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Chapter 221 - No Way Out

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The defenders of the prison started shouting orders in a panic to face off with the intruders, but they were only wielding close-quarter combat weapons. With metal bats and swords, their overall offensive strength was weaker than before, when they had with their assault rifle and handguns.

Liu Gan with Yin He, jumped off the high wall and straight into the den of the enemy. The pair of killers were like tigers preying on a flock of sheep, with nothing capable of stopping them. In a brief moment, more than a dozen bodies laid on the floor. The rest of the defenders felt the overwhelming power from the pair of fighters, and chose to scatter in various directions.

There were a few that simply admitted defeat and gave up on trying to run away, so they got on their knees to express they surrendered. Liu Gan was so angry with the situation when he was shot by them, he didn’t even give them a chance. Everyone will receive the same punishment, an axe to their head.

Zhang ShengLi and others standing by outside heard that the gunshots had stopped and decided to charge into the prison compound. After kicking down the front gate, they joined in the killing.

After taking down the prisoners with guns, all that was left was to hunt down the ones that had scattered. Liu Gan was cashing in on his earlier promise, of killing everyone within the prison compound. No matter if they were on their knees or not, they had to die.

The prison compound was surrounded by high walls of several meters high with only one entrance way to enter. The entrance had a thick and durable metal gate. It was a position that bottlenecked the enemies, so it was easy to defend and hard for enemies to breakthrough. With Zhang ShengLi standing like a goalie, no one could bypass him without paying the price of their life.

Some of the sneakier prisoners attempted to shut themselves away with guns in the hidden corners of the rooms, but their tactic was useless against Yin He. Even as they emptied their clip of the gun, the door was still forced open and the prisoner died under the axe of Liu Gan or Yin He’s sleeve blade.

Angry that Liu Gan and Yin He had killed their way through most of the compound without much resistant. Three of the remaining prisoners decide to make their last stand in the resource warehouse. That was where the pair encountered a more troublesome situation.

“Don’t you dare come near me! I will shoot the gasoline! You should know what happens if I do that. I don’t mind if we all die!” said one of the three prisoners. This prisoner had his gun pointed at the gasoline tank by his side.

The male prisoner’s face was pale as a piece of paper, but he was ready to die if it was necessary. He was one of the prisoners stationed at the outposts, he witnessed how the pair had killed their way through. He knew that the pair would kill anyone regardless if they had surrendered or resisted. Backed to the wall, this prisoner could only make the threat of a gasoline explosion in exchange for his own life.

But all this was for naught.

Liu Gan’s energy for [Psychic Shock] recovered long ago. So he released the ability onto the three prisoners, once he was within the ability range.

The prisoner wielding the gun was temporarily shocked as his brain was in an absent-minded state. Yin He quickly followed up and sliced the head off of the three prisoners. The gun within the prisoner’s hand also fell to the floor, removing the threat of the gasoline exploding.

Liu Gan and Yin He searched around the prison compound once more just to make sure it was safe. Especially with Yin He’s infrared visual field, she was able to find and kill two more individuals hiding within the resource warehouse.

The resource warehouse was rather large, it stored ten large gasoline tanks, and numerous types of cannister food. On the oil and grain bags, it had letters that said Northern NinJing City. Seems like these food resources weren’t originally found in the prison and was taken from the large storage depot nearby.

But now, it all belonged to Liu Gan.

The two prisoner transport vehicles drove through the gate into the prison compound after the safety within the compound was confirmed. Aside from the dozen of naked females locked up in the prison, no one from the original group in the compound was left alive. Layered from the top of the outside wall to the inside corridor, were bodies and bloodstains. The whole compound was like a living hell.

Ever since the uncalled for ambush at the gas station which off Liu Gan’s 20 team members, this situation was brought upon them. In addition, they denied the request to hand over the person responsible, so they had to reap what they sowed.

As the players got more used to killing zombies, this type of scenery of bodies lying around everywhere was very common. It seemed that having bodies and bloodstain on the ground, was nothing unusual. To them there was no major difference between the corpses of zombies and humans. The only one distinction was the pungent smell of rotting flesh which wasn’t found on these bodies.

After Lee Miao found the medical supply in the warehouse, she took action to treat the more seriously injured players first. Liu Gan had Zhang ShengLi pass on a message asking her to use her ability to guarantee the vitality of Xue Jian.

Originally, there was no social status involved when weighing human lives, but that didn’t apply in [The Trembling World]. As a level 5 player, Xue Jian was an indispensable human resource to the group, so Liu Gan had to save him first. On top of that, Liu Gan and Xue Jian have known each other for awhile. There was also the value that Xue Jian brought to the group.

After the great battle within the compound of the prison, darkness coated the surroundings. The injured players continued to receive medical treatment. Several of the heavily injured players had to rely on their willpower if they wanted to survive. All the bodies within the prison compound had been carried outside. On top of the high walls surrounding the compound were sentries to keep watch. The moment Liu Gan and his group had taken over the compound, the tasks were methodically arranged so that the location could be the temporary new base.  

Tallying the group members, it was discovered that Xue Jian’s original squad were all wiped out except Xue Jian himself. The other nine players were caught in the gas station blast and there were no signs of any remains left behind. Wang DeCheng, Han GuangMing, Zhang Hua, all had fatalities in their own respective squad. Only Zhang ShengLi’s squad didn’t have any casualties since they were following Liu Gan and Yin He at that time.

A majority of the dead players were from Mr. Sheng’s group, the newly annexed players. From the original group that followed Liu Gan from the beginning, only Zhao Meng and HuJun were in a particularly bad shape; both were in a coma. Martial Thunder had a bone fracture in the leg and rib, while Zhou JingJIng had a bone fracture in the arm and rib.

As long as the players were still breathing, the more heavily injured players will survive if they lasted the night. Since their bodies have been strengthened to exceed the capabilities of normal humans, it should only take several days to fully recover. Based on Lee Miao’s careful analysis and observation, the more severely injured players gradually improved. This was good news in amidst the bad news.

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