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Chapter 158 - Small Sized Laboratory

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: NoriPixel

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"Certainly not normal people and regular zombies, there maybe even more new variant types." Liu Gan replied back to Zhang ShengLi.

 "Yes! Regular zombies will eat anything, not only the brain. It is hard to know know what kind of brain-eating variant zombie this would be." Zhang ShengLi frowned.

 "Judging from the degree of decay on the corpse, these corpses should have been dead from the start of the disaster. The cause of their death doesn’t seem to be because of the brain being eaten, but the physical wounds on their bodies. These wounds came from attacks against each other, so it must have been afterwards, when they had their brains eaten.” Liu Gan guessed as he examined the wounds on their bodies.

 "Oh? This is strange, why would they attack each other? Is it a mental disorder? Could it be that someone changed into a zombie first, after which others took the opportunity to attack the transformed zombie?" Zhang ShengLi speculated. 

 "Clues are limited. As to what the specific situation is, it’s still hard to give a definite conclusion." Liu Gan shook his head. The whole island was very quiet within these high walls. If any variant zombie was in the vicinity, then it would’ve attack this compound already.

But the variant zombie hadn’t appeared; perhaps the variant zombie ate all the brains of these people and moved on elsewhere to search for food.

Although this was what they had guessed, Liu Gan would still not lower his guard. This was the secret laboratory of San Xing Corporation, and the location was well hidden. Who knew what could be hidden inside?

 "The central building was completely closed off. There were no traces of smashed windows or fragmented doors. The surroundings of the central building did not have any signs of life, and there were also no unusual activities of any creature." After a few minutes, Yin He came back with her inspection of the whole compound.

 "Are you sure this is the location of the secret laboratory?" Liu Gan whispered to Yin He as he pulled her aside.

"Yes, I am certain that the secret laboratory is in this compound. It should be in the main building." Yin He nodded as she turned to look to the construct of the two-story building. Clearly, she was looking forward to exploring everything within the laboratory, especially to find other types of nanobots to resolve her problem of not having enough electricity.

Liu Gan walked back to the front to close off the main iron gate to the walls, using an iron door bolt to lock it from the inside. Now that it was locked with iron gate bolt, it would be hard for players like Zhao Meng to pick. It definitely wouldn’t be possible to open this iron gate now.

With the high walls enclosing this region, it would become a safe zone. The first requirement of turning it into a safe zone would be to flush out all possible dangers. Liu Gan came to this secret laboratory was for the purpose of finding something useful. So regardless of how dangerous it will be, he will turn this place upside down until he finds it. 

The main building was built next to a small park with a garden path. Liu Gan didn’t rush into the main building. He led his team members along the main road next to the main building and they headed to the far end of the island. Although Yin He had previously explored this place, it was better for them to familiarize with their surroundings by themselves. Thus, to fully know the island, Liu Gan would still need to experience it on his own. 

Speaking of the island, it was a rather suitable place for a temporary camp. It was situated in the middle of a lake so large-scale corpse tides would have difficulty reaching this location. Even other players and survivors would have a hard time reaching here. In addition, there were these high defensive walls. With some guards, even if zombies or enemy players come here, it wouldn’t be easy for them to get in.

Behind the main building was a larger garden area with several other smaller buildings. When the flashlight shined through the window, they could see that some of these buildings were restaurants with public toilets. There was a table to play table tennis, as well as a Billiards table; it seems that they had a recreation room.

These buildings did not seem to be made for housing people. It closely resembled the type of building made for a work environment, judging from the way it was designed. It seemed like Yin He was right. This place was indeed a laboratory, and before the disaster, there should have been a lot of people here coming to work. 

Corpses laid inside these small buildings, as well as outside in the courtyards. In both areas, the corpses had their brains removed with a big circumference carved around the head. There were a lot of traces of fighting, and one of the bodies had been holding onto a kitchen knife. The kitchen knife had dried blood stains on it, and judging from his clothes, he seemed to have been the restaurant’s chef. 

Other than Liu Gan and Zhang ShengLi, the other players could tell that these corpses on the floor had a fierce fight with each other, since there were slash wounds all over the bodies. 

"Nevertheless, beware of your surrounding, as it could have been possible that a variant zombie wandered by this place a few days ago. Although, there are no evidence of its activity within the walls and the main building, so it could have left shortly after devouring the brains. I have decided that we will stay in this compound tonight. Our highest priority is to eliminate all hidden dangers, therefore every building and structure must be thoroughly investigated. Only this can guarantee everyone’s safety within these walls.” Liu Gan said to everyone, yet deciding not reveal his second agenda with the laboratory.

"Variant zombie?" All members of the team had heard about the existence of variant zombies before, so their faces looked very nervous. However, there were a small number of people who were excited. Ever since they had reached level 4, they knew they would have to kill a variant zombie to enter into level 5. 

Only strong players like Liu Gan, Yin He, and Zhang ShengLi could easily kill these variant zombies. Thus, it all depended on whether or not Liu Gan would give them this opportunity. To these level 4 players, the variant zombies represented both hope and death at the same time.

“Before I confirm the safety within these walls, maintain high alert!” Liu Gan once again reminded the players. 

After discovering the corpses without brains, Liu Gan was already on the lookout for danger. But the true purpose of letting his teammates know was so that they didn’t die from negligence. As for himself, with the capabilities of a level 6, these variant zombies didn’t pose a threat. In addition, with Yin He as body guard close by, there was no need to be afraid of a surprise attack.

The group of people were exhausted and really wanted to sit down and sleep for the night. However, Liu Gan had decided to search through the two-story buildings carefully before considering things like resting and eating. 

"There may be ambushes in the main building, so without my order, don’t act on your own accord! If someone does not obey my orders, they might involve other teammates. I will kill you first so this situation never occurs!" Liu Gan said strictly before entering into the main building, reiterating his discipline to them. 

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