Zhang ShengLi quickly regained his senses. Even though he hadn’t said it out loud, he was happy for Liu Gan. He had no idea if Liu Ga">
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Chapter 186 - Superiority

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Nintendonuts

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Zhang ShengLi quickly regained his senses. Even though he hadn’t said it out loud, he was happy for Liu Gan. He had no idea if Liu Gan had awakened the hallucination ability, but from what had just happened, Liu Gan must have done something that interfered with his psychological state that made him lose consciousness and get disarmed. 

One could imagine how strong Liu Gan must be now, luckily it wasn’t a real battle. If it was, Zhang ShengLi would have been long dead. 

After 15 minutes, Liu Gan was able to gather up enough energy again. This time he called Zhang ShengLi over again. However, things got a little more serious as Zhang ShengLi was told to use [Whirlwind Slash] on him. 

Liu Gan had a theory he wanted to test out, he could use Zhang ShengLi to coordinate with his experiment. 

“Elder Liu! Better be careful! I am coming with intentions to kill!” Zhang ShengLi rushed toward Liu Gan. When Zhang ShengLi was within three meters of Liu Gan, he activated the [Whirlwind Slash].

Even though [Whirlwind Slash] was best for using in group fights, it was also deadly in solo fights if it could force the target into a corner. 

As Zhang ShengLi and the ax within his hand started to revolve toward Liu Gan. Liu Gan once again readied himself to release his [Psychic Shock]...

In mid spin, Zhang ShengLi stopped. He had a confused expression and was staggering about, he couldn’t control his body and fell onto the floor. 

This was exactly how Liu Gan had predicted it. The [Psychic Shock] could interrupt the ability of others! So if he can time it correctly, then the opponent’s attack could be stopped. 

After injecting the medicine, even though the [Hallucination] ability hadn’t turned up in his ability pool, this [Psychic Shock] was equally powerful! This detour was definitely worthwhile now! First, they were able to find a new supply of energy for Yin He. Secondly, Liu Gan had been able to awaken an active skill [Psychic Shock]!

After another 15 minutes, Liu Gan wanted to conduct another experiment. This time, he had both  Zhang ShengLi and Wang DeCheng attack him. The difference this time, he had to split up the energy within him into two. There must be an equal distribution of energy in the [Psychic Shock]. 

Both of them experienced a stimulating pain in their brain, temporary loss of consciousness, and interruption in movement, but it had been weaker in intensity than the previous two times he’d used [Psychic Shock]. 

After another 15 minutes, Liu Gan conducted yet another trial. He wanted to split his energy into three parts with three different targets and it had been a success. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t split his energy into four parts. This meant that his limit was three targets and he couldn’t split his energy onto four targets. 

Perhaps after leveling up, his [Psychic Shock] would also improve with greater effect and more targets?


While residing on this island for these few days, Martial Thunder found his niche within the laboratory and had started modifying the equipment. Martial Thunder was modifying the bony outer shell taken from the Carapace Spitter Variant Zombie. He was able to create four sets of breastplates and six sets of shields with varying sizes. 

The breastplate contained a front and back part using rope to tie it together. It was a perfect fit for protecting the chest and the back. Surprisingly, the breastplate was very lightweight. Even wearing clothes underneath the armor, wouldn’t hinder mobility. It protected the most important parts of the chest region so that there wouldn’t be any life-threatening situation when struck.

The four sets of breastplate were obviously given to Liu Gan, Zhang ShengLi, Wang DeCheng, and Han GuangMing. Then those four were also given a shield. The remaining two shields were left to Zhang Hua and Martial Thunder. One of the shields was given to Zhang Hua since he had earned merit in assisting in killing the Carapace Spitter Variant Zombie. 

“NinJing City’s police force or riot police group, shouldn’t they have a gun?” Liu Gan asked Zhang Hua. 

Compared to these cold weapons like the fire ax, if Liu Gan could find a handgun or assault rifle then that would significantly improve the group’s strength. Even the players that haven’t advanced to level 5 could be useful with a firearm.

“Gun? No gun. Our Cathay country has banned the use of guns. Only the patrolling air and sea amphibious forces possess a handgun. In police stations, you can find tasers. As for real handguns, you wouldn’t find it at any police stations in this country.” Zhang Hua replied.

“The air and sea amphibious forces. Those are the troops that could operate planes flying in the sky and also manage airships that can travel on the ocean right?” Liu Gan asked again. He had a premonition. Within The Trembling World, finding a handgun in this city would be very difficult since the gun had the highest killing power.

“Yes, you are correct.” Zhang Hua nodded.

“Our country has a strict control on guns. So owning a private handgun is a serious crime. If they were discovered, it was the death penalty. No one dares to own a private handgun for that reason,” HuJun and Zhou JingJing added.

After confirming that fact with the local survivors, Liu Gan gave up on the idea of searching for a handgun at the police station by the river shore. The tasers and tranquilizer guns had very limited potential and power so it wasn’t quite worth the risk. 

Living on the island these two days had been comfortable and easy, there had been plenty to eat and drink, and even a delicious seafood feast. However, Liu Gan had no plans to stay on the island for too long. The secret in the laboratory had already been uncovered and thoroughly searched through. To continue staying on the island was meaningless as it would burn through their supplies. 

If The Trembling World was the real world, there were some aspects that were similar to a game. Just like how San Xing Corporation had a secret laboratory with features that were one-time use. So if other local survivors or players had found it first, then Liu Gan would have lost the opportunity to use it for himself.

Hence, he had no reason to continue living a comfortable and easy life here. He could only continue to push ahead and readily improve his abilities. That way the BUG with his alloy limbs could maintain superiority over others. 

The moment Liu Gan announced his plan on leaving the island, almost every member showed a different expression. There were several members that didn’t want to leave the island; the local survivors wanted to stay on the island for at least several more days before departing.

There was too much disorder in in this chaotic world, dangerous situations and traps could occur without warning. Just like the time when they had been chased by the large-scale corpse tide, trapped on the large bridge or ambushed by the tornado. With only a brief moment of respite on the island, they dreaded going back to the nomadic lifestyle of running from place to place.

Aside from that, a large portion of the team members chose to obey Liu Gan’s arrangement and decided to leave the island with him. There were a few members that had wanted to stay behind, but they didn’t voice it out. They realize that if they chose to stay behind on the island, they would be trapped forever.

[TL: Zhang Hua, is one of the local survivors. So the only person who didn’t get a shield, who is a player is Zhao Meng.]

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