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Chapter 223 - Road Leading West

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

The evildoers from the prison compound hadn’t moved all the resources from the storage depot. There was a good portion of the resources stored in a secret underground chamber that also hadn’t been discovered by them. It was possible that the evildoers didn’t even find the entrance to the secret underground storage chamber and so they never knew of its existence.

With this new group that killed the evildoers, they treated the females nicely, gave them food, and treated everyone humanely. The females were even given full freedom within the compound, and were able to regain their human dignity. With the overwhelming feeling of wanting to repay the kindness back to Liu Gan for saving them, the females decided to reveal the location of the secret chamber to the squad leader, contributing, in the form of resources, back to the group.

Now that Liu Gan knew of a secret chamber, Liu Gan could’ve easily formed a squad to check out the situation. He could’ve easily sent Zhang Hua and his squad to investigate, but in the end Liu Gan decided to go personally. He had his own reasons for doing so. Due to the convenient location of the storage depot located at the foot of the mountain of Green Station Mountain, Liu Gan wanted to take a stroll. This way Liu Gan and Yin He could go up Green Station Mountain to see if they could activate the secret laboratory.

“Elder Liu, if this prison compound will be our long term stronghold, I have a suggestion,” Zhang ShengLi stopped Liu Gan by the entrance gate just before the investigation squad left.

“What suggestion?” Liu Gan replied to Zhang ShengLi.

“We could recruit more people. We can have these people dig a trench right outside of the high wall. Just like the way they do it for the cities in ancient times. Then, to enter or leave the city, we will lower a drawbridge. This way our defense in the compound can be increased tremendously. No matter if it were enemies or zombies, it would be difficult to attack their way in,” Zhang ShengLi explained the plan he had thought of.

“This idea isn’t bad at all. It is just that it sounds like a large construction. What will the material for the drawbridge be made from? There will be cars that come in and out of the compound, often carrying personnel or cargo,” Liu Gan replied to Zhang ShengLi, after thinking for awhile.

“Yeah, that is a problem. I still have to think long and hard about it,” Zhang ShengLi laughing it off. That was when Zhang ShengLi realizes that he didn’t think about the details and suggested it too prematurely.

“If we do turn this prison compound into our long term stronghold, what you suggested will work, but there are a lot of technical difficulties. We would need to find someone who could understand the technical aspects to plan it,” Liu Gan didn’t disapprove of Zhang ShengLi’s suggestion.

If the material mechanics expert Zhou MingLiang was still alive, he would be best for this situation. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of following Xu ChangHui to die. Liu Gan arrived there too late, but if he had gotten there earlier, then Zhou MingLiang could have been saved.

“Yeah. We are going to be doing nothing around here anyway, I will set up a stronghold improvement group. This way we could chime in ideas and turn those ideas into reality,” Zhang ShengLi was so glad that his proposal had gotten approval.

To stay within [The Trembling World], the basic necessities must be fulfilled. Those requirements were, to be able to have a stronghold, to have plenty of food to eat, to be able to rest easy every night. These were the basic wishes of every person. No one would want to wander about the wilderness for too long, worrying about when the next meal would be. No one wanted to live the life of a wanderer. So to find a good stronghold like the prison, almost everyone wanted to remain here. Turning this place into a dream paradise to stay behind in.

That time when the group was on the island located in the lake of NinJing City, many of the team members didn’t want to leave it. Now that this stronghold was even better than the one before, none of them want to ever leave. This however, didn’t coincide with how Liu Gan wanted to leave and find an airship. Then the airship could easily travel to either the northern part of the city or the main city. All these matters were too far fetch into the future, so it didn’t sound very reliable as of the current situation. No one knew whether they could even live up to that point, so they would much rather live day to day in a safe place like the prison compound.

“I will follow the investigative squad to look around, the safety of the base will lie on your shoulders. If there is any situation that arises, then you will have to handle the situation and decide for yourself. Be confident in your decision, I trust in your ability. Don’t let your heart waver,” Liu Gan patted Zhang ShengLi’s shoulder and Liu Gan, with Yin He and the investigative squad, departed.

“Elder Liu! If I remain, the base will remain!” Zhang ShengLi shouted out loud.

Liu Gan laughed at Zhang ShengLi, and gave a thumbs up. As the vehicles departed the prison compound, with Zhang Hua and his new girlfriend’s guidance, they headed towards NinJing City’s storage depot.

Zhang ShengLi with injured Wang DeCheng and Han GuangMing were left behind to hold down the fort; along with Lee Miao, all of them had their abilities awoken. They also had guns to bolster up their defenses so Liu Gan wasn’t too worried.

This time when Liu Gan left, he had three cars with him. Zhang Hua with his new girlfriend and another female worker were in the first car leading the way. In the middle second car were regular team members responsible for moving cargo. In the last car was Liu Gan and Yin He. Liu Gan’s car was a small sedan, his car wasn’t responsible for moving cargo it was just there for the extra transport.

The cars traveled west, after leaving the prison compound. NinJing City’s suburb roads weren’t too shabby. Even after the apocalypse, the roads weren’t severely damaged and no repairs were required.

It seemed like the previous evildoers that occupied the prison had cleared up the zombies and moved out the cars along the route to the storage depot. Only a few scattered zombies were encountered, but with the modified prisoner transport vehicles, it sent the zombies flying, with no damage done to the vehicles.

The distance between the storage depot to the prison compound was at least seven to eight kilometers. But since they were traveling along the road which was fairly smooth, it didn’t take long for the cars to reach their destination. There was a lingering worry that the evildoers might have left a squad to guard the depot so Liu Gan had the vehicles stop half a kilometer away from their destination. Then, Liu Gan and Yin He went out to scout.

The surface depot had been thoroughly cleared out and relocated to the prison compound by the evildoers, so there was no purpose for them to leave guards here. Once it was confirmed that it was safe, Liu Gan returned back to the car and gave them the order to park at the depot.

The storage depot had a continuous chain of mountains behind, which Zhang Hua’s introduced as the Green Station Mountain. Yin He had found out from the white-coat scientist that there was a nuclear powered laboratory by San Xing Corporation. Liu Gan was prepared to investigate this whole area to find the laboratory, but to his naked eye, this Green Station Mountain wasn’t too high, but the area it spanned over was wide.

The two females who had worked here in the depot were able to confirm Liu Gan’s theory that Green Station Mountain had a vast range of coverage. It started from their location and stretched  dozens of kilometers outward to the west. However, when asked if they had heard of San Xing Corporation, both females responded that they had not. They had never seen San Xing Corporation cars operate in this area either.

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