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Chapter 159 - Full Sweep

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Allenwa

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"All will obey the command of Elder Liu, and no one will act without consent!" as the team members agreed to not have any objections, since Liu Gan was their guardian angel. Without the protection they got from Liu Gan, they wouldn’t have been able to survive for long. 

As of now, Liu Gan was very strong and good with his abilities, he also has the almighty Yin He and loyal right-hand man Zhang ShengLi, who was level 5. There were also tightly united people around him - Han GuangMing and Wang DeCheng, who just waited for the opportunity to level up. Although the team is now much less than earlier on, the cohesion and combat effectiveness had improved a lot more.

The courtyard in the main building had a front door and back door. The problem was that both doors were locked on the inside. This time, Liu Gan didn’t let Zhao Meng pick the lock and smashed the glass window near the back door, so that Yin He could crawl through the window to scout that room. After she came back and confirmed that the small room had nothing strange, everyone crawled through the window. 

Liu Gan and Yin He were in the front of the party, while Zhang ShengLi acted as rear guard. This way the players in the middle, felt more at ease.

They pushed open the door out of the small room that lead to a large living room. The flashlight illuminated the inside and the outline of the living room was clear. You could see the lock to the front door. 

This building had a total of two floors, like a duplex structure. The first floor of the hall was not as they had imagined, that it would have large experimental equipments. Instead, it was built and decorated like a five-star hotel reception lobby. 

The first floor lobby had extremely few corpses on the floor for such a large space available. These corpses also had their brains scooped out and there was dried blood by the bodies, so it seemed all corpses had died around the same time.

After Yin He entered the living room and she immediately started to investigate and search around. Then, she returned to report back to Liu Gan. This main building had no abnormalities, so it was safe in this building.

“Since there are corpses inside who also had their brains emptied out, then this variant zombie could freely enter and leave the building. Except, I can’t find any signs of damage on the windows. Could it have keys to enter through the door and lock it on its’ way out?” Zhang ShengLi walked over to ask Liu Gan. Ever since Zhang ShengLi had witnessed a lying Parasitic Variant Zombie that killed Zhang ShengNan and HuRong, he still suffered from the trauma and was skeptical about everything. 

Zhang ShengLi  wasn’t the only one to wonder about this issue, other players had as well. It’s just that Zhang ShengLi spoke up about it first, and when he said it out loud, other players started to look at Liu Gan. Compared to the so called Expert Zhou MingLiang, Liu Gan was more reliable with his speculations and judgements. 

Liu Gan didn’t speak up as he was thinking.

“Could it be that this Variant Zombie camouflaged itself with the background? If so then it could be near us, and is just waiting for a chance to ambush us?” some of the members speculated and got worried. 

Their worries, were already thoroughly thought out about by Liu Gan. In this type of situation, he deduced two possibilities. 

The first possibility was that the Variant Zombie attacked these players, and then feasted on their brains. The way it could’ve entered would be through the ventilation pipes near the rooftop then it might have been attracted by all the noise by the riverbank and traveled elsewhere by swimming.

The other possibility was that after these people started to kill one another, the Variant Zombie took the opportunity to feast on their brain and still remained on this island and hid in the ventilation pipes. It’s just that Yin He and others hadn’t discovered it yet.

As for the possibility of the Variant Zombie hiding in the ventilation pipe, that wasn’t too high. 

Liu Gan had not found something that was considered too far beyond the scope of science and technology, it seemed that all types of Variant Zombies could be explained from a biochemical point of view.

If this Variant Zombie was still hidden within the main building, then all these people were in danger, so it’s best if they found out how this Variant Zombie had entered and where it might be. 

There was someone standing on the wall and subconsciously pressed the wall switch. No one expected the corner lights in the lobby to light up, and especially not the chandelier in the middle of the lobby. Seems like this was an emergency light, that was powered by batteries or an external power supply.

When the light illuminated the room, it gave the team members a scare. It’s been a long while, since they’d seen powered lights. After they realized what was going on, the team members finally settled down. With the light from the lamps being so useful, Liu Gan gave a recount of how many players were left.

Now the team had only 13 people.

The seven people from the player's camp that remained were Liu Gan, Zhang ShengLi, Wang DeCheng, Han GuangMing, Martial Thunder, who was good at making equipments, and Zhao Meng, who was good at unlocking and Doctor Lee Miao; The local survivors had five people that remained. Expert Zhou MingLiang, shopkeeper and retired Javelin thrower Zhang Hua, hospital worker Xu ChangHui, as well as the couple HuJun and Zhou JingJing.

Lastly, it was the android Yin He.

Needless to say these five local survivors were definitely strong. Perhaps, after their survival in the hospital required them to have more wisdom than these younger players. Since the beginning, the amount that followed Liu Gan was five and five remained by his side.

“Since we are now a group of thirteen. Let’s split into three groups. I will lead a group, Yin He will lead another and Zhang ShengLi will lead the last group. Separate to search the entire building. Once you discover any signs of abnormality, call others immediately for support. Be sure to carry out a full sweep and don’t let any small details slip by. All this precaution was necessary to keep the island safe.” Liu Gan explained the duties and split up the group. 

To ensure that the island's security is one part of the agenda, the other hand, the Yin He has not found the secret laboratory yet. Seems like this secret entrance is very hidden, so unless there was a detailed search, it would be impossible to find. 

Unless the secret laboratory is not on the island, otherwise the entrance should be here. On top of that, all evidence points to the fact that this laboratory should be on the island.

In this two-story building, other than the room that Liu Gan broke into by entering through the window. In the reception lobby there were other rooms. Pushing open the doors to these rooms, it also seemed like these rooms weren’t like the ones in a laboratory, but the ones from a hotel room. 

The two-story building wasn’t that large like a mansion, but it wasn’t small at all. After ten minutes of searching, the three groups split up to search the upper and lower floors. Even the rooftop was searched. They were able to confirm that there weren’t any regular or variant zombies on the premise. They found the stairway to the rooftop was open, so if the variant zombie came in and left through the rooftop door it would explain why all the windows were still intact and the doors are locked from the inside. 

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