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Chapter 219 - Seizing

TL: Lonering

TLC: xDh20

Hey this is Lonering! I was briefly on TNC (for those of you who did read it as well) and now I'll be here trying to survive (and maybe sing on discord as usual since I love karaoke)! Let me know who you think you resemble out of all the players who made it to level 5 so far! I'm curious on who you guys think you can relate to the most!

And just like that, the sky slowly turned dark and the vehicles gradually approached the vicinity of the prison camp. When Liu Gan arrived within seventy to eighty meters of the prison, the sound of gunfire came from high above the walls of the prison and several bullets flew over his body.

Liu Gan swiftly ducked behind the nearest building and signaled towards Yin He that was across the street, as well as to the vehicles that were in the rear, to temporarily stop.

“Who are you people? This is our camp, please immediately leave! Otherwise you will be showered with bullets!” A female voice using a loudspeaker warned from the direction of the prison.

“We only wished to pass through to add some gasoline to the vehicles. Your people took advantage us. Your people threw a hand grenade at a gas station causing it to explode and massacred more than ten of our team members! Please hand over the murderer who threw the grenade, otherwise I will storm into the prison and kill everyone there!” Liu Gan used the loudspeaker from the scarred-face leader to return a few words to the prison, then quietly retreated into the woodlands that was behind the building. He climbed up a relatively large tree and used his strengthened vision to observe the prison’s surroundings.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but we won’t hand him over to you. If you dare to approach again then don’t blame us for showering you with bullets!” The girl’s voice hardly softened at Liu Gan’s words and the sounds of guns were heard again. It was clearly meant to carry out the warning.

“Very well, just now was your last chance, since you did not value it, then you can all die!” Liu Gan put away the loudspeaker after replying a few words. He found a suitable place to observe in the direction of the prison.

The prison was very large, it was at least the size of two soccer fields and there were very tall and thick walls built all around. There were also several outposts at all four corners of the walls. Currently only the outposts on each corner had a guard with what seemed to be an assault rifle with a scope on it. The guard that was at the closest corner outpost to Liu Gan was the one who had fired at him earlier, the figure seemed to look like a woman and there was a loudspeaker hanging on her waist. This would have been the person that had yelled out the warning as well.

She was now using the sight on the rifle to incessantly observe this street, seemingly looking for Liu Gan’s hiding body so that she could fire at him.

“Elder Liu! You can let me deal with this sentry.” Zhang Hua also had not stayed in the vehicles. He used the opportunity when Liu Gan and the girl were talking, to stealthily get out of the vehicle and finally found a suitable place to observe the sentry’s location.

Right now he held numerous well-made spears that were recently made… He had cut down a small tree from the woodland and used his axe to sharpen it into a spear that he could throw at long distances with his hand.

“I will cover you so come and take care of her,” Liu Gan nodded his head towards Zhang Hua and jumped down from the tree.

“Thank you Elder Liu!” After Zhang Hua responded, he followed Liu Gan closely to find a suitable place to throw from afar.

Once Liu Gan was at the designated place Zhang Hua had chosen, Liu Gan held his shield and pistol as he dashed out onto the nearby street and aimed the trigger towards the direction of the prison before firing two shots. After the female guard in the outpost was alarmed, she promptly aimed the rifle in her hands in the direction of Liu Gan’s location and returned fire with a few shots.

Zhang Hua took advantage of the time that the female guard’s attention was on Liu Gan, to leave the roadside cover while grasping the tree-spear and swiftly dashed a few steps forward. He poured all the energy inside his body to activate the skill into the wooden spear within his hand, and threw it with all his might towards the female guard that was in the outpost.

The wooden spear cut across the air like a deathly gleam of light, very quickly charging towards the female guard in the outpost. Even though she was wearing a bulletproof vest, she had still been accurately pierced through by the spear that Zhang Hua had thrown! Her wide eyes puzzledly looked in the direction of Zhang Hua’s location yet she couldn’t see clearly who had shot her. Her body fell limply amongst the pool of blood.

Liu Gan gave Zhang Hua a thumbs up, and they quickly approached the prison once again. Zhang ShengLi and some others also followed behind. After plucking off the outpost guard, the prison had temporarily lost its defense in this direction. By the time the people within the prison came over and reacted by pulling the alarm to send someone over again, Liu Gan, Yin He, Zhang ShengLi and the others had already dashed into the building in the street across from the prison.

There were also four gunmen hiding within this building. When they saw Liu Gan and the others dash in, they immediately fired towards them. Liu Gan indicated to Zhang ShengLi and the others to stop as he held the shield, and together with Yin He, they dashed over by force. Right afterwards he immediately used [Psychic Shock] on the four gunmen and the originally chaotic gunshots suddenly came to a halt. Just as the four gunmen had recovered from their moment of absent-mindedness, Yin He’s sleeve blades had already ruthlessly left deep cut marks on each and every one of their necks.

The distance from here to the prison’s walls were already less than thirty meters. After they had dealt with the four gunmen in the building on the edge of the street, the sound of a burst of chaotic gunshots had once again come from on top of the tall wall with a few of the bullets brushing past the sides of Liu Gan and Yin He’s bodies.

The guard on the outpost was defending from a long distance and right now several gunmen wielding pistols were climbing up to the top of the prison. The people that were advancing towards the opposing street were long-distance defenders. They hid within the well-established fortifications on the high wall, occupying the high ground as they fired. Even if Liu Gan and the others had obtained some guns, returning fire at them wouldn’t be an easy matter as just showing a sign of their presence would cause them to be suppressed by the enemy’s firepower.

Liu Gan and Yin He once again ducked back out and called Zhang ShengLi and the others, as they retreated to the back of the building.

Before the catastrophe, this was a heavily-guarded large prison and NingJing City had a very strict control on firearms where even the police station did not have any firearms. However because of the prison’s speciality, there was actually a lot of firearm ammunition stored within. Looking at the current situation, it seems like there were a lot of security personnel in the prison camp along with a sufficient amount of ammunition. It was highly possible that, originally, some criminals had occupied the prison here and had been operating this prison for quite some time.

These people were cruel and vicious as they did not care whether the people near the vicinity of the prison were kind or evil people, they would still eradicate everyone. Originally when Mr. Sheng had passed through here, it was most likely that it was at night and that he was by himself so he did not suffer an attack. It was also possible that he was driven away by gunshots but he did not specifically mark it on the map.

According to Liu Gan’s speculations, the prison should have adequate provisions stored. When their small team saw the three cars refueling while out on patrol, they simply did not care about the food and supplies in the cars. They also discovered that there were many people in Liu Gan’s group and that they could be a threat to their camp. They took advantage of the time they were taking to refuel the cars to ruthlessly explode the gas station, causing the group to suffer heavy casualties.

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