wall. They could take advantage of the night to set out a swift sneak attack. This was a troublesome fear that lingered in Zhang ShengLi’s thoughts.

Elder Liu, you should still immediately return! Return so that I wouldn’t have to be so worried! Zhang ShengLi saw the colour of the sky and his state of mind had become indescribably restless. The former him would occasionally think that he could be independent in a team, and so he could also be an excellent leader. However, the current him genuinely felt that, compared with Elder Liu, the distance was much too great. It would forever be impossible for him to be calm and unwavering like Elder Liu, as well as being able to seemingly carry out the most appropriate decision like he had always done.

Liu Gan and Yin He had not yet returned but the outside of the prison had also seemed to be all normal. When Zhang ShengLi left the wall to supervise the initial preparation of the evening meal in the prison, the guard personnel on the high wall rapidly called Zhang ShengLi back over. Just like that, his previous worries came true - an annoyance appeared outside the prison camp.

In actuality, there were quite a few annoyances.

The sounds of ATVs rumbling came from the direction =of the southern mountain and fields. Zhang ShengLi arrived upon the outpost and used the rifle’s targeting scope towards the direction of where the sound came from to have a look. He saw five to six people mounted on ATVs purposefully using them to let out a huge rumbling sound from the engine, as they disappeared into the wilderness within the vicinity of the prison. As the sounds disappeared, approximately 2000 zombies were lured from the southern side to the vicinity of the prison!

Seeing their style of clothing and the ATVs they were mounted in, without a doubt these were the same people who were previously refused entry.

It was awfully clear that after they had passed by here and discovered the prison compound, they schemed to take it over. Following the refusal to enter inside by Zhang ShengLi and that the guard personnel on the high wall were all armed with firearms, they knew that they were unable to forcefully attack the prison camp. Therefore they came up with such a malicious plan to use the rumbling sound of the ATVs to eventually draw the corpse tide from the southern mountain and fields to come to the vicinity of the prison.

Their purpose was clear; precisely to make use of the corpse tide to waste and reduce the prison’s bullets, medicine and resources. Once the zombies put up a zombie ladder to break into the prison and kill all the people inside, they would return and use the ATVs to draw away the corpse tide. Once they disposed of the remaining zombies, they could easily occupy the prison compound without any fighting!

It could be said that these people were clever. When faced with the prison’s high wall defence of the firm fort, they found the most suitable method of attacking and seizing the compound! In addition, with the help of the corpse tide’s power, there would hardly be any casualties whatsoever on their side.

Zhang ShengLi currently couldn't help but regret. He felt that his own heart was too kind hearted, unable to achieve Liu Gan’s way of firmly killing and cutting down the treat. So Zhang ShengLi felt as if he had just caused the prison’s impending doom. Once he had decided to refuse those people entry inside, seeing their hateful gazes, he should’ve led his group to rush out after shooting their motorcycle group to death on the spot. Thus, eliminating the hidden danger so that they would not have been their current problem.

If Elder Liu was here, with his formidable power, careful thinking, unwavering disposition and consistent style, when facing these people he would either forcefully subdue them or completely murder them. Elder Liu would not likely to hesitate, like himself, and get caught up in reasoning.

However everything was already too late, there was no use regretting it as he could only try his best to remedy the situation.

The several ATVs rumbled and zipped by the mountain and fields around the prison. The ATV rider also probably expected that this kind of behavior would cause the people inside the prison to be irritated. The riders came prepared as they were wearing helmets and police shields, they had found from an unknown place. With the new equipment, they could prevent themselves from being shot by the guards on top of the high walls of the prison.

Zhang ShengLi’s heart was truly incredibly resentful, but he still restrained the numerous guards on the high wall. He did not let them shoot at the rapidly passing ATV rdiers, if they were to truly do this, then they would fall right into those people’s evil plan.

The zombies led by the ATVs had not yet crowded around the prison. However, if the the guards on the high walls opened fire, then the turbulent corpse tide would head towards the loud sounds of the gunshots. That would cause the corpse tide to crowd around and try to enter the prison. So if they shot the guns, then the prison camp would really be in big trouble.

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