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Chapter 218 - Blood Calls For Blood

TL: Lonering

TLC: xDh20

Hey this is Lonering! I was briefly on TNC (for those of you who did read it as well) and now I'll be here trying to survive (and maybe sing on discord as usual since I love karaoke)! Let me know who you think you resemble out of all the players who made it to level 5 so far! I'm curious on who you guys think you can relate to the most!

(TL: This chapter is NOT for the squeamish. Although really you should know by now that it can get gross. Just a friendly warning for the latter half of the chapter!)

“There are a lot of people, as well as a vast amount of weapons and ammunitions in the prison. As long as you release and promise not to kill me, I will tell you every single detail.” The scarred-face leader seemingly saw an opportunity to exploit them and promptly told Liu Gan his conditions.

“I’ll be going to the prison. The people that we have no use for, don’t let them die too quickly. The suffering that our wounded brothers are experiencing... you must all make sure they experience it for themselves tenfold to a hundredfold in return,” Liu Gan didn’t ask for anything more and turned to Zhang ShengLi to announce a few words.

Liu Gan removed a loudspeaker and picked up two pistols that were originally from the scarred-face man’s waist, as well as seizing the assault rifle that hung around his back. Liu Gan had fired live ammunition before in the real world for fun, so to him, using firearms didn’t pose much of a problem at all. He only needed to once again become familiar with it and practiced with the process.

He did not care about how many people or how many large caliber weapons were within the prison, he only wished for everyone within the prison to offer their blood as a sacrifice for his innocent dead brothers. Even though he had only built this group on the spur of the moment, he had established it by himself, so he absolutely would not tolerate anyone who trampled on it.

“Leave it to us,” Han GuangMing said with blood covering all over his face, causing his facial expression to become incomparably fierce. At that moment, he truly wished to bring pain to those people by tenfold to a hundredfold in return.

He was a student studying to be a police officer in university; a kindhearted youth. However, in the midst of his fallen fellow brothers’ incomparable pain while covered in blood and in severe pain, he bathed in Nirvana fire and quickly grew into a man.

“Elder Liu, I want to go together with you. To flatten their prison!” Zhang ShengLi picked up his axe and turned to Liu Gan for instructions, his heart currently filled with fury and hatred with nowhere to vent it.

“I want to follow brother Zhang in order to avenge our fallen brothers!” Zhang Hua raised up, facing Liu Gan.

“I too, will not stay here. I also wish to go!” Wang DeCheng also had a few injured team members and shouted out in a loud voice to Liu Gan. Being unreasonably attacked and with so many brothers dead and injured, all that remained within the hearts of all the brothers that were alive was one word: Vengeance.

(TL Note: Vengeance in Chinese consists of two characters. So for any of you who read the raws, it will say two characters there.)

“All of you, please calm down and listen to me speak a few words……” Lee Miao called out to the men, whose hearts were filled with rage.

Liu Gan stood and nodded to Lee Miao, indicating for her to continue speaking.

“It’s true that going for vengeance is very important, however saving people also demands immediate action with several of our team members sustaining serious injuries. Without prompt treatment they may not be able to be saved back. We lack doctors and medicine here, if you all intend on seizing the prison camp, it would be better to use these two cars to take them along with us. Once you have seized the prison camp, we can immediately use any medication we find in there to give them medical treatment. Maybe we can possibly save a few of their lives,” Lee Miao urgently proposed to Liu Gan.

Currently as the team’s sole doctor, it was her responsibility to treat the wounded people. Once all the males impulsively charged ahead, leaving behind the wounded people in the rear, if someone were to conduct a sneak attack, wouldn’t the casualties become even more disastrous?

“Very well, we will listen to you and carry the wounded into the cars,” Liu Gan naturally accepted Lee Miao’s proposal.

“What about them?” Zhang ShengLi pointed at the scarred-face leader and lackeys as he asked Liu Gan. While the two prisoner transport vehicles could carry the wounded team members, it was incapable of carrying the scarred-face leader and his men as well.

