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Several blocks away, a gustnado was taking shape. Judging from the wind power, this gustnado was going to be quite powerful. It was able to sweep up many broken down vehicles up into the air.

This wasn’t what had shocked Liu Gan. What he feared was the fact that the gustnado was able to sweep up many of regular zombies within it! Through his enhanced vision, he could clearly see that within the gustnado were countless zombies spinning with the vortex. Along with cars and other junk, the gustnado became a full fledged tornado that looked as if it was a column that connected the sky to the ground.

Looking at this gigantic, zombie-infested tornado column, Liu Gan shuttered. Not only should mother nature’s power be revered, humanity was genuinely insignificant in the face of nature. They were unable to withstand a single blow.

Seems like they must hurry forward past the next few blocks to find a more sturdy location to take refuge in. Judging from the wind direction of the tornado, it could head towards this direction. If by chance, they hadn’t found suitable shelter before the tornado hits, they would be swept up as well.

Even a player as powerful as Liu Gan would be swept up in an instant if they had to face off against the tornado. If he fell from the sky hundreds of meters off the ground, it would lead to his death. To survive the fall would definitely be impossible. Ever since Liu Gan had been trapped on the billboard, he knew the dangers of this world and essentially feared it. The dangers of this world wasn’t limited to the corpse tides or different variant zombies, there were also the catastrophic weathers.

As Liu Gan was watching the tornado’s movement, players and survivors started shouting and pointing fingers at the direction of the city center, which was more inland. Judging from the direction of where they were pointing, Liu Gan discovered several wall clouds forming right above the city center, aided by the rapid updraft from the ground into the dark sky. It formed the funnel and added to the expanding reach of the tornado.

Looking at the dark night sky and the tornado column that hovered above the city center, if this was a game, then the atmospheric graphics were really realistic. It constantly captured the attention of every player and shocked them, just as Liu Gan had been when he was sitting on the billboard, feeling the power of the thunderstorm upclose. From then up to the moment where he had been chased by the large-scale corpse tide and surrounded by the collapsing bridge with recoiling suspension cables, there was never a moment that didn’t leave behind a deep impression.

Now, there was the appearance of this gigantic zombie-infested tornado.

If these events were to be experienced as a game, sitting in front of a monitor and playing with a keyboard and mouse, then the shock would be pretty enjoyable since everything that occurred through a monitor didn’t correlate to the real body. All they had to do was enjoy the graphics overload through the monitors and enjoy it like a meal.

The reality was that these players were shocked, and this feeling wasn’t pleasant at all. They didn’t have the heart to enjoy it. Right now, they could only think of running away to a place suitable for shelter to avoid this monstrosity.

Liu Gan pulled out the laboratory-created special rope and had everyone hold onto the rope. This was enough to prevent people from getting blown back by the wind. Quickly, they sped forward to the next few blocks. Suddenly, a big truck was flung at high speed in their direction. The truck smashed into the rooftop of the house, fragmenting the corner piece into large parts which fell onto the players.

The last two players tailing at the end weren’t able to avoid the big truck and was flattened into mush. Stuck together with the big truck, they rolled downhill into the river. Left on the ground were the remains of their severed arm and legs.

With this sudden onset of death, several players and survivors screamed. Liu Gan didn’t scream, but his heart beat per minute reached nearly 200 beats.

Those two players painstakingly survived the corpse tide and the collapsing bridge, but fell victim to a large truck falling from the sky.

“Quickly run!” Liu Gan shouted to the group. As he held onto the rope, he guided the shocked players and survivors ahead over to a new district.

Another small carriage smashed into the road ahead and a loud sound resonated. This time proved to be more fortunate, since the distance from where it fell was at least a dozen meters away from the group. Shortly after, zombies started falling from the sky. It was as if it were raining, but with zombies.

There were some zombies that smashed onto the ground and laid there lifelessly, but there were others that would still resiliently lift up its head and produced mournful sounds, even with severed arms, legs, and waists.

It was a good thing the upcoming district was not too far away, around fifty meters or so. Under Liu Gan’s guidance, the troop was able to safely arrive to the new district.

Upon entering this district, there was a small plaza and a flower bed by a pool of water. It must have been an elegant view. This district was definitely a rich and superior residential area. Several zombies that were wandering around had been controlled by the wind in the plaza. After it saw Liu Gan, it shouted and tried to charge at them.

The wind current in this district was very strange. At times, it would be tailwind or headwind. If it was headwind, the zombies would get blown back easily no matter how hard they struggle. If it was tailwind, then they would move with increased speed. Evidently, these zombies lost the ability to think, so it was not used to the sudden change in wind direction. It only wanted to rush forward to the food and eat. Thus, with the ever changing wind directions of tailwind and headwind, they fell onto the ground.

It didn’t take long for the zombies to crawl back up, unyielding as they tried to charge to the group of fresh meat that entered their district.

Liu Gan, Yin He, and Zhang ShengLi charged in front of the group with weapons in hand. They easily killed these dozens of zombies that escaped the wind pattern. After clearing the way, Liu Gan lead the group to the closest doorway to one of the building in the plaza.

Liu Gan climbed up to the second floor. He broke the window in the stairway and entered the building through there. He quickly killed the two zombies that were in the stairway. He rushed down to the ground floor to open up the door so everyone can get into the stairway. Then, he relocked the door. Now was a moment where everyone could relax. Exhausted, some of them were either sitting on the staircase or leaning against the wall.

Even though the stairway, they can experience the immense wind power, but at least now they didn’t have to worry about getting blown away or falling trucks and zombies from the sky.

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