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Chapter 220 - Catapult

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If Liu Gan and Yin He were not brave enough, then the team of over twenty survivors at the time would have been completely surrounded and shot dead by the scarred-face leader’s small team.

While Liu Gan and the others were retreating to the back of the building opposite the prison, more than ten people wielding all sorts of firearms had come up the high wall and indiscriminately fired at the building everyone was hiding in. Liu Gan could clearly hear the commotion in the prison with his improved hearing. There were at least one-hundred people.

“GuangMing are you alright?” Wang DeCheng saw Han GuangMing’s abnormal walking posture and that his thigh was wet with blood so he promptly faced him to ask.

“Uh…...Because of my carelessness I was shot before,” Han GuangMing’s facial expression was gloomy; seeing Liu Gan and Yin He’s god-defying invulnerability had caused himself to feel somewhat too hot-blooded. He dashed quite bravely and when Liu Gan had warned them to not move any further forward, before he noticed, his body had already been hit by a stray bullet.

Once the stray bullet had hit his thigh he realised that even though he had reached level 5, he was not invulnerable like Liu Gan and Yin He and that his feeble body was unable to resist bullets from a gun.

“You all shouldn’t dash too bravely. You must listen to my order before you move again as these bullets are not a joke,” Liu Gan once again stressed this to Zhang ShengLi and the others.

“Ok.” Zhang ShengLi nodded his head. After Han GuangMing was hit by a bullet, his hot-headedness had calmed down significantly.

“Did you get hit by a bullet?” Liu Gan secretly asked Yin He in a low voice.

“I have,” Yin He nodded and pointed towards several dents on her body.

“Are you alright?” Liu Gan had never seen Yin He bleed, however he didn’t know the extent of harm the bullets could cause her.

“The bullets bounced off my body. Even though my body has some slight damage, the nanobots will very quickly restore it to normal. Even if it wasn’t possible I could still give myself an injection to replenish the nanobots in my body,” Yin He shaked her head, it seemed that she truly was indestructible.

Sure enough as Liu Gan watched, the several dents in Yin He’s body could clearly be seen by the naked eye to be quickly reconstructing itself to its original state.

Liu Gan also took a look at his own alloy watch, the [Mist Armor] around his body had also strengthened after reaching level 6. Just now his body had been hit by at least five bullets and two bullets had been bounced off by his [Mist Armor]. There were also three bullets that had hit his neck, arm and leg, yet they had caused not much harm. The green color on the alloy watch for [Mist Armor] had yet to redden with only a few red lines appearing and nothing more.

As his alloy limbs did not have to fear the bullets at all, the bullet that hit his neck should have be the one that had caused slight damage to his [Mist Armor]. According to this situation, after using the [Carapace Shield] to protect his neck, he could completely charge into the hail of bullets at will.

“Elder Liu, they have a lot of people as well as plenty of ammunition. If it's like this then we can't even go in there to attack,” Zhang ShengLi, all of a sudden spoke to Liu Gan as he somewhat depressedly faced him.

Although they very much wished to take vengeance by open slaughtering within the prison, their bodies were too feeble. Even though compared to a normal person's body they were far stronger, they were still unable to withstand an attack by a bullet. Trying to force their way into the heavily-guarded prison would be far from easy.

“Damn! Must we suffer this embarassment?” Wang DeCheng’s face showed a grudging and indignant expression.

The other side was truly cruel, to directly use a grenade to kill most of the team members with an explosion with any warning at all. They now wished to retaliate yet they were incapable of attacking the other camp, having no choice but to see only the opponent show off their military might on the high wall. It was truly too suffocating.

Liu Gan observed his surroundings, and seeing that they were hiding in the bamboo forest behind the building, an idea suddenly surfaced in his mind.

“Everyone follow me!” Liu Gan indicated towards everyone and proceeded to submerge into the bamboo forest.

The bamboo shoots were originally only there to decorate the prison’s surrounding environment. They had also been left to grow wildly, so several of the bamboo had grown very tall and thick. The tallest one had even reached over ten meters, which was twice as tall as the prison’s walls.

Liu Gan explained to everyone his plan and then they proceeded to prepare for it.

First they had to choose three bamboo sticks bunched together that were all very long and thick, using rope to tie them together. Yin He carried the [Carapace Shield] as she climbed to the top of the three bamboo sticks, and tied the special rope to the top and throwing the rest of it down. Liu Gan directed everyone beside him to pull several pieces of the special rope together as they withdrew one step at a time, until the tied-up bamboo was bent in a bow shape, then they let go of it.

Using the shield to protect her body, Yin He placed a stone in a catapult as she was thrown over to the direction of the inside of the prison’s tall walls.

A foreign body suddenly appeared within the dusky sky as the defense team on the walls instinctively fired upwards. Some of the bullets missed and hit nothing while other bullets hit the [Carapace Shield]. However it only left a few dents as none of the bullets were able to pierce the incredibly durable [Carapace Shield]. A few of the bullets hit Yin He’s body but were not able to cause any considerable damage.

After Yin He landed, she immediately revealed her sleeve blades and carried out an indifferent slaughter of the people in the prison. Her nimble body drifted left and right as she practically avoided the majority of the bullets fired that were concentrated towards her, the guard personnel were also unable to get close to her body. There was only one die under her almighty sleeve blades.

These sleeve blades were made out of an unique alloy metal, its hardness was comparable to diamonds, yet its metal was also not easy to break. A steel plate, few millimeters thick, could easily be cut open like paper so cutting these people’s cervical vertebra was just as easy as slicing tofu.

Yin He had very swiftly killed the people on the tall wall, beheading the gunmen in the wall’s fortification one by one. The tall wall top to bottom was in a pitiful state as miserable shrieks could be heard everywhere while the originally intense gunshots were rapidly becoming less.

Yin He had killed from the top of the wall down to the bottom, and in accordance to Liu Gan’s previously-arranged plan, she was to continuously charge and murder until she reached near the prison’s large iron door. She would then kill the several males guarding the iron door and then pull open the iron door bolt. However Liu Gan couldn’t wait for a long time, as he had just used his own means to enter the prison.

“One, two, three.”

Zhang ShengLi and the others, at Liu Gan’s instructions, altogether used their strength to use the three bamboo sticks to catapult Liu Gan over in the direction of the prison as he crouched on top of it.

Liu Gan was heavier than Yin He, adding the absence of his strength to pull from below, the force was much less compared to the force used to catapult Yin He. Therefore unlike Yin He’s direct flight to within the prison’s tall walls, Liu Gan had been rammed against the top of the wall.

Liu Gan extended his fingers as he borrowed the tremendous power from the launch to firmly grab hold of the high wall with his ten alloy fingers. Once his body was stable he scaled upwards several times and quickly climbed to the top of the wall and jumped over to join Yin He inside.

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