“I beg the various elders to spare our lives. The security in the prison is tight so we can help you to seize the prison!” The scarred-face leader promptly exclaimed out towards Liu Gan.

“Only bring him with us in the car. Cut off the arms and legs of everyone else and leave them here.” Liu Gan pointed at the scarred-face leader and told Zhang ShengLi.

“Thank you elder for giving mercy to me, I will definitely help you in seizing the prison camp!” When the scarred-face leader saw that he was pardoned, he couldn’t help but be overjoyed.

“After you take him into the car, give him the full set of the ten most ruthless punishments. Don’t let him die too quickly,” Liu Gan continued to say.

“No way?” The scarred-face leader suddenly was somewhat foolish.

“Leave it to me, I haven’t practiced the dissection of the human skin for a very long time. I can gradually peel the skin off bit by bit, strip by strip, from the top of the body down to the bottom. I can also guarantee that after I have peeled the skin from his body, that he will still be alive and awake.” Lee Miao suddenly took the initiative to take on this role, as she always carried a scalpel at hand by chance, in case she could possibly put it to good use.

The men wished to go to the battlefield, so these trifling matters were best set aside for the women to do.

“Can you do it?” Zhang ShengLi asked Lee Miao with some worry. He had never seen such a calculating look on Lee Miao before.

“My heart is also brimming with hatred just like yours and I wish to relieve it by following Elder Liu to battle and vent the fury in my heart out,” Lee Miao reached out her hand to wipe off the tears that had not yet dried off of Zhang ShengLi’s cheek, before finally taking the scalpel into her hand and looking towards the scarred-face leader that was on the ground.

“Please no……” The scarred-face leader felt that the situation was far from good and was so scared, his face turned deathly pale. However his fate was now already beyond his control and choice. The moment he made the choice to let his lackey throw the hand grenade, their fate were sealed. They were destined to pay the price for it, a tenfold to a hundredfold the price of pain in order to repay for it all.

“Very well. After seizing the prison camp, I will come and admire your workmanship,” Zhang ShengLi walked past, brandishing his sharp axe as he suddenly cut off the arm of one of the scarred-face leader’s lackeys. The lackey let out a blood-curdling screech while Zhang ShengLi dipped his hand in the detached arm’s blood, smearing it onto his own face. He had a devout look appearing to be like a warrior from an ancient tribe about to go into battle.

Zhang Hua, Wang DeCheng, Han GuangMing, as well as some uninjured players, one by one also lifted an axe and cut off the arms and legs of those people. They imitated Zhang ShengLi’s appearance and dipped into the blood that was coming out of the screaming player’s bodies, smearing it onto their faces, their bodies and the handle of their axes.

“This is a war they caused by massacring our brothers. We must collect their debt in blood!” Zhang ShengLi lifted his axe up high and loudly roared at everyone.

“Blood calls for blood!” The crowd of team members responded to Zhang ShengLi’s roar and altogether, lifted up their blood-covered axes up high.

Youths would one day mature into men, while men would also one day grow into fighters. Hatred was a catalyst that would cause men to speed up their growth into brave and fierce fighters. Those that hadn’t fought alongside each other were not true comrade-in-arms. Those that hadn’t dyed their clothes red with blood together, were not true brothers-in-arms.

Liu Gan and the others nearby were on alert. Under Lee Miao’s guidance the uninjured and those with minor injuries had, after a period of difficulty with the move, at last managed to finally move all the wounded people into the prisoner transport vehicle. The prisoner transport vehicle was then slowly started up.

Liu Gan and Yin He had not followed in entering the prisoner transport vehicle, but instead, were leaping across every single building on either side of the avenue to scout ahead. After ensuring that it was safe, they used gestures to indicate towards the two prisoner transport vehicles in the rear to proceed forward.

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