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Chapter 217 - I Want Them Alive

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"Nothing Burns Like The Cold" - Snoh Aalegra

“Tch! So cruel!”

A dozen people suddenly emerged wielding a variety of weapons. They had pistols, assault rifles, swords, iron rods, and metal bats. The people had all emerged from the direction of the prison. The men wore fully-geared up sets, with the barrel end of the pistols and assault rifles pointed at Liu Gan’s group.

“We weren't hostile towards you, why would you do that?” Liu Gan walked towards the group of hostile males as he maintained an expressionless gaze.

“You took the initiative to take gasoline from our gas station without our permission. Do you still think we needed a reason to kill you?” said the male leader who had a scar running down his face. In the leader’s hand was an assault rifle; he was the only person with that type of weapon out of the group.

Due to the strict firearm regulations, after the catastrophe, no one in NinJing city was allowed to have firearms. The prison however, was a peculiar place as the prisoners were able to overtake the prison and obtain the firearms. From then on, the prisoners felt as though they had the right to take away people’s right to live.

“Have you ever thought about the consequences of your actions?” Liu Gan asked the scarred-face leader as he revealed killing intent.

“Consequences? Hahaha… I actually did! My only wish is to slaughter you all and listen to your cries of help. I want to watch you beg for your life. That is the consequence I want to see! I will enjoy it very much! But now, I change my mind. You have such beautiful ladies with you! Are they not your wives? Even in the apocalyptic world, she could maintain such beauty with skin so smooth. This is just too rare and tempting. You should just gift her to me and I will reconsider about taking your lives and let you live!” said the scarred-face leader to Liu Gan, while eyeing Yin He from top to bottom.

Yin He’s beauty couldn’t be matched by anyone. So when she is seen by men, especially if they have seen her beautiful eyes, they would instantly be captivated. It was too hard to resist her unparalleled beauty. Naturally, men would try to do everything they could to gain possession of her.

“Okay, it seems like I don’t have a choice. I can only give her to you,” Liu Gan agreed.

Even though Liu Gan and Yin He weren’t worried about the firearm that was pointed at them, they knew that their companions would have a hard time surviving if they were shot.

Those fully equipped people were definitely the prisoners that were once held there. Every single prisoner had become merciless until the point where they wouldn’t hesitate to take the lives of innocents. So for the sake of their companions, Liu Gan had to hold back and remain calm.

“Oh? You are quick on your feet! Hahaha… hurry and bring her over here! I only need her!” exclaimed the scarred-face leader. He simply couldn’t resist the beauty of Yin He.

“I want him alive,” Liu Gan whispered in a low tone to Yin He.

Yin He nodded and stepped forward to the scarred-face leader.

“The beautiful lady belongs to me, but you still have to die!” said the scarred-face leader, once Yin He reached their side. The leader revealed a sinister laugh and pointed the barrel of the assault rifle at Liu Gan

However, before the scarred-face leader was able to pull the trigger, the hand holding the assault rifle felt a sharp pain in the arm. Then he saw his hand along with the assault rifle fall onto the floor. His hand was pumping fresh blood from the open wound; it was a clean cut. The scarred-face leader could only watch on with speechlessness. Next was a sharp pain to the back of his head and down he fell.

Several of the nearby lackeys felt something was off and quickly pointed the muzzle end of the firearm at Yin He. Due to the close proximity between the lackey and Yin He, they weren’t able to open fire. Even the act of lifting up the firearm caused Yin He to react immediately. In a flash of bright light, Yin He cut off the hand holding on to the firearm. Followed by a quick succession of hits to the chest, throat and back of the head, they fell onto the floor too.

Liu Gan had already rushed over and started knocking the wind out of all the other lackeys. Him and Yin He were in sync in action. Almost every punch or kick was able to fracture the bones. The lackeys that were further away reacted  in time and opened fire on Liu Gan and Yin He, but the two of them were like demons, as none of the bullets landed on the right target. Many of the shots landed on the bodies of their fellow prison mates in the crossfire.

A few bullets struck Liu Gan’s body, but it wasn’t enough to cause any real damage. It only produced a few sparks due to the effects of [Carapace Breastplate].

As for the lackeys that didn’t have a firearm, they tried to attack Liu Gan and Yin He, with swords and metal bats. The lackeys’ attacks were completely ineffective, throwing them into a panic; even the bullets were unable to wound Liu Gan and Yin He. Immediately, the lackeys turned around and recklessly ran toward a nearby street that had two parked transport vehicles for prisoners.

Before they even reached the vehicle, Yin He and Liu Gan caught up and chopped off the limbs of the lackeys.

Zhang ShengLi and team members that were lightly injured eventually caught up to Liu Gan, then they bound up the scarred-face leader with his own clothes.

After Yin He mowed down the runaway lackeys, Liu Gan checked the prisoner transport vehicle for his own safety. After confirming that the vehicle was safe, they drove the vehicle over to nearby the wounded team members to act as cover.

“Oh various elders, spare my life! Please!” cried the scarred-face leader as he woke up. Now that he lost the upper hand, the scarred-face leader couldn’t act hubris anymore.

“Now can you tell us the real reason why you attacked us for no reason?” Liu Gan expressionlessly asked.

“Ah… We were afraid that you will forcefully take over our campground. So we decided to strike first and gain the upperhand. You would understand that in order to survive, there is no other way to go around it. I hope you understand my intentions… If you don’t kill me, I can lead you to our base camp and help you conquer it. It is located at the prison, up ahead! We have stored many weapons, and food resources there. We also captured a dozen beautiful girls in the jail cell. When we get there, I can give you all of it! The weapon, food resources, and beautiful women!” the scarred-face leader immediately negotiated.

“Let’s talk about the person who threw the hand grenade. Where is he?” Liu Gan stomped on the hacked off arm of the scarred-face leader.

“NOOO… It hurts… I’ll talk! If they… If they aren’t in the vicinity, then they must’ve returned back to the prison basecamp…” the scarred-face prisoner loudly cried out.

“The prison basecamp, how many people are there? How many weapons are stored there?” Liu Gan continued to press the open wound of the prisoner.

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