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Chapter 145 - Nothing is as good as the former times

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: NoriPixel

After he escaped the pursuit of a large scale corpse tide, conquered the hundred meter high ladder climb, and survived the liquid black substance from the Carapace Variant Zombie, and finally broke through to the land on the other end of the bridge, everyone felt a sense of relief. At the same time, they were hungry and thirsty. After the exhausting battle, everyone looked at Liu Gan for directions.

Liu Gan was really reliable. Not only was his physical abilities are strong, his ability to make the correct judgement also surpassed that of a regular person’s. Aside from all that, he was unusually collective, and his decisions would never be influenced by his emotions. Everyone that followed him seems to also have a certain level of intelligence, but with Liu Gan around, they all opted for him to think of the best solution.

They had a feeling that Liu Gan would make the best solution that favored survival.

Even though Liu Gan didn’t talk with others, one could guess that he was thinking about what his next move was. At this moment, this half of the bridge started shaking closer to the steel pillar, but this time it slanted at least 5 degrees more.

After more episodes of trembling, the suspension cable was stretched to a near breaking point until it had to loosen up. The nodes connecting the bridge to the suspension cable broke loose when the suspension cable couldn’t withstand the concrete weight of the bridge. Finally, the deck started collapsing under the immense pressure.

The concrete cause the body of the bridge to collapse more than a few meters before it found some balance to stabilize. Followed by a series of more suspension cables releasing consecutively, with every cable released, it slants the steel pillar by 5 degrees. The final series of suspension cables let loose. In midair, it recoiled crazily as if it was dancing.

By that time, everyone on the bridge was already off. They were quite far away, so they were watching it as if it was a show. They don’t have to worry about getting injured from the recoiling suspension cables.

After a few more meters the steel pillar sank into the river. The bridge deck loudly crashed dozens of meters below and produced loud rumbling noises as it fell. Waterworks ensued as it finally submerged into the river.

Everything had been predicted by Zhou MingLiang. The steel pillar in the middle of the bridge lost the second half of the bridge deck, but it was able to retain stabilization. It still stood slanted within the water, but this was temporary. As time passed, the weight of the steel and the flow of the river would push this foundation over until the steel pillar was fully submerged.

Without the maintenance of man-made structures, this world was heading to it’s end. The collapse of this bridge was a symbol, a relic of the past.

“That bridge was my very own creation, and it was also destroyed by these same hands.” Zhou MingLiang looked at the collapsed bridge, with a regretful look.

“Seems like if we ever want to return over to the other side of the bridge, we would have to think of a better alternative.” Zhang Hua said regretfully. His home was on the other side of the river, so his deep connection was understandable… however, it couldn’t be called a home anymore.

“There's no point of returning.” HuJun and his girlfriend Zhou JingJing looked across the river bank with sadness. They had grown up there, so when the bridge that they were so familiar with collapsed, it was a sadness that the players couldn’t relate to.

There was also the pain of losing friends and families during the catastrophe that plagued them.

“Why don't you follow Elder Liu? You could tag along with us and try to come with us back to our world. Our world doesn't have zombies, society is well managed, and everyone loves to support each other. It's close to a perfect society.” Wang DeCheng said to the survivors.

“I’d rather wish that my world be restored to the way it was before.” Zhou MingLiang softly said.

“That's what it was like from our world before the game server date, but if San Xing Corporation is behind this, then who knows what might have become of our world. Since San Xing Corporation also has a stronghold there too!” Zhang ShengLi quickly replied to Wang DeCheng. Seems like Zhang ShengLi wasn't as optimistic as Wang DeCheng.

“Elder Liu, what should we do now?” Asked one of the players, causing all heads to turn to look at Liu Gan.

“The wind is picking up. Before it gets worst, we need to find a place to rest for the night. Everyone should be thirsty and hungry, so I will take out my food and drinks from my bag and ration it into proportions for everyone to replenish their energy. Then we can discuss our next plans.” Liu Gan said as he looked up at the sky.

No one objected to Liu Gan's arrangement. Once again, they followed Liu Gan and Yin He as they made their way on foot. Zombies were scattered along the street side, but they were no match for the players and survivors. With an easy slash, the zombies would drop like flies.

This was especially true for Zhang ShengLi, as he had just obtained a new ability. Even if he didn't use his ability, his strength was on a whole new level. The regular zombies that got close enough all died under his axe.

Walking along the path from the riverside, they reached to a nearby large building. He ordered everyone to stop moving as he climbed up to the rooftop to take a glimpse. He needed to confirm which route had less zombies, that way he plan his path of travel.

In the night sky, clouds began to congregate. From afar, large dark cumulonimbus clouds were closing on distance, giving off an eerie feeling. As the breeze turned into a gale, it could possibly start downpouring any moment.

After a brief surveillance at the rooftop, Liu Gan wasn’t able to find a suitable place to settle down. In any case… as far as his eyes could see, these streets were spread out with zombies, which made Liu Gan wonder about the city center on this side of the riverbank. Would it be possible that there weren’t any local survivors or players?

Even if there were, wouldn’t they have headed outward to the suburb? Since the city center would be densely packed with zombies, it would be easier for a corpse tide to erupt there. It would be a living hell.

Where to now? Continue to Green Pao Bay? What would be the safest route there? If they continued forward, and if he had to force his way to continue on, then would he have to abandon his teammates? For the first time, ever Liu Gan felt a tingly sense of vacancy. He was simply at a loss. If he was alone, however, he could have casually found a building with Yin He and rest for the night.

But now, he was leading a whole troop, a troop that he had spent time and blood to nurture. There were quite a few individuals with specialized skill, so he must own up to his responsibility to them. Otherwise, all his efforts would have been for naught.

As the gale accumulated speed, it would be best if they casually found a place to settle down. After the few battles, the troops were physically and mentally exhausted. They don’t have anymore means of continuing further.

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