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Chapter 160 - Restaurant 

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Allenwa

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But this brought out another problem… that is, these people before death were fighting each other. During their fight it was not violent enough to break the windows in the process and no one had even thought to escape. If they tried to escape, then there should have been signs of broken windows.

What was the reason that led to their mental disorder that could've caused them to attack each other? 

Other than that, Liu Gan was unable to discover any sort of secret entrance of any sort so it might be possible that the entrance is somewhere else.

This is an island in the middle of a lake, so if someone wanted to create an underground laboratory then it was a huge complicated construction. It isn't as simple as digging a hole in the ground. They would have to set up the foundation so it wouldn't collapse inward. There was also the problem of preventing water leakages. If there was an underground laboratory, they must have done unspeakable things down there otherwise it wouldn't have to be so hidden. 

After they counted all the corpses, before the catastrophe there were at least twenty people working here. This was the amount of workers who were just working on the outside of the laboratory so they might find even more scientists within the laboratory.

Based on the number of workers, this laboratory must be really deep underground. Otherwise, the moans could be heard if they became infected. Unless they were dead with their brains removed.

Another issue with underground laboratories, was that it would require large quantities of oxygen so wouldn't scientists suffocate from the lack of generators powering ventilation? 

They judged from the previous search of the surroundings, this main building doesn't have any ventilation shafts so this was strange. Could it be that Yin He made a bad judgement call on this? Or it was the wrong coordinates? Was the laboratory on another island or closer to the docks? 

It was best to not to come to any judgement so soon.

“Elder Liu, there is nothing here. Everyone is tired. Do you think we should start tonight’s meal?” Wang DeCheng walked over and asked Liu Gan.

From their departure from the district, the food they ate in the apartment was several hours ago. After an intense journey, these players were tired and starved. Liu Gan wasn't satisfied until he found the entrance to the laboratory and the dangers within it. But as he looked at the faces of his tired teammates, Liu Gan could only agree to Wang DeCheng’s suggestion. 

When they escaped from the district, everyone carried a bag that stored a lot of food. They could eat at least two or three meals. Everyone had a certain limit on how much they could carry. If they had carried too much it would interfere with their mobility too much. Liu Gan’s strategy was to eat wherever you go, that way the team members could travel light and maintain a standard speed. 

There was a restaurant outside. With this restaurant, they could use firewood to cook the rice.It definitely made sense to cook the night meal at the resaturant.

After they searched the premise of the compound and the lack of danger in the surrounding area with seven or eight meters high walls on top of Liu Gan’s presence made the players feel very safe. 

Everyone left the main building and walked through the backdoor. They took out food from their backpacks, and when they got outside, the night sky was completely dark. Even though the tornado winds had halted, the surroundings had high walls that blocked out most of the winds. The breeze that ran over the top of the walls, gave off the familiar feeling of the chill of autumn. 

Liu Gan opened up the restaurant’s door. He lead the members inside. This was a medium size restaurant, and they could serve seven to eight tables with each table able to hold up to ten people. This meant that there were at least seventy to eighty people on this island. Which meant at least sixty bodies had not been found yet. 

Wang DeCheng had a few of the members clear out the bodies within the kitchen of the restaurant to a corner outdoors. Then everyone else gathered within the restaurant. 

Just like with the main building, the restaurant also had emergency lights. It was still unknown as to what supplied the electricity to it. There was no need to quickly find out the answer, so they could take their time. The brightness of the lights wasn't too intense, and it was better than eating in complete darkness, and it reminded them of the days before the catastrophe when they had lights to use.

After they arriving at the restaurant, a portion of the players went into the kitchen. Luckily, they found some unspoiled and not completely spoiled vegetables. There were potatoes, radishes, cabbage, cauliflower and more. Even though the catastrophe occurred many days ago, these food materials hadn’t completely spoiled, and so long as they get rid of the spoiled parts it was still edible. 

The icebox in the kitchen wasn’t refrigerated at all. All the meat within it had thawed and it gave of the putrid rotten meat smell when the fridge was opened. They could only throw out all the meat, which was a pity. When the other members saw the vegetables, their eyes lit up with excitement. In this world, this was as close to fresh vegetables they could obtain. Vegetables are that hard to come by. Even though it wasn’t consider fresh, since the vegetable itself was mostly dried up, it was still better than what they have had to eat. When they hadn’t eaten vegetables for a long time, even the sight of a vegetable would cause their appetite to increase. 

The oil to make stir-fry and condiments were all present. What made these members more excited was that this restaurant used the old-school type of large canisters of butane gas tanks, and there were at least more than a dozen of them. All of them were completely filled and undamaged. It  seemed like the restaurant had an inventory restock the day before the catastrophe.

Not only that, but in the storage room were three bags of 50 kilograms of rice. There were also two large bags of plastic sealed rice-stick noodles, and each bag had an indicator of at least eighteen cylinders. So the total of the two bags of rice-stick noodles was around 70 kilograms worth of noodles. On the side of the rice, were ten boxes of beer and other soft drinks that were stored.

Nearby the restaurant was a large water-tower, and this water supply flowed into the kitchen so it was very natural and clean.

These food supplies, drinks and butane gas tanks, along with the food that the people had prepared earlier with them were all very useful. The amount of food that they had with them could supply them for more than week. 

To find food in the post-apocalyptic world was definitely hard, and only strong groups like Liu Gan’s had the ability to wander elsewhere to scavenge for food. They dared to look in places that local survivors and other groups were unable to go. That way the search for food suddenly became a lot easier, and just like this untouched kitchen, they easily found large quantities of food. 

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