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Chapter 187 - Sponsor

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Nintendonuts

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“So what do we do with this person?” Zhang ShengLi asked Liu Gan as he gestured at the imprisoned white-coat scientist. 

“What are your opinions?” Liu Gan asked the other team members. Liu Gan had a set plan already, but he wanted to know how the other team members to react to this type of situation. In particular, Liu Gan was testing their attitudes.

“Didn’t Elder Liu say that he would take him along to leave the city and find a safe place to drop him off? No matter what Elder Liu decides to do, I will support him,” Wang DeCheng stated. 

“I still feel like we should kill him. He is someone capable of using [Hallucination], so if we let him go then he might become a threat to us later,” Zhang ShengLi replied to Liu Gan. Zhang ShengLi was basing his decision on Liu Gan’s consistent behavior.

“Hey hey! Elder Liu promised to not kill me! On top of that he’d promised to take me to leave the city! All I want is to be dropped off at a safe place! How can his word not count if he is the leader?” the white-coat scientist shouted back to Zhang ShengLi in fear.

“Elder Liu may have promised you that, but I have not! Whether I kill you or not doesn’t concern Elder Liu,” Zhang ShengLi replied.

“I feel that since we promised him, we should just keep our promise,” Zhao Meng explained his view.  Zhao Meng had been present at the moment Liu Gan made the promise to the scientist. 

“Right! If you agreed to it, then you must commit. That is the bottom line for behaving with integrity!” the scientist quickly yelled. 

“I must repeat myself, Elder Liu agreed but I have not! If I kill you, it doesn’t affect Elder Liu!” Zhang ShengLi said as he continuously caressed his fire ax. Meanwhile, Zhang ShengLi kept watching Liu Gan’s expression. As long as Liu Gan doesn’t display any signs of objection, then he would chop off the scientist’s head at any moment to get rid of this inconvenience. 

“I am an expert biochemist, I am the top expert in this field! If you leave me alive, I will be of use! Don’t kill me!” the white-coat scientist yelled desperately. He also had that begging look on his face as he looked toward Liu Gan.

“Right now are you speaking the truth, specifically as to why you were trapped in the cage? Especially why you were trapped by your companion? If you continue to lie to me, I don’t mind letting Brother Zhang here handle the situation,” Liu Gan answered casually since he suspected that the white-coat scientist had a lot of secrets.

“Within the laboratory, there was a rebellion. I was forcefully imprisoned by others. I shouldn’t have lied to you…” the white-coat scientist replied to Liu Gan.

“You only lied to us about that? The laboratory had a rebellion and other people imprisoned you. Yet, they still gave you food and a cellphone? You are constantly lying to me and yet you want me to uphold my end of the bargain? Do you take me for a fool or did you think you could outsmart me?” Liu Gan said coldly.

“I said... I said…” the white-coat scientist didn’t want to say it, but he still wanted to live. Judging by Liu Gan and Zhang ShengLi’s personality and actions, to stay alive the scientist would have to reveal more of his secret.

“Better talk fast! I don’t have much patience. You dare lie to Elder Liu again, I will chop off your head!” Zhang ShengLi held his fire ax right above the scientist’s neck. Zhang ShengLi was losing his temper. 

“I… I am the sponsor. It was... because the speed of the experiments being conducted weren’t matching my requirement. So I pressured the research scientists to do things that they weren’t willing to do. As the pressure built up, it led them to rebel. They were locking me up in the prison cell before sending me off to the police station. There were a few research scientists that were quite cowardly, they thought I was going to starve to death before the police came. So they left behind food and a cellphone,” the white-coat scientist finally blurted out.

“What did you force them to do that they were unwilling about?” Zhang ShengLi directly asked. 

“To work against the clock, I constantly urged the team to speed up. So they had to finally test it on live specimens. We used money as an incentive to recruit trial participants who couldn’t afford treatment for their disease or those who had incurable diseases. We would lure those participants into our laboratory and dissect them alive. The research scientists weren’t willing to perform such merciless methods on the newly recruited trial participants, so I planned to set an example by subjecting the head researchers to a live dissection. I didn’t foresee that the security guard would be in cahoots with the research scientists so they all turned against me and locked me up,” the white-coat sponsor sighed as he told his story.

[TL: See what I did there? With the title replacement.]

“You are the type of person that deserves to die!” Zhang ShengLi struck his ax on the ground right beside the white-coat sponsor. This scared the sponsor immensely, and he started shivering with fear. 

“Yeah! How could you take advantage of those desperate people to conduct live dissections and experiments! That is terrifying! So repulsive! You make people angry!” 

“Kill him! This type of person doesn't deserve to stay alive!” 

“The catastrophe was probably related those same types of people!” 

Several of the angry local survivors started shouting at the white-coat sponsor after hearing his big secret revealed. 

“What you have said has contradictions, do you still intend on lying to us?” Liu Gan stated as he crouched down to face level with the scientist and ignored the statements of the local survivors.

“I didn't lie to you anymore, what I've said is the truth…” the white-coat sponsor continued to raise his voice as he was forced to tell his big secret and his humiliations.

“So what you mean is… you are the sponsor to the laboratory? So if you say you are the sponsor, then tell us, where did you obtained the molecular formula?” Liu Gan asked. Since Liu Gan had pinpointed a crucial fact from the earlier statements, it was the best topic to continue digging deeper. Liu Gan wasn’t concerned with other minute details, he had no interest to continue talking on those topics. 

“Well, that… I can’t tell you…” said the white-coat sponsor, blushing from the awkward position he was in. 

“Elder Liu, he still won’t tell us anything. Should we bring out the torturing equipment?” Zhang ShengLi threw down his ax. He loudly called the others to bring the sharp scalpel as he was about to dissect the white-coat sponsor. This way, he could avenge all those desperate patients who had been taken advantage of and had died on the dissection table.

“No! Don’t do that…Okay okay, I’ll talk…” the white-coat sponsor started tearing up. It seemed like the sponsor was terrified of pain, as he bit his lower lip and whimpered the response. 

“If you have something to say, then say it! Don’t toy with my patience!” said Zhang ShengLi and he gave the white-coat sponsor a kick to the floor.

“It was around a year ago, on a particular day. I was on vacation with my family in a mansion on a mountaintop. It was like the calm before the storm, there were no indications of them coming. They descended from the sky. It was a group of Warriors of the Future, they wore these alloy body armor and equipment. Their specialized version of a helicopter landed on the rooftop of my mansion. Immediately after landing, they proceeded to kill all my servants. They spared my family members to use them as hostages. They left behind the molecular formula and several microchips, as well as blueprints for manufacturing equipment. They warned me that in the near future there would be a worldwide catastrophe. They threatened me with my family member’s life, I had no choice but to follow their request. They set a certain time limit for me to develop the medicine they required otherwise my family members will…” cried the sponsor.

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