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Chapter 222 - Storage Depot

TL: Lonering

TLC: xDh20

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“More than ten females are locked up in the prison, after questioning them, some of the females are players while the others are local survivors. They were all dragged in to provide those scum with crude pleasures. How should we handle them?” Zhang ShengLi walked towards Liu Gan to ask for instructions.

“Do you have any ideas?” Liu Gan asked Zhang ShengLi in return.

“I think that…...Even though this world is virtual reality, we shouldn’t lose all of our humanity. So what if they were slaves made to perform sexual deeds. I recommend that we follow their idea and ask them if they wish to stay. If they wish to leave, then we won’t stop them; if they don’t want to leave then we will treat them the same as if they were a team member. By giving them work that is suitable for them and to never again disgrace them against their wishes,” Zhang ShengLi proposed a few words after thinking about it.

“We will do it according to your suggestion. But if they wish to stay then we will still have to strictly control the scope of what they can do. Arrange for someone to monitor them. They must not lower their guard so to avoid unexpected situations from happening,” Liu Gan returned a few phrases after thinking about it.

“Very well, I will arrange it,” Zhang ShengLi nodded his head and sent some people to go and talk with the women.

Wang DeCheng as well as Zhang Hua and others put the prison’s seized weapons together in a pile. In total, there were: three assault rifles, two rifles with scopes for target long-distance targets, five MP5s, sixteen pistols and tens of players’ starting iron machetes. They had also found nine grenades and six molotov cocktails. It seemed to be that the circumstances around the prison’s personnel was relatively complex. They could have possibly gathered a bunch of players, or they could have killed a lot of players, for them to have accumulated these weapons.

There was also an unimaginable amount of ammunition. But it was very likely that these people had pointlessly used most of it in the previous battle. Unexpectedly only five rifle magazines, seven MP5 magazines remained and sixteen pistol magazines. If a small-scaled battle arrived then it was possible that it would be all used up.

The captured women discussed with Zhang ShengLi, and after they heard that there would be equal treatment, not wishing to be bullied, they all expressed that they wished to stay here. Before the women were grabbed into the prison, they had previously wandered around the outside world for a while and knew that it was dangerous. Knowing their own survival capabilities, leaving the prison would only lead to death.

After everything was cleared and settled, several members experienced at cooking brought some of the females to the prison’s dining hall, preparing food for the evening meal. Once the evening meals were cooked and the females had eaten their own food, they were arranged by Lee Miao to go feed the wounded as well as looking after their current condition.


“There is an excess amount of food stored in the prison. It's also easy to guard and hard to attack, outside, there is farmland as far as the eye can see which we can be ploughed. It's also not too far away from the city center as the previous roadblock was cleared. Also going to the city to look for signs of life, medicine and goods is now convenient with the vehicles. I can't help but say that this is a very suitable place for an operational long-term camp,” While eating their meal, Wang DeCheng offered some words to Liu Gan.

Liu Gan didn’t open his mouth and stayed silent. Seemingly pondering over something.

“The location of the prison guards the main road towards Green Pao Bay, so if the prison were to fall into someone else’s hands, we could return to Green Pao Bay. We might get ambushed once again. I also think that we should turn this prison into a long-term camp. If we were to find the airship, we would still have to go to the northern outskirts and even possibly live there. We could leave a small group to defend this place so that it could be an escape route for us,” Zhang ShengLi also proposed some ideas to Liu Gan.

“Yes, what you’ve both said makes sense so we shall temporarily make this our stronghold. We’ll explore the vicinity and once the wounded have recovered, we’ll once again consider the matter of sending a team to explore Green Pao Bay,” Liu Gan nodded as he made a decision.


The team members were exhausted and wished for a calmer period over the next two days. Furthermore, with so many injured people in the prison and the worry that people may try a sneak attack, Liu Gan and Yin He also couldn’t leave the prison camp for the time being. Naturally Liu Gan himself was also very tired. His body wasn’t tired, rather it was his mind that was exhausted and he also wished to rest and reorganize himself for the next two days.

While he was resting and reorganizing, Liu Gan had also continuously pondered the next step of his plan.

Within the next two days the women released from the prison room had already become familiar with the team members. At the end of the day, women all want to find someone strong to rely on, while men also wish for a means to vent their energy. Even though the prison had not held blind dating or the sort, there were already pairs quickly forming among the women and male team members.

Zhang ShengLi supervised the couples as they formed one by one and Liu Gan had also seen that the women didn’t have any ulterior motives so he didn’t interfere with their freedom.

The men and women were not tired when they worked together and with the women’s support, the team members’ state of mind was clearly much better than before. The wounded members’ recovery also went faster than anticipated. Under Lee Miao’s medical treatment and the women’s care, several of the wounded woke up as the wounds on the outside of their bodies had already healed. Parts of their bone fractures also showed signs of completely recovering.

[The Trembling World] had strengthened the team member’s recovering ability and it far surpassed an ordinary person’s. Compared with level 5 players, there was also a substantial increase in recovery ability between them and level 4 and below players. Wang DeCheng’s wound by a metal pipe and Han GuangMing’s bullet injury had already completely healed. Han GuangMing’s burn on his body was also currently healing as a few areas had already grown new skin. If this was the real world then it would have been an impossible feat.

Also, Xue Jian not only had woken up from his injury-induced coma, he could even get up and walk a few steps.


On the morning of the third day, Zhang Hua urgently reported a matter to Liu Gan.

These two days, he and a rescued female had mutually looked at each other and became a couple. The female was a local survivor and last night before they fell asleep, they had voluntarily had intimate contact with each other for half an hour, after which the female told him some news.

She said that the former evildoers in the prison were former guards and prisoners before the catastrophe happened. After the catastrophe, they collaborated together and grabbed every male survivor and player to work for them. They also grabbed the female survivors and players to be their sex slaves.

These people committed all kinds of crimes such as burning, killing and looting. Once they had brought them here, they had taken turns everyday to be humiliated, causing them unspeakable hardships. Now that Liu Gan and the others had killed the evildoers, it was equivalent to having avenged them. After being treated their equal status, she had talked with her coworker and they both agreed contribute to the team by telling them a secret.

According to what the female had told Zhang Hua, there was a large storage depot nearby and she and another female had worked at the storage depot. Both these females were depot personnel and were very familiar with it.

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