“Warriors of the Future? Equipped with alloy equipment? Can your lie be more exaggerated? Are you really treating us as if we">
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Chapter 188 - Reinstating Freedom

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Nintendonuts

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“Warriors of the Future? Equipped with alloy equipment? Can your lie be more exaggerated? Are you really treating us as if we were three-year-olds?” Zhang ShengLi kicked the sponsor to the ground. Originally, Zhang ShengLi only had the ‘urge’ to kill the white-coat sponsor, but after hearing that exaggerated lie, he really wanted to kill him now. 

“I really didn’t lie to you about this. I don’t have any need to continue lying to you anymore. I don’t even know who they are or where they came from, but what they have told me came true - the catastrophe came true. Without their assistance with the microchips and equipment manufacturing blueprints, there was absolutely no way my team of research scientists could create such a mysterious medicine.” exclaimed the sponsor.

“Aside from the alloy equipment and their specialized version of the helicopter, what else stood out? Like were there any unique logos on their body?” asked Liu Gan.

“Any unique logos? No, I couldn’t discover any… They… One of them had extraordinary strength. They seemed to have carried around equipment resembling laser weapons. Aside from that, the microchips they gave me seemed to have been made from quantum computing technology. The wiring on the inside was created in a manner that was peculiar to our existing technology when our research scientists tried to decode and replicate the microchips. I can only describe them as Warriors of the Future since nothing else was suitable to describe them,” said the white-coat sponsor as he shook his head.

“Where are those microchips created from quantum technology?” Yin He excitedly yelled as she suddenly became interested in the conversation and rushed over to the white-coat sponsor.

“I can hand over the microchips to you, but you… have to promise that everyone here won’t kill me. Then, as we previously agreed upon, to escort me out of the city and to a safe location. Okay?” the white-coat sponsor quickly spat out the negotiation conditions to Liu Gan.

“I already said I won’t kill you, so that means I definitely wouldn’t. I always keep my word.” Liu Gan clearly expressed his attitude. 

“There’s also other people. They have to agree to it that they can’t touch me. You are the leader, so you have to guarantee my safety.” The white-coat sponsor had learned his lesson earlier, and started to negotiate better terms.

“Okay. If you give the microchips to Little He. I will safeguard you from any harm! Nobody will get close to killing you. Whoever tries to kill him, will be going against me!” Liu Gan announced to everyone.

“Elder Liu, no need to be like that” Zhang ShengLi said in an unwilling tone.

“This type of person deserves to die. Plus he knows [Hallucination], he could turn on us one day and pose a threat.” Han GuangMing had finally contributed his thoughts on the situation. That previous night, Han GuangMing experienced the [Hallucination] ability personally and had almost made a big mistake by letting him go. Han GuangMing still had no idea that he had been left out of the loop from Liu Gan’s plan.

“Yes! I see what you mean now! This person does deserve to die!” Wang DeCheng and Zhao Meng suddenly changed their mind. They both felt that there was no need to keep a promise to such terrible person. 

The few local survivors were watching closely at the situation. Clearly they were still angry about the sponsor.

“I’ve already said that he can not be killed so that means he will not be touched! Do you intend to rebel?” Liu Gan angrily shouted at everyone. All debates were immediately off the table. 

“Follow him to the microchip!” Liu Gan gave his approval to Yin He, as the other people stopped their objections. 

The white-coat sponsor had no other choice. He could only head down underground to the laboratory to retrieve the several microchips and placed it in the hands of Yin He.

“These are the last of the microchips.” said the white-coat sponsor to Yin He.

“You think so? Seems like there are a few pieces missing?” Yin He inspected every piece of microchip and was skeptical on the honesty of the sponsor. 

“Little He, you aren’t a normal person. You were the android that was sleeping deep within the chamber of the Biochemistry Intelligence Research Center, right?” the white-coat sponsor whispered to Yin He after he had made sure no one was around. 

The white-coat sponsor noticed that Yin He was different from other people. The giveaway sign was the way Yin He held onto the microchip and her concentrated look. It was an expert way of handling the microchip, so the white-coat sponsor seemed to have realized that. 

Yin He stared coldly at the white-coat sponsor, picked up the microchips and ignored his question.

“Oh, I know! Your name isn’t Little He! Your name is YIN HE! You are definitely beautiful! So perfect! I had always thought you were an unfinished product. Who would’ve thought…” said the white-coat sponsor as he was about to get close and friendly, but Yin He pressed her [Sleeve Blades] right against his neck. 

“Yin He, don’t be so quickly agitated… I know your history. You aren’t a biologically created android. Your spirit energy comes from the depths of the distant Milky Way, so theoretically, you could be considered an extraterrestrial lifeform. You aren’t a manufactured robot, the technology isn’t advanced enough  to create you, they only have the option of erasing your original memory. However, the method they used to recompile your memory was substandard so you were incomplete,” the white-coat sponsor continued to explain quietly so others couldn’t hear.

“Extraterrestrial lifeform?” Yin He continued to frown.

“Yes, according to my knowledge, it all started when my world here appeared to have several cracks in space. You and your companions were traveling through that crack in space and drifted here. You have been modified by that Elder Liu. He rewrote your procedures, brainwashed you, and changed your way of thinking. That way you are willing to obey his commands. If you are willing to be my friend, I will tell you all that I know and help you reinstate your independence.” The white-coat sponsor continued to snake his way in, as he noticed how effective it was on Yin He.

“How can you help me?” Yin He replied after thinking for a little bit.

“Very simple. If I can find the appropriate equipment, I can rewrite your root procedure. I will erase anything that doesn’t benefit you and restricts your freedom. That way, you can do whatever you want. You will be completely independent. No one will be able to control you and you can decide for yourself what you want to do,” the white-coat sponsor said to Yin He.

“You want me to allow you to rewrite my root procedure? How can I trust that you won’t add another restriction in? That way I would become your slave?” Yin He quickly replied.

“When I am rewriting your root procedures, you will be still conscious. That way you can witness every move I make so if I try to do anything that is suspicious, you will know since you are very intelligent,” the white-coat snake continued say whatever he could to gain her favor.

Yin He immediately quieted down, as if she was processing all this new information and the multiple scenarios that could play out.

“Yin He, you are very intelligent, but this is also your one chance. Leave that stupid person who is controlling you. There are not many people in this world that understand your root procedure. Good thing, I am one of those people who do. It is your luck to have met me. If you lose this opportunity, you might never regain your independence. It will be impossible without me!” White-coat snake continued to aggressively convince her.

“Okay, tell me what equipment you might need?” Yin He said after a bit. As she retracted her [Sleeve Blade] from his neck.

[TL: Did not see that curve ball coming. No, it’s not a curve ball. It’s a fucking meteor that destroyed the whole baseball field like the one that killed all the dinosaurs. Bet they never saw it coming.]

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