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Liu Gan looked left and right, and ultimately selected a small residential neighborhood on the riverbank close to here. The neighborhood was on top of the dike and was a rich and superior residential neighborhood built on the downtown riverbank. There were several buildings situated along the river. Judging from their condition, it seemed that no one had gone in after the disaster.

As long as it was a residential neighborhood, one should be able to find bagged rice, noodles, and other things in the homes of its inhabitants in order to resolve the troops’ food supply issue. Ever since we had crossed the bridge, half of the players had died. More than half of our supplies had also been lost. Food and drinking water quickly became a big problem.

Just as Liu Gan was about to bring to everyone towards the river side small residential neighborhood, a player pointed at the surface of the river and called out to Liu Gan.

“Elder Liu, look!” the player said to Liu Gan as he pointed at the objects that floated along the river bank.

Liu Gan followed the direction of his finger and looked over, and discovered that the blown off carapace of the variant zombie was now at this moment floating along the river bank. The black liquid on the carapace had practically been washed clean by the flow of the river.

“Elder Liu, the carapace of this variant zombie must definitely be an important crafting material in the game. It would be a shame if we lost it! This carapace doesn’t corrode and is so sturdy that it was unaffected by explosions. To be able to float in the water, it must also be extremely light. If we collect it, as long as we find suitable tools, we can turn it into shields or breastplates,” continued the player.

The player’s name was Martial Thunder. In the real world, he was a graduate student studying materials science. He had strong crafting ability ever since childhood. While playing internet video games, his favorite thing to do was to collect all kinds of materials, crafting all kinds of high level equipment.

Now with such excellent crafting material before him, Martial Thunder be extremely unhappy if they weren’t able to bring it with them.

“Let’s go take a look,” replied Liu Gan, and nodded his head, after he observed the situation for some time. Afterwards, he led everyone down the dike to the river bank.

A moment ago, the several pieces of carapace had fallen down along with the broken bridge and dropped into the water. After that, it followed the flow of the river and was flushed down to the river bank. After having been scrubbed by the large quantity of river water, there was no longer any sign of black liquid on the carapace.

Some of the people used bamboo spears to test the carapace before they pulled them back. As they saw that there were no signs of corrosion on the bamboo spears, soon after Yin He descended down to the river bank, she extended her hand to touch a piece of the carapace. Similarly, there was no corrosion. She began to fish out the carapace, piece by piece, from the water and placed it on land.

Liu Gan brandished his axe and chopped down on the carapace, to test its sturdiness. The conclusion was way beyond his expectations. The firefighter axe in his hands could not do any damage to the carapace!

Fortunately, they had specially adopted long range attack tactics against the Carapace Variant Zombie. Otherwise, even if they charged up to it, the zombie would have withdrawn back inside its carapace. When that happened, they really wouldn’t have been able to do anything to it.

Liu Gan used the firefighter axe to chop off the corrosive flesh attached to the carapace. Martial Thunder moved closer. After he put on gloves, he carefully touched the carapace. After perceived there weren’t any problems, he pulled off his gloves and carefully touched the carapace. He was left greatly and pleasantly surprised when his hands did not suffer any corrosion.

The two largest pieces were the carapace protecting the zombie’s nozzle. They were about 1.5 meters in length and about a meter wide. If they had suitable tools, these two pieces could be crafted into shields of various sizes. The other pieces were comparatively smaller. After they took a look at their size, Martial Thunder decided to craft them into things such as breastplates and chest plates.

“These two pieces are too big and aren’t convenient to carry,” stated Liu Gan as he looked at the two enormous pieces of carapace and couldn’t help but be anxious, “If we forcibly bring them along, it will affect the troop’s speed. If we run into any problems, we will have to throw them away.”

When she heard Liu Gan’s words, Yin He actually walked over. She revealed her sleeve blades, and she began to cut marks into one of the large pieces of carapace. After she had used her blade to mark a few shapes, she used her feet to violently stomp on the carapace, and transformed one large piece into four pieces. Afterwards, she did the same to the other large piece, and split it in four. In this way, the carapace was much easier to carry.

“Your sleeve knife can unexpectedly even cut this kind of thing so easily?” asked Liu Gan, as his entire face made a look of disbelief.

“It’s not that my sleeve blade is sharp, it’s that the carapace was already divided into pieces,” explained Yin He to Liu Gan, and pointed to the edges of the cuts, “I only cut where they were attached.”

Only now did Liu Gan take a closer look at the carapace. Sure enough, it was as Yin He explained. The carapace was originally composed of several pieces that fit together. Because they were fit together tightly, there weren’t any clear marks to the naked eye, which caused everyone to think that it was one complete piece. Yet, Yin He’s eyes had a laser scanning ability and could easily see those marks. Afterwards, she cut and followed the markings and was able to effortlessly cut apart the large pieces of carapace into four.

The carapace was very convenient to carry with it cut apart. Its material was originally very light. Even if they were tied together, they were not all that heavy. After Martial Thunder had taken some things out of his knapsack and transferred the items into the knapsack of other players, he put all of the pieces of the carapace into his knapsack.

It was still necessary to process the carapace if one wanted to use them. Martial Thunder already had some ideas and intended to first craft a set of armor to protect the chest and back for Liu Gan, Zhang ShengLi, Wang DeCheng, Han GuangMing, and some others. The remaining pieces would be crafted into shields. He did not have high requirements, and only asked that he be able to get one of the shields.

After this business was finished, the wind grew stronger and blew so hard that everyone found it difficult to stand steadily. Although the stormy weather in [The Trembling World] was expected the winds were not normally as strong as today’s.

“The wind is getting stronger!” shouted Zhang ShengLi to the entire troop, “We should hurry to the small residential neighborhood up ahead as fast as possible!”

“There is no way we can travel under these conditions!”

“That’s right! The wind is almost able to blow us off our feet.”

“How could the wind suddenly get so strong?”


The others all began to heatedly discuss the situation.

Liu Gan’s brows furrowed, and looked off into the distant sky. Under such strong winds, ordinary people would find it extremely difficult to travel on. There was even the danger of being blown away. Fortunately, Liu Gan’s current weight was not ordinary. Even under these strong winds, he would be able to walk steadily as if he was a boulder.

“Everyone follow me! Be careful you don’t get lost! We will try to get to the small neighborhood up ahead before the thunderstorm arrives!” shouted Liu Gan to everyone. Afterwards, he walked with Yin He at the very front of the troop.

“Elder Liu! It’s not a thunderstorm! Look over here!” shouted a player who pointed towards the left.

When Liu Gan followed the player’s finger and looked left, he couldn’t help but be shocked by what he saw. Although within this Trembling World, Liu Gan had already seen many unusual things, what he saw before him left him incomparably shaken and frightened.

